After researching why ns was unable to properly play aur 2 on mine Xbox 360, I found numerous short articles that have lugged me to the conclusion that i bought a counterfeit hard drive turn off of eBay a pair years ago. (source 1, source 2)

Sadly, the seems like I"m not going come be play Halo 2 with this tough drive since it is lacking the second partition that allows for turning back compatibility with initial Xbox titles. According to the sources I"ve read, my only option is to gain a new hard drive.

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While ns really don"t want to have to buy a brand-new Xbox hard drive, would it be feasible for me to play initial Xbox titles utilizing an main Xbox 360 flash drive?

I saw among this nifty 8GB warehouse flash drives, and also I think that would certainly work finest for me if they work-related with the second partition that my Xbox seems to lack. It"s the 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash drive by SanDisk that I"m feather at.

Hopefully ns can acquire to pat some original Xbox gamings with a speed drive!

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No, you require a Microsoft hard Drive for her Xbox 360.

The flash units that you have the right to pop right into the prior of the Xbox just provide an are for conserve games and also do no come through the requisite software application to assistance Xbox games. The persons that claims certified by Microsoft or certified because that Xbox, choose that sandisk unit, only means they complement the speed needs the Xbox 360 locations on this units.

So, your only option is to buy a brand-new disk.

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You deserve to use a non-Microsoft tough drive. I had actually a non-Microsoft tough drive the was from EBay and it go not enable me to play Xbox originals. I was able to modify it to allow me to play originals. Below is how:

Remove the hard drive from your Xbox if it isn"t already.

You have the right to plug your difficult drive right into your computer system via one Xbox move cable or through wiring it directly to the motherboard (Don"t worry, you will certainly not damage your computer system if you monitor the directions) if you have actually a deliver cable, you will not should do this yet for those who don"t, right here is exactly how you deserve to plug in your hard drive right into your computer.

a. Revolve off your computer.b. Open the side panel of your computer system by removing the screws.c. Situate your CD drive.d. Be certain to Mitigate any possibility of static discharge (keep one hand top top the outer shell that the computer system or usage a one-of-a-kind anti-static band).e. Unplug the two cables from the CD drive.f. Plug the two cables from the CD drive right into your non-Microsoft difficult drive.

Once you have linked your hard drive, make certain you have actually Xplorer360, if you don"t, get it indigenous the summary of the video clip link below.

Also download the partition2 record from the summary of the video.

Open Xplorer360 and also select Drive>Open>Harddrive or Memcard

Your hard drive need to now open and you should see a perform of partitions. Click drive>Restore Partition2.

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Now navigate come the partition2 that you downloaded from the video clip (and extracted) and click Ok.

The partition should start to restore and also when the finishes, your tough drive will certainly play Xbox Originals. Unplug your hard drive (Unplug your hard drive indigenous the computer and plug the cables earlier into the CD drive if you supplied that method)