The title states it all. I have heard the phrase used either way, but "well" makes more sense come me. My editor and I are both at a stalemate through this one.


"Wealth the information" is a (somewhat) generally used idiom, as contrasted to "Well that information".

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As per the Cambridge dictionary, one of the interpretations of wide range (in business is given as:

a large amount of other good:

a riches of data/detail/information The website gives a riches of data ~ above a company"s stock.

He bring a wealth of market experience come his brand-new position.


I think "wealth" is the most appropriate choice, for the reasons already given, however I concern the usage of "is" together the verb - "is ... A wealth" doesn"t sound right. It would certainly be better to say "provides us with" or "affords us". Probably you need to consider transforming the verb or finding one more word altogether, such as "fount", "source", or "wellspring".


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