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What"s the standard kind of y=-2/3x+4? 0 votes

Help please! It"s hard

standard-form-of-an-equationaskedFeb 21, 2014in GEOMETRYby dkinzApprentice
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The standard type line equation is Ax + by = C. A shouldn"t it is in negative, A and also B shouldn"t both it is in zero, and also A, B and C need to be integers.

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The equation is y = (- 2/3)x + 4.

Subtract 4 from every side.

y - 4 = (- 2/3)x

Multiply each side through 3.

3y - 12 = - 2x

Add 2x to each side.

2x + 3y - 12 = 0

Add 12 to every side.

2x + 3y = 12.

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The standard form the equation the the line is 2x + 3y = 12.

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