Infinite produced wrestler pointsSuccessfully finish a year in both SmackDown! and RAW Season modes to get limitless experience point out for every current and future developed superstars. Note: The suffer points cannot be offered for tags Team attributes.

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All bonus movesUnlock all legends and also win the tough Enough trophy to unlock all bonus moves.Legend stole Cage matchesSuccessfully complete the Superstar obstacles to unlock the Legend steel Cage matches.ECW One Night stand arenaWin the ECW One Night Stand occasion in Season mode to unlock the ECW One Night stand arena.WrestleMania 9 arenaSuccessfully finish the Superstar difficulties to unlock the WrestleMania 9 arena.WrestleMania 21 arenaWin WrestleMania 21 in Season mode to unlock the WrestleMania 21 arena.Wrestle together Andre The GiantPurchase for $28,000 in ~ the WWE Shop.Wrestle together Bret "Hit Man" HartPurchase for $28,000 at the WWE Shop.Wrestle as British Bulldog "Davey boy Smith"Purchase for $28,000 at the WWE Shop.Wrestle together Hollywood HoganWin the SmackDown! Season trophy to unlock Hollywood Hogan.Wrestle as Hulk Hogan (80"s)Win the raw Season trophy come unlock Hulk Hogan (80"s).Wrestle as Jake "The Snake" RobertsBuy Jake "The Snake" Roberts in the PSP variation of WWE SmackDown! vs. Life 2006, then transfer him with a USB cable link. Alternately, successfully finish year one in GM mode, then draft Jake "The Snake" Roberts in year 2 as one of your three choices.Wrestle as Jimmy HartWin the tough Enough trophy to unlock Jimmy Hart.Wrestle as Junkyard DogPurchase because that $28,000 in ~ the WWE Shop.Wrestle together MankindPurchase because that $28,000 at the WWE Shop.Wrestle as "The Million disagreement Man" Ted DiBiaseWin the difficulty Mode WWE Superstar trophy to unlock "The Million dissension Man" Ted DiBiase.Wrestle together "Stone Cold" Steve AustinSuccessfully finish the life Season storyline to unlock "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.Wrestle as The RockSuccessfully finish the SmackDown! Season storyline to unlock The Rock.Torrie Wilson together a managerSuccessfully finish the "Torrie"s Contract" storyline to unlock Torrie Wilson as a selectable manager.Trish Stratus together a managerSuccessfully finish the "A an extremely Special Friend" life storyline come unlock Trish Stratus as a selectable manager.Hardcore Championship BeltWin the an obstacle Mode Legend trophy to unlock the Hardcore Championship Belt.Million disagreement Championship BeltWin the challenge Mode Legend trophy come unlock the Million dollar Championship Belt.World Heavyweight location in Exhibition modeSuccessfully complete the SmackDown! Season storyline and win at WrestleMania to unlock the world Heavyweight title in Exhibition mode.WWE title in Exhibition modeSuccessfully finish the raw Season storyline and win at WrestleMania come unlock the WWE location in Exhibition mode.
Alternate costume because that JBLWin the GM of The Year award to unlock an alternative costume because that JBL.Alternate costume for "Stone Cold" Steve AustinSuccessfully finish the Legend obstacles to unlock an alternating costume for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.Alternate costume for Triple HWin the GM of The Year award to unlock an alternate costume for Triple H.JukeboxWin the Bar Room Brawl trophy come unlock the Jukebox.Diva loading screensWin the Collect-A-Diva trophy to unlock the Diva loading screens.Legend loading screensWin the Legend Killer trophy come unlock the Legend loading screens.Superstar loading screensWin the Elimination chamber trophy to unlock the Superstar loading screens.Locker Room shop itemsSuccessfully finish the indicated task come unlock the matching item at the Locker Room shop because that purchase:Austin Poster: victory the Legend Killer trophyBarbie Weapon: success the Bar Brawl trophyBatista Figure: success the 100 Wins trophyBret Hart Poster: victory the Legend Killer trophyBret Hart Sunglasses: Unlock Bret HartBritish Bulldog"s Bulldog: Unlock brother BulldogCarlito Apple: purchase for $1,500Carlito T-shirt: success the Amateur difficulty trophyCasino Table: win the Undertaker Urn trophyCeiling Fan: success the Undertaker Urn trophyChristy Poster 1: victory the Collect-A-Diva trophyChristy Poster 2: win the Collect-A-Diva trophyD-X Poster: victory the Legend Killer trophyECW T-Shirt: victory the Bar Brawl trophyEddie Lowrider: acquisition for $ 1,500Eugene Stuffed Animal: Purchasefor $1,500Evolution Poster: success the Legend Killer trophyFancy Component stereo Set: win the Undertaker Urn trophyFurry Couch: win the Undertaker Urn trophyGlass Belt Case: acquisition for $4,000Glass Coffee Table: victory the Undertaker Urn trophyGlass Locker: acquisition for $ 4.,00Glass Trophy Case: acquisition for $ 4,000Guitar: success the Bar Brawl trophyHall Of call Poster: win the Legend Killer trophyHogan Poster: victory the Legend Killer trophyHulk Hogan Bobblehead: Unlock 80"s Hulk HoganJBL $100 Bill: acquisition for $1,500JBL Limousine: purchase for $1,500Jimmy Hart Megaphone: Unlock Jimmy HartJohn Cena Baseball Jersey: win the royal Rumble or increasing Star trophiesJohn Cena Figure: success the 100 Wins trophyJohn Cena soccer Jersey: win the royal Rumble trophyJohn Cena Lock Chain: win the Elimination room trophyKane Mask: acquisition for $1,500Kurt Angle yellow Metal: victory the Elimination chamber trophyLava Lamp: win the Undertaker Urn trophyLeather Couch: win the Undertaker Urn trophyLita Poster: victory the Collect-A-Diva trophyLowrider Couch: win the Undertaker Urn trophyMankind Poster: victory the Legend Killer trophyMetal Belt Case: purchase for $3,000Metal Locker: purchase for $3,000Metal Trophy Case: purchase for $3,000Michelle Poster: win the Collect-A-Diva trophyn.W.o. Poster: success the Legend Killer trophyRegal Brass Knuckles: acquisition for $1,500Rey Mysterio Baseball Jersey: success the imperial Rumble trophyRey Mysterio Basketball Jersey: victory the imperial Rumble trophyRoyalRumble stole Chair: acquisition for $ 1,500Shane McMahon Jersey: win the royal Rumble trophySledgehammer: success the Bar Brawl trophyStacy Poster 1: win the Collect-A-Diva trophyStacy Poster 2: success the Collect-A-Diva trophyStacy was standing Cut-Out: victory the Undertaker Urn trophySummerSlam steel Chair: acquisition for $1,500Survivor collection Steel Chair: acquisition for $1,500The rock Bobblehead: Unlock The RockThe rock Poster: win the Legend Killer trophyTiger Skin Rug: win the Undertaker Urn trophyTorrie Poster 1: win the Collect-A-Diva trophyTorrie Poster 2: win the Collect-A-Diva trophyTraining maker 1: win the enhance Veteran trophyTraining an equipment 2: victory the match Veteran trophyTrish Poster 1: success the Collect-A-Diva trophyTrish Poster 2: win the Collect-A-Diva trophyTrish Poster 3: success the Collect-A-Diva trophyTrish was standing Cut-Out: victory the Undertaker Urn trophyUndertaker Motorbike: purchase for $1,500WrestleMania 21 stole Chair: acquisition for $1,500Y2J Hockey Jersey: win the imperial Rumble trophy

TrophiesSuccessfully finish the shown task to success the corresponding trophy:100 Wins trophy: win 100 matches.Amateur difficulty trophy: Successfully finish all Amateur Challenges.Bar Room Brawl trophy: victory the Bar Room Brawl in Season mode.Collect-A-Diva trophy: win Trish"s (on RAW) and also Torrie"s (on SmackDown!) contracts in Season mode.Elimination room trophy: victory an removed chamber complement on the Legend difficulty setting and also eliminate all 5 superstars.General Manager trophy: Successfully finish GM setting with a greater rating than SmackDown!/RAW.Legend Killer trophy: win the Legend fight Royale in Season mode. Complement Veteran trophy: play in every match kind in Exhibition mode. Climbing Star trophy: Successfully complete all rising Star challenges.Royal Rumble trophy: win the imperial Rumble match in Season mode. Difficult Enough trophy: victory ten matches with a created wrestler. Undertaker"s Urn trophy: loss The wear in the hidden Alive match in Season mode.WWE an obstacle trophy: efficiently complete every one of the set challenges.WWE Legend trophy: Successfully finish all WWE Legend challenges.WWE Superstar trophy: Successfully complete all WWE Superstar challenges.

Tag team entrances

Tag 01: william Regal and also Eugene (Eugene comes out clapping) tags 02: The BashamsTag 03: La ResistanceTag 04: Regal and also TajiriTag 05: Muhammad Hassan and DavariTag 06: The BushwhackersTag 07: Charlie Haas and Miss JackieTag 08: The Bashams 2

Trio entrances

Trio 01: DXTrio 02: nWoTrio 03: Generic

Edit entrances

Edit 01: Matt durable V1Edit 02: Dvon Dudley & Bubba beam DudleyEdit 03: Lance CadeEdit 04: miss JackieEdit 05: Brock Lesnar

Move sets

Move set 1: Hardcore Holly (Alabama Slam x2)Move collection 2: Val Venis (The Money shoot Pin, leg Lock 11)Move set 3: Funaki (Bulldog 5, Lucha DDT)Move set 4: Maven (Backbreaker 12 x2)Move set 5: Rhyno (The Gore x2)Move set 6: Bubba ray Dudley (Cutter, full Nelson Bomb)Move set 7: D-Von Dudley (Saving Grace, Neckbreaker 13)Move set 8: Luther Reigns (Sidebuster 2, turning back Neckbreaker)Move collection 9: Lance Storm (Steven Kick, solitary Leg Crab 2)Move set 10: Rikishi (Rump Shaker x2)Move set 11: Ultimo Dragon (DDT 5, Lionsault Pin)Move collection 12: Kip James (FameAsser, Sidewalk Slam 4)Move set 13: chuck Palumbo (Steven Kick, Torture Rack)Move set 14: Matt durable (Twist of Fate 2, twist of Fate 1)Move collection 15: Jeff hardy (Swanton Bomb 2, excessive Twist that Fate) Move collection 16: Al eye (Northern lamp Driver, black color Out Hold)Move set 17: Goldberg (Suplex pin 2, Spear 5)Move collection 18: Scott Steiner (Camel Clutch 4, Novacaine)Move set 19: Sting (Sharpshooter 1, DDT 9)Move collection 20: Sean Waltman (Facecrusher 2, Edge"O Matic 2)Move collection 21: Kevin Nash (Jackknife x2)Move collection 22: Scott room (Powerbomb 5, overcome Powerbomb)Move set 23: animal (Oklahoma Slam, Powerslam pin 1)Move collection 24: hawk (Flying Clothesline 2, Neckbreaker 14)Move collection 25: ultimate Warrior (Amazing Slam and also Splash, Clothesline Combination)

Steal opponent"s tauntFill her momentum and store your finisher. Then, press L1 + right Analog-stick in any type of direction.Casket finisherStore one finisher and also get her momentum full so that the bar is flashing. As soon as it is flashing, ireland Whip your opponent into the casket and press L1. This will an outcome in a casket finisher and end the match without you having actually to nearby the casket lid.Using the environment in Bar Brawl matchesStrong whip your enemy into the swimming pool table, then push Up + Circle come grab a swimming pool stick and also hit your foe with it. Push Left + one to placed your opponent"s challenge on the table, and also someone will shoot a ball right into your opponent"s face. Drag your opponent by the hair then push Circle come lean her opponent against it, then climb on peak of the pool table and also ram their challenge into the ground with your knee.Strong whip your enemy into the wine rack, then press Up + one to throw their earlier into it. Push Left + circle to usage them as a battering ram and also knock lots of bottles turn off the rack; however you cannot pick them up and use them together weapons. Traction your opponent to the rack and also press circle to obstacle their face versus the rack.Strong whip your enemy into the wall with the television just above it, then press Up + Circle to whip them around and trip lock so the their head access time on the baseboard that the wall. Push Left + Circle to whip them right into it and also cause the tv to autumn down (which you can use as a weapon). Traction your adversary by the hair come it to usage their head as a damaging ram right into the wall.Drag your opponent by the hair come the cocktail sign to quit their face through it.Drag your opponent to the jukebox to lean them versus it and ram into them.In the upper left hand edge you will watch a basketball game. Solid whip your opponent into it and you can do the following. Press Up + one or under + circle to carry out a dodgeball game, where you throw a basketball right into their face; however you can not bust them open with this. Push Left + one or appropriate + one to execute a ago drop into the goal. Traction your foe by the hair come the goal and also press circle to throw them ~ above the goal then shoot a basketball on height of them.Next come the rack complete of liquor, you will watch a display case with swimming pool sticks in it. Solid whip your adversary into it, then push Up + one to put their face through the glass. Do it again, and you will certainly grab a baseball bat the end of the case. You have the right to only obtain three bats the end of the case.On the bar, solid whip your enemy into it. Push Up + one to execute a clothesline end the bar. Press Left + circle to skinny your foe up against the bar. Her superstar will certainly ask because that a beer and also the bartender will offer you a beer party that you will smash over your opponent"s head. Seize your opponent by the hair and pull them come the bar, then push Circle to placed your foe on the bar and also slide them under it.You have the right to climb ~ above both the pool table and also the spinning table beside the TV set.On one of the tables, you will see lots of beer bottles. Just walk over and also press Square to pick up the bottles. That is an limitless supply.Using the atmosphere in Backstage Brawl matchesStrong whip your enemy into the electrical box to offer them a tiny shock. Drag your enemy by the hair come the electrical box, then press Circle to open the door and throw your foe into it causing a large electrical shock. This will also open the huge door alongside the box.Strong whip your adversary into the speakers following the television rack to knock the peak speaker over. Whip them right into it again, then press Up + circle to carry out a guillotine move on the speaker. Press Left + circle to ram their back into it. Drag your foe to it and press circle to throw them right into the speaker.Strong whip your enemy into the soda machine, then push Up + circle to throw them into it and ram them a couple of times. Push Left + one to ram their head through it. Traction your enemy to it and press circle to usage their head together a battering ram.Whip your foe into the stand v the tv on top of it, then push Up + circle to lamb their challenge into the television. Push Left + one to throw your opponent into the stand and cause the tv to fall. Drag your foe to the rack then push Circle to DDT your head into the metal post.Next to the speaker is a open trash dumpster. Solid whip your adversary into it, then push Up + one to litter them inside and slam the lid on your head. Push Left + circle to put their head best on the leaf of it and also slam the lid down. Drag your foe to it then push Circle to throw them right into it. Your superstar will certainly hit them, climate slam the lid on them.After opening the garage door v the electric box, solid whip your foe into it. Press Up + circle to perform a guillotine, similar to the rope guillotine whereby you just slingshot your opponent"s throat into the door. Push Left + one to put them underneath the door and also slam it under on them. Drag your adversary to that then press Circle to scrape their face against the door.On the buffet table, strong whip your foe into it. Press Up + circle to ram their challenge into the food. Press Left + Circle to make her superstar pour a drink under their throats, then your superstar will take a drink and spit it right into your opponent"s face. Traction your enemy to it then push Circle to suplex them with the table.There room two various other things you deserve to use in the backstage area. The video camera can be uncovered in the area. Also, if time correctly, you will communicate with the human who comes the end to check things. You have the right to knock him under at the electric box, take a soda from him in ~ the soda maker or on the buffet table, you will certainly throw your enemy on peak of it, or choose this human up and also body slam that on height of your opponent and also break the table.Using the environment in Parking lot Brawl matchesStrong whip your enemy into the trailer come knock it open. Inside you will discover a tires iron.Strong whip your opponent into the white auto next to JBL"s limo to open up the hood. Throw them into it again and press up + one to put them underneath the hood. Your superstar will climb on top and do a flying body press on the hood and also on height of her opponent. Press Left + Circle to powerslam them underneath the hood, climate slam the hood on optimal of them. Drag your foe to it and also press circle to carry out a slingshot underneath the hood and slam the hood on peak of them.Whip them right into the black color car and press increase + Circle come bodyslam them on optimal of it and also leg drop lock off. Push Left + circle to lamb their ago into it. Drag your adversary to it then press Circle to litter them right into it.Whip your foe into the blue truck alongside the lowrider. They will certainly slide on top of it and also go with the windshield. Drag your enemy to that then press Circle come piledrive them v the windshield.Whip your foe into the ambulance, then press Up + circle to open up the doors and also put your head between them, then slam both doors on her opponent"s head. Press Left + one to throw them into the ambulance. Drag your adversary to it then press Circle to ram them into it and cause the door come open. Her superstar will grab some sort of spray and use that on your opponent"s face.Whip your foe into the ladder ~ above the trailer truck, then push Up + one to ram their head into the next of it.Whip your adversary into JBL"s limo (on the driver"s next window), then press Up + circle to lamb their head with the window. Press Left + circle to throw them right into it, then placed their leg within the door and your superstar will kick the door. Drag your adversary to it then push Circle to open up the door, pick up your opponent, and also ram their ago into the door. If you room at the back home window where JBL would be, whip your enemy into that then press Up + one to lamb your opponent"s head to the ground v a knee drop. Push Left + circle to ram them right into it and also put your leg inside the door. Her superstar will certainly kick the door onto your leg. If you traction your adversary to it then push Circle, you will certainly ram them right into it, climate slam the door in your face. Also, if you have a save finisher and your inert meter is every the way up, drag your enemy by the hair come the back and push Circle. You will throw them into the back seat, then your superstar will certainly go the blue truck and drive it into the limo resulting in an instant KO. You may have to do this number of times before it works.Eddie"s lowrider is alongside the white car. Whip your enemy into it, then push Up + Circle come bodyslam your adversary on top, causing it come rise and also your superstar will do a neckbreaker off it. Push Left + Circle to slam castle on height of it and cause it to go up and also down number of times. This will cause body damages to your opponent. Drag your enemy to that then push Circle to put them underneath it, and also it will certainly go up and also down on height of them number of times.Easy developed wrestler pointsCreate a supervisor Heavyweight wrestler. Play with Season mode and also earn enough EXP to max the end the strength, durability, or both. Then, walk to develop mode and also make a copy of your created wrestler. Modify the profile of the duplicated created wrestler and adjust the weight limit to Diva. A blog post will appear saying the the developed wrestler points will be lost. Select to continue. The lost attribute clues will now be converted back to endure points, and you deserve to distribute them to other produced wrestlers. Keep copying your developed wrestler and also repeating this procedure to max out all your stats.Easy moneySuccessfully finish the RAW and also SmackDown seasons, then develop a superstar. You must have endless experience points. Placed the produced superstar at 99 overall and also begin Season setting with him. Select to skip every the matches and also you will certainly win most of them and also get $2,500 to $3,100.Easy winsFight an adversary on the exterior of the ring. Wait till the referee"s counting reaches "8", then ireland Whip the or her right into the barricade. Run back into the ring and you will certainly win the match by counting out.In Season mode, pick a superstar through a high rating (for example, cut Angle). Skip every one of your matches and you must win many of them. Girlfriend will just lose roughly two or three for the year. Friend should also win her handicap matches.Easy wins in Ironman matchWhen your opponent"s body is in the red, store doing a running Spear (Goldberg"s) climate pin. Just keep hitting a spear, climate pin. You should get big numbers.Easy success in imperial Rumble matchTo easily win the imperial Rumble in Season mode, just skip the match. That will reduced to a scene of her wrestler celebrate the win. You will still acquire the money for winning the match. Additionally, to conveniently win the SmackDown! imperial Rumble in Season mode, you can just simply skip it. After you skip it, cut Angle commonly will win, yet after that wins Vince McMahon to walk out and also says that kurt cheated and he will be disqualified. Girlfriend will currently only need to fight the last five people instead of wait for all thirty come come out. If you loss the last 5 people, climate Season mode will continue as if you winner the whole thirty guy rumble.Cannot shed Royal Rumble matchIf you lose the royal Rumble in Season mode, Vince McMahon will come out and say the the winner cheated by switching numbers in former of a concealed camera. He will then bespeak a restart of the royal Rumble with 6 superstars, among which will certainly be whoever you decided for the season. If you shed again, you can rematch. Perform this as numerous times needed until girlfriend win. If girlfriend lose and also choose to exit, that will instantly end your season.Easy wins in tag matchGet your entry level increase so the you deserve to win matches through submissions. This is much simpler than going for a pen fall.Defend WWE and also World title without perfect Season modeEnter GM mode. Friend can safeguard those title whenever desired. Because that example, if friend selected RAW, you can safeguard the WWE title, or human being title if you determined SmackDown.ECW titleIn the SmackDown! Season mode, once RVD asks you to join ECW, expropriate his invitation. In the SmackDown! episode before WrestleMania, Vince McMahon will disclose that it to be a set-up and that RVD is certainly a SmackDown! superstar. RVD will attack you and say that at WrestleMania he will protect the WWE (not ECW) location in a Hardcore match. Defeat RVD in the Hardcore complement at WrestleMania and also your superstar will certainly spray paint "ECW" ~ above the title and also proceed to do the valve Terminator to RVD.The Undertaker"s Urn trophyTo gain The Undertaker"s Urn trophy, usage either Hulk Hogan or Mankind and also put lock in SmackDown! Season mode. Skip the matches with the "Torrie"s Contract" storyline. After the "Torrie"s Contract" storyline is over, you will certainly go to the "Urning your Spot" storyline, i m sorry will end in a buried Alive Casket match against The Undertaker for manage of the Urn.Wrestle a diva in Season modeIn the "Torrie"s Contract" storyline (SmackDown! season), if you lose the match against RVD wherein you win the chance to face off versus Orlando Jordan through JBL together manager, the following week you will certainly be put in a match versus a diva.Raise steady attribute pointsIn Create-A-Stable, to raise a team"s attributes, place the team with each other in GM mode. ~ a couple of of matches (around seven), you can go earlier to Create-A-Stable and also raise their attributes. You cannot fight in a tags team, but additionally do twin team move either by both wrestlers in a grapple, or dual team move in a sign match.Buried Alive enhance in Survivor series in GM modeAt Survivor series in GM mode, a buried Alive enhance is made between you and also the rival brand. They will pick a superstar and also you must pick one of your own. The winner gets the #30 clues in royal Rumble. If you perform not gain The Undertaker on friend roster, friend must confront him in the hidden Alive complement at the PPV. The #30 spot will go to a superstar of your brand.Easy popularity rise in GM ModeTo easily increase a superstar"s popularity, decision on a character you wish to bring up. If you have actually him currently signed on your show, release him, then resign the for five weeks. If you do not have him, perform the exact same (sign the for 5 weeks). Select to promote him in among your scheduled reflects under promotion. Girlfriend can also put him in a singles match and in a enhance with a manager. Make certain that he wins the singles match and also the match with a manager. If you room low top top money, use promo number 2 together it has a method of obtaining money by advertising. After the week"s scheduled show, you need to see the your preferred wrestler"s popularity has increased significantly. You have the right to repeat this as lot as desired. Simply release the again, choose him increase from cost-free Agency for a five week contract, promote him on her show, have matches v him on that show, and also win. Note: This has been tested in two player GM mode, and also not in solitary player GM mode.Have whoever friend are cultivating as a manager in a single match for every match on the card. For example, stone Cold .vs The Rock through Triple H. Make certain that whoever has actually the manager wins. You have the right to just get DQed through the various other wrestler. The manager will raise your popularity and get a lengthy win streak. The higher a superstar"s popular is, the slower it will certainly raise. For example, a developed superstar through a popularity of 20 deserve to go as much as 46 in one week with this trick; however, a superstar through a popular of 90 will only go up around 2 in one week v this trick. Also, make certain to rest your superstar after the week or castle will gain injured. Try alternating in between two superstars the you great to increase in popularity.Great trades in GM modeUse the "Easy popularity rise in GM Mode" trick to push a diva to an extremely high popularity (Lita, Torrie, Trish, etc.). Once they are really popular, you can trade them for a superstar the the very same popularity top top the various other show. For example, if Trish has actually 100 popularity, you deserve to trade she for The Undertaker who has 100 popularity. By act this, not only are friend taking one of their key eventers, but they cannot usage Trish as a key eventer. Divas cannot compete for titles, or in "main event" form matches prefer Hell In A cell or Last male Standing. Keep promoting divas and trading them because that the various other shows" key eventers, and you should have a an excellent roster, while in ~ the same time hurting the opposition. To make certain you obtain the divas, simply turn off the divas you are not utilizing in totally free agency till you are prepared to press them.Heal injured superstars easily in GM modeWhen her superstar gets injured and also is going to be the end for awhile, release them from your contract. Then, go to "Free Agency", press Start, and also remove or turn off that superstar native the roster list. Press X to check that choice, then push Start again. Turn that superstar back on and also then in the next week you will have the ability to re-sign the person and also use castle immediately.Better ratings in GM modeSave after ~ every week to be far better safe 보다 sorry. If a superstar is sidelined through an injury, simply load the game again. They perform not always get injured. That is better to repeat one week 보다 to lose a key eventer for 2 months.Get every the main eventers. Before you begin the very first week in GM mode, go to the cost-free Agents List. Push Start come add an ext superstars come the list. Friend will view Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Hollywood Hogan, Hogan 80"s, Hulk Hogan, and also all the various other superstars you had actually to buy in ShopZone. After ~ you add them, they will certainly be obtainable the next week. Go to the list and also sign castle all. Only go come the complimentary agents list once you room going to sign them. If girlfriend leave and also come back, the other brand will authorize them. To be certain you have the right to save GM a week in advancement and simply load again if lock do. Note: throughout the drafting, just sign about ten come fifteen people on 3 month or less contracts. By doing this, friend will have the money and also the an are to sign the main eventers turn off the cost-free agents list. You have the right to only authorize twenty superstars total, so make certain you have sufficient room. ~ you authorize the ShopZone superstars, the various other brand will only have two or three key eventers and also you will have about ten.Choose RAW. It is much easier to get ratings in RAW, due to the fact that their women"s division is simpler to promote 보다 SmackDown"s Cruiserweight division.Popularity matters. The higher a superstars popular is, the greater ratings his or her enhance will be. This is simply as vital as what type of match they are in, or what title its for.Sign 4 Divas, no much more and no less. That is all you will ever before need for a successful Diva division. Any an ext and it would certainly be too challenging to push Divas to greater ratings. A deadly 4-way Diva complement is the many you have the right to put lock in without doing sign or something similar.No Diva matches. Back this contradicts the previous hint, the works. Placing them in matches against each other is pointless due to the fact that they will just feed off each others" popularity. No one will ever before get anywhere. Instead, build popularity with mangers. This is the perfect strategy. Placed the Divas as managers for a superstar who will success the match. Not just will your popularity points walk up, however it will certainly count together a win. Ten the those matches and also they will be on a winning streak, and also have large popularity. This also works for superstars that cannot complete due to high fatigue. Make certain it is a single vs. Solitary with manager. Execute not execute two managers due to the fact that you will simply take indigenous the other"s popularity.Tag champs v a Diva. Always get two of the least well-known superstars to be the tags champs. Never provide them the vacated titles. Have them victory them. This will jump your popularity a few extra points. Have actually them retain the belts repetitively with a Diva as a manager for each match. Every time castle win, you will construct the popularity for both sign champs, and also their Diva manager. When they acquire to main occasion level status, provide them belts to one more two.Decrease fatigue. If a superstar has a high fatigue level, they are more likely to obtain injured. To get your superstar come compete, not obtain injured, and still develop popularity, either put them together a manager because that someone else or compete in a singles match. Singles matches carry out not include to fatigue, however bring the down.Disqualification. This is a great way to gain a particular superstar to win. If who starts complaining about their losing streak, placed them in a complement with someone else. For example, if absent complains, put him in a enhance with Austin. Play as Austin, then just hit The Rock with a chair or hit the referee four times. The Rock will certainly win and get his popular up there is no you having actually to beat the match.No Disqualification. If over there is a superstar that you want to maintain a title, rotate off the no DQ and also beat increase the other person with a chair or sledgehammer. Then, pin them. If girlfriend fight dirty, every weapon shot will increase momentum. If friend fight clean, you will shed momentum. Perform not worry; after their head or ribs are red simply do a couple of lionsaults and also top rope moves. You will certainly have complete momentum again.Always exaggeration the PPV; the last RAW/SmackDown before the PPV. Carry out not bother doing the weeks front of time, as you will just waste money. If you have the money, use your 2 promo point out to exaggeration it up. This is your opportunity to steal much more fans. You should go all the end on PPVs, through at least three main event style matches. Make certain you supestars room well rested before the PPV a few weeks in advance. Make sure before booking the matches that their tiredness level is not high. A good PPV can get you boost of one million fans and will skyrocket your fan support.Advertise. If friend follow this rules, you need to not have to slander the promotion, interfere, or perform anything similar. Use your promo time come advertise, not to encourage merchandise. Ads are a guarantee $150,000 whereby merchandise is an average of $60,000. Also if you perform not need money in ~ the time, you will certainly eventually.Maintain contracts. Examine in every now and also then come make certain that her superstars" contract still have actually some time ~ above them. To execute this, check your roster, then press Right to see exactly how much time is continuing to be on their contracts. Never ever let the get below four weeks. All you need to do is authorize superstars v low contract to 5 week contracts. This will save them at around nine weeks remaining. You also will not go fully bankrupt signing lock to five month contracts. Just renew a few contracts at a time. If you perform too much at once you can still go bankrupt. Only renew contracts with small time remaining.Draft choose in GM modeAt WrestleMania there will certainly be a ideal of three collection to help determine which basic manger will win the GM of The Year award. If you success the series, girlfriend will gain one draft pick.Unselectable screen effect alternatives in Create-An-Entrance modeIn the progressed Create-An-Entrance mode, friend may find that the cinematic/wide versions of some screen effects come to be grayed out and also unselectable. This is as result of the surname Plate for your superstar gift turned on for that component of the entrance. Simply turn the name Plate off to make every one of the screen effect options selectable.John Cena"s turn WWE title beltWin the SmackDown or life season to obtain the WWE Title. Go to Exhibition mode and also select "Title Match". If john Cena is no the WWE champion, select him. After ~ you have won, friend will obtain to choose the initial WWE title belt or man Cena"s rotate WWE title belt.Tazz singingTo hear Tazz sing, pick a match with Shawn Michaels and perform Sweet Chin Music on her opponent. Note: It should be a enhance that has actually the SmackDown brand commentary.Update finishers in Create-A-Move-Set mode for cut AngleEnter Create-A-Move-Set mode and choose cut Angle come edit. Choose Special, climate Finishers. Friend will discover an alternative version that both the angle Slam (Angle Slam 1) and also Angle Lock (Angle Lock 2) in the list, which were no assigned to him, however are much more updated in animation. Notably, the angle Lock 2 move a grapevine host in the second part of the animation, i m sorry Angle has been well-known to usage recently. The only drawback to this moves is that the announcers perform not refer to them specifically, and also the newer Angle Lock 2 go less damage to the leg. Also, because that some reason Angle Slam 1 seems to have actually reversed head and also body damage amounts from edge Slam 2, making it damages the head rather of the body.Daivari shouts in Farsi during matchChoose a singles match with a manager. Pick a wrestler (for example, Muhammad Hassan), then select Daivari as your manager. Throughout the food of the match you will hear Daivari sometimes shout a sentence in Farsi in his trademark style.Hassan and Daivari enntrance gate music lengthsMuhammad Hassan and Daivari have the same entrance music, together they should. However, they have actually separate papers in the Music food selection - these space of a various length. The version listed as "Muhammad Hassan" runs for simply over a minute, when the track noted as "Khosrow Daivari" is the exact same music, however runs longer. Should Hassan"s entrance move be lengthened through modifying in Create-An-Entrance mode, you might want to move his music come the one offered to Daivari so that it is long sufficient to play with the entire entrance without ending and repeating itself.Both wrestlers keep fighting the end of the cage in steel Cage matchMake sure your foe climbs the side of the cage that is situated at the very back end of the ring, dealing with your way. Wait until your adversary is virtually at the very top of the cage, climate just prior to he get the really top, acquire near the cage whereby your opponent is located and also do a grapple hold. The relocate that friend will check out is favor a amendment German Suplex. When you both fall, both wrestlers will currently be the end of the cage and also the enhance will quiet continue. There space no tools or count outs. You deserve to fight as lengthy as desired, but there is nothing lot to do. Once you get back in the ring the only way to get earlier out is to perform the very same thing.Irish Whip runningSometimes when you irish Whip your opponent, they will "slide" across the ring, not relocating their legs. Note: This might only use to the PAL version, which to be released prior to the NTSC variation of the game.Do aerial moves on groundRun increase on the crowd guard rail with a superstar that has a diving finisher (for example, RVD). Operation on the railing and perform the assault to warp directly to the ground. Note: The move will still proceed. This deserve to be done with any kind of superstar, developed or original, as lengthy as they have a diving finisher.Get right into the audienceHave the Diving side Kick turn off the optimal rope move. Power Irish Whip your opponent onto the barricade. Get on the apron and also do this move, and also you must be in the audience. You can now move roughly the arena. This functions in any type of arena.Floating rope movesWhen developing a character"s moves, many times once you are scrolling with the "rope moves" (moves done once an adversary is leaning on the ropes), when you space watching them then relocating to an additional one the video game will show you the move, but your superstar will be out of the ring, off center, or floating. The move will still monitor through, just numerous times while out of the ring.Disappearing tablesWhen you win a match, try to see the announcers" tables. They will certainly not be over there anymore, and also have disappeared.Disappearing and also reappearing beltWhen utilizing trio number one"s entrance through two created characters and a diva, the belt ~ above the person on the left disappears and reappears on the diva. As soon as they enter the ring, that reappears on the initial owner. Note: This has actually only been tested with the USA belt. If the diva has actually the women"s championship belt, she will have two that them.Censored commentaryMany times throughout the commentary, whenever over there is a comment that puts under a superstar or a particular brand (SmackDown!), the is cut off. However, this is done commonly without anything to cut it off.Wrong dayDuring a raw match, the commentators will refer to SmackDown gift on Thursdays. However, SmackDown"s commentators will refer to SmackDown gift on Fridays. Smackdown offered to it is in on Thursdays, however is currently on Fridays. Also, as soon as in GM mode, Taboo Tuesday is on a Sunday rather of a Tuesday prefer the PPV must be.Wrong genderChoose a complement with a special referee and also make the referee a female superstar. The announcers will certainly make references to the referee together if she were a male. Sometimes during a accomplish Your Fantasy match (or other matches), the announcers will refer to female superstars together "he".Wrong arena announcementAt the WrestleMania IX arena, the announcers will say the they room in Phoenix, Arizona; however, WrestleMania IX in reality took ar in las Vegas, Nevada.Wrong location announcementIf you room a location holder and are defending the belt, if you gain counted out the announcer will say that your opponent is the new champ. However, when you walk to save the game, it will certainly say the you are still the champ.Wrong GM setting announcementMake a title enhance in GM mode and choose no to have actually the champion come in first. The announcer will still speak "and is for the title".Wrong belts in GM modeUsually in Season mode, the WWE Champion Title remains on SmackDown! and also the civilization Heavyweight Title continues to be on RAW; but in GM mode, the is the other way around.Cristy Hemme mistakeWhile in a complement with J.R. And King announcing, do Cristy Hemme"s an initial finisher (Low punch 5). J.R. And also King will certainly say the she did a DDT instead. Note: This to be done in the PAL variation of the game.John Cena titlesJohn Cena has three entrances; through the WWE title, v the U.S. Title, and also with no title. If girlfriend look closely at them all you can see they room different. Through the WWE title, it shows John Cena spinning the WWE sign. With the U.S. Title, every time man Cena spins the title through the WWE title it shows his back. With no location it shows John Cena turn the title, but with no belt its seems prefer he is grabbing his stomach.John Cena mistakesDuring Season mode, john Cena is on SmackDown. However, in real life the is ~ above RAW. During Exhibition mode, his photo has actually a red elevator which shows he is a raw superstar. Also during matches through John Cena, King will periodically say "I great we had actually a superstar prefer John Cena top top RAW", even though john Cena is already a superstar on RAW.Lita mistakeIn GM mode, look at Lita"s biography. It will say the she is native Sanford, new York. However, she is actually from Sanford, north Carolina.Rob Conway mistakeRob Conway has actually his brand-new music (Just Look in ~ Me), however still has his garments from La Resistance. Select any type of match whereby you can see Robert Conway"s entrance. SmackDown"s Ring Announcer Tony Chimel will contact him rob Conway, however RAW"s Ring Announcer Lillian Garcia will call him Robert Conway.Snitsky mistakeChoose any match wherein you deserve to see Snitsky"s entrance. RAW"s ring announcer Lillian Garcia will contact him Snitsky, yet SmackDown"s ring announcer Tony Chimmel will contact him Gene Snitsky.Sylvain Greiner mistakeSylvain Greiner has his brand-new music and also Titantron in the game, but is attract his old La Resistance clothes. Also, Sylvain Greiner is known as Sylvan now.The Undertaker mistakeWhen you select The Undertaker with your entrance on, the announcer will say "weighing in at 305 pounds" when the Undertaker is 328 pounds in real life.Created wrestlers v The Undertaker"s entrance move mistakeYou will appear to be wearing a hat throughout the entrance, even if your wrestler does not wear a hat.

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Frozen characterWhen a wrestler is pinning one opponent, acquire in the closest edge to the referee. Look in ~ him and also jump instantly after he counts "3". You will hit him and be inches turn off the ground in a certain pose, frozen, depending on what move you do. Note: This has only been tested with produced characters.