When it pertains to food, Geoffrey Esper can eat. In fact, he"s something of a champion.

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The Oxford, Mass., residents recently collection a new world document with the significant League Eating organization after he consumed the many pepperoni rolls throughout an eating competition in Fairmont, W.Va.

According come Esper and also the league, which held the challenge at the 3 Rivers Festival Saturday, Esper put back 36 — 36! — pepperoni rolfes in just 10 minutes.

Esper stated in a post to the world that the rolls no your common Totino’s-sized snacks that you pop right into the microwave.

“The rolfes were around 3.5 oz each,” the said, and also looked more like large subs you will do buy at the delicatessen.

When request what his an approach was for inhaling a record-setting amount of the food items, Esper stated he dipped each roll in fruit punch prior to shoving lock down, for this reason he can get as numerous down together possible.

“We get to dunk them in the fluid of our choice. Therefore it’s choose eating pepperoni-flavored soggy bread because that 10 minutes,” the said. “In the end, ns ate just under 8 pounds of bread not consisting of liquids.”

As because that the taste?

“They to be good,” Esper said.

Geoff Esper said he dipped each roll in fruit punch before shoving lock down, for this reason he can get as countless down as possible.Photo courtesy that Geoff Esper

Competitive eating can be a dangerous sports for those without experience. Two civilization choked to fatality — one in Connecticut and one in Colorado — during contests last month.

Major organization Eating oversees skilled eating competitions worldwide. Every year, castle host around 80 sanctioned contests, including the renowned Nathan’s renowned Fourth that July International hot Dog eat Contest, according to the organization’s website.

The organization commended Esper because that his somewhat-grotesque achievement.

“Those that were over there to angry it will not forget it quickly,” it stated in a explain announcing Esper’s heroic battle with the pepperoni rolls. “It to be a performance for the ages, together Esper presented complete and supreme mastery that the food in question.”

Esper, that considers self a part-time competitive eater — he likes to perform one to two competitions per month — beat the ahead record-holder, Matthew Stonie, by just two pepperoni rolls. Stonie set the league’s document in 2015.

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The permanent teacher stated his next challenge will it is in this year Nathan’s hot dog challenge qualifier in Boston top top June 18. The height male and also female finishers in ~ the qualifier will compete at the ESPN-televised finals at the original Nathan’s well known in Coney Island top top July 4, follow to event details.