I"m looking for a native describing the sound of liquid hitting the floor, nothing choose water— more like milkshake/vomit.

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I understand this sound strange, but I was reasoning of plunge. Only to find that it"s more in usage for people diving into water...



This pertains to my mind:

splat 2 informal noun a sound of something soft and also wet or heavy striking a surface : the goblin provides a vast splat as he access time the ground.

Could apply to a amount of water, ns imagine. Also, it"s a 19th century abbreviation of splatter, i m sorry might additionally work.


"Splosh" was my very first thought. It"s just a sport of "splash," yet I constantly think of splashing in a bathtub. "Slosh" would certainly be the sound you gain shaking fluid in a basin of some sort. Thus, I offer "splosh."

...Now that ns think about it, though, a most the time when something together thick together a milkshake hits the ground it makes an ext of a "slap" than anything else...

May I imply an experiment...?


What around plop? It has a special sound come it. Follow to Wikitionary, it"s even been convert to a noun in the UK, together a slang term for excrement, presumably from the sound of its hitting the water and its having actually just the ideal consistency.


I indicate splop: halfway in between a splosh (which sounds rather wet) and a plop (which sounds quite thick and viscous).

All of the words offered are instances of onomatopoeia - native that define exactly the sound they describe (like "bang" and also "clap").

Some good onomatopoeic native for fluid are:

drip, drop, plop - these would describe solitary droplets of liquid hitting the floor individually, together from a loose faucet/tap.

drum, pit-a-pat, patter - prefer the droplets above but when countless come down at once, choose with rain.

sploosh, splosh, splash - this would describe larger quantities of liquid, like spilling a drink.

Hope this helps. I"m certain there are more, too.

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