Maris is the Latin for sea, what would certainly be some other names that typical sea or ocean(other languages, etc)

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OceaneNeriMoanaDoris (“gift of the ocean”)Pasha (“of the ocean”)Cordelia (“daughter that the sea”)KaiDylan (“son that the sea”)MarillaMarina (“from the sea”)MarenMorganFirthMuriel (“of the bright sea”)Nerissa (“from the sea”)Nerida (“sea nymph”)PelagiaUla (“gem that the sea”)Thalassa

Found these gorgeous surname on “Name that a lake”Lausanne “Lake Geneva”Nimiane “The Lady that the Lake”Nimue “The Lady of the Lake”Nineve “The Lady of the Lake”Nyneve “The Lady of the LakeViviane “Another name for The Lady that the LakeVivien “Another surname for The Lady of the LakeCordelia “Of the sea”Coventina “Water goddess”Genevieve “White wave”Jennifer “White wave”Jenny “White wave”Jennyfer “White wave”Jennyver “White wave”Marella “Shining sea. Different of Muriel.”Marilla “Shining sea. Variant of Muriel.”Meredith “Protector that the sea”Morgan “Dweller the the sea”Morgana “Dweller of the sea”Morgance “Dweller that the sea”Morgane “Dweller the the sea”Muriel “Shining sea”Ula “Sea jewel”Una “White wave”Aerwyna “Friend the the sea”Beverlee “Beaver stream”Beverley “Woman native the beaver meadow. Beaver stream.”Beverly “Woman indigenous the beaver meadow. Beaver stream.”Brook “Water; stream”Brooke “Water; stream”Brooklyn “Water; stream”Brooklynn “Water; stream”Brooklynne “Water; stream”Diona “From the sacred spring”Diondra “From the spiritual spring”Dione “From the sacred spring”Dionna “From the sacred spring”Dionne "From the spiritual springEarwineFriend of the sea”EarwynFriend that the sea”Earwyna “Friend of the sea”Eathelin “Noble waterfall”Eathelyn “Noble waterfall”Ebba “Flowing tide”Edlen “Noble waterfall”EdlinNoble waterfall”EdlynNoble waterfall”Erwina “Friend the the sea”Erwyna “Friend that the sea”Genna "Variant that Jenny.

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“White wave”Genny "Variant of Jenny. “White wave”Irvetta “Friend of the sea”Irvette “Friend the the sea”Lin “Waterfall”Lyn “Waterfall”Lynn “Waterfall”Meriel “Variant that Muriel “shining sea”Orabel “Beautiful seacoast”Orabelle “Beautiful seacoast”Rilletta “Stream”Rillette “Stream”TynaRiverTyneRiverVivian “In Malory‘s Mort d’Arthur Vivien was the Lady the the LakeViviana “In Malory‘s Mort d’Arthur Vivien to be the Lady the the LakeVivianna “the Lady of the LakeVivianne The Lady that the LakeMeri “Sea”Also discovered these persons on;OceanaOceanTideOceaneHope you uncover what you’re searching for


Deniz method sea in TurkishSu means waterNehir method riverLara means water fairyDamla method drop