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Hello, i would like to make a current for my pair sister. Because that that i would choose to no some nice nicknames in various languages native all approximately the world. It need to be something prefer "darling", "sweetheart" or "Schwesterherz", if you understand what i mean. So, exactly how do you (nicely) call your sister in your native language?I know it could be complicated but I would certainly really love to recognize it adhering to languages: iceland (because we both love Iceland), Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Irish, walisian (?), French, Polish, Dutch, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, some Africa language (I"m sorry, I"m not right into African languages), Hindi (Hindu?), Chinese, Korean, Thai (Thailand), Japanese, Tagalog (Filipino), Italian, Greece, ...Of course is every other language welcome too! beloved greetings from Germany

Canada (Canada)

Re: nice nicknames for sister in different languages

In Spanish people just use the surname of the person, or a diminutive/altered form of it. If her name is Patricia friend can contact her Patty... There"s no indistinguishable of Schwesterherz.

Re: nice nicknames for sister in various languages

I agree through the above, but for the purposes of your project, one possibility for mexico Spanish is mana (short because that hermana, "sister") which is one informal means to refer to either a sisters or a close friend. The isn"t the most usual thing to say to your sister, yet it can work for your project.In Finnish the common word for sister is sisko. I"m not sure about other sport of it. I think that sisko chin is technically a diminutive kind of sisar, but sisko is the normal, typical word for sister, so i don"t think that has any kind of special confident or negative connotation.In Estonian the typical word for sister is õde and the sports õekene is a diminutive form, something like "dear sister".Just an additional suggestion if you have actually trouble finding enough translations that the kind of native you room looking for, you could use translations of words "twin" or "twin sister" too. In instance you are interested in that, right here are a couple translations:Spanish: gemela (twin sister, because that an the same twin); melliza (twin sister, because that a fraternal twin)Finnish: kaksoissisko / kaksoissisar (twin sister); kaksonen (twin)Estonian kaksikõde (twin sister); kaksik (twin)
Tengo muchas dudas sobre mí mismo en español, pero me encanto a mí mismo en inglés.

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- Octavio PazAjalik inimene ei jõua oma keelerännikul kunagi pärale. Check out tähendab, et isegi oma emakeelt ei ole võimalik lõpuni mõista. Osa teeharusid jääbki inimesel elu jooksul keeles avastamata. - Valdur Mikita

Re: nice nicknames because that sister in different languages

In Latvian, the diminutive that māsa ("sister") is māsiņa, normally shortened to māsiņ once you attend to someone. So probably you can use māsiņ. In swedish you deserve to say syrra instead of syster ("sister"). (I included question marks due to the fact that I"m not a indigenous speaker, possibly there are better alternatives.)
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