Real name / birth name William James Hung Hing CheongOccupation singer, engineer, crime analystSource of wealth television, music, engineeringCountry of wide range USADate of birth January 13, 1983Age 38Zodiac authorize CapricornBirth ar Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Гонконг
Sources2018$600 thousand$1.5 million$500 thousand

$1.5 million


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How lot is william Hung Worth?

Each of united state tries to do whatever to succeed: we gain up early, don’t sleep at night and study all the moment to become successful and also leave something an excellent on this earth after our departure. However some world manage come succeed, demonstrating … your incompetence. Probably, william Hung doesn’t know the an enig of success. However he knows how to end up being the many successful loser. Right now his network worth is approximated at $600, 000.

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To say that William Hung can’t song is to say nothing. When he auditioned for the third season the “American Idol”, the judges Paula Abdul and also Randy Jackson couldn’t protect against mocking. However William opened up up, that he planned to knife his living as a singer. He performed his version of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs”. After that the judges excluded william from the contest and significant him as untalented.

But Hung’s power was therefore “extraordinary untalented”, that he caught public’s attention and gained sympathy of plenty of people. Don Chin, the realtor, developed a site to support Hung, and also it gained more than 4 million hits during the an initial week online. William came to be the frequent guest at many talk shows, consisting of the most popular ones, such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late present with David Letterman etc.

He was signed by Koch Entertainment and released his debut album “Inspiration”. That is 200, 000 copies were sold everywhere USA.

Nevertheless his second album failed. In 2011 william Hung stop music career.

William Hung Bio and also Career

In 2011 william Hung started another career. Currently he offer at Los Angeles county Sheriff’s Department and also makes money as criminal analyst. Wilhelm is proud the his short star status. He used to call in his interview, the he had proved, even an average person can come to be a celebrity.

Nevertheless some doubters explain Hung’s suddenly success through his race. Probably, he controlled to come to be popular due to the fact that of his typically eastern appearance.

The others think about Hung’s stardom together a type of joke. Probably, he was not a gifted singer, but surely, he to be an extremely talented comedian.

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In any kind of case, william Hung monetized his mean singing talent and also enjoyed his 15 minute of fame.