The Balkan region isn"t great for farming because of the _____.distance from the seadry summersinfertile soilmild wintersmountainous terrain
The Balkan region isn"t an excellent for farming due to the fact that of its : dried summers, infertile soil and mountainous terrain.
The Balkan region isn"t an excellent for farming since of its _____. Distance from the sea dried summers infertile floor mild winter mountainous terrain Imperialism is a plan of prolonging a country"s power and also influence v colonization, use of army force, or various other means. (More)
A nomad is a member that a community of world who live in different locations, moving from one location to another.

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A refugee, is a person who is outside their country of citizenship since they have well-founded grounds for are afraid of persecution due to the fact that of your race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social team or politics opinion, and is can not to attain sanctuary from your home country or, owing to such fear, is unwilling come avail us of the protection of that country.
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