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Okay, don"t contact me a moron just yet.Picked up some refrigerated jello pudding cups at the market yesterday. Treating them like continuous pudding cups when we obtained home, we only stuck a couple in the fridge and also stowed the remainder in the pantry. Then it emerged to me, this morning: wait--did those things need to be kept in the fridge?My question is, space these things an alleged to be refrigerated due to the fact that they"ll otherwise spoil? (A fast glance in ~ the ingredients and nothing jumps the end at me together perishable. "Modified milk ingredients" is listed, but the cups are sealed.) Or, space they claimed to be preserved cold due to the fact that they"ll different at room temperature, or something? sustaining this assumption: v is the truth that Kraft"s website lists the non-refrigerated selection as "shelf stable".So, what do you think? Throw the end the ones we stashed in the pantry? Eat in ~ your very own risk? Everything"s cool?Thanks!
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They should be refrigerated, they have actually a much shorter shelf life 보다 the puddings friend buy in the grocery store aisle. I"m not specifically sure why but probably due to the fact that they have fewer preventive in them. You can buy milk in tetra packs in the grocery aisle that keeps much longer simply due to the fact that of the method they to be packaged and also treated the don"t require refrigeration. However you wouldn"t placed milk native the dairy product Dept. In the pantry in other words.Moron.just kidding

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Thanks for her reply.But, how much of a much shorter shelf life, do you know? carry out I should toss them since they"ve been the end of the fridge for 24 hours?
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Personally, I would certainly throw lock out. Just a few bucks & I"m picky around that stuff. But on the note, I"d say over there is a good chance they are okay.....maybe placed it in the fridge and then open up it and smell it prior to you eat. Good rule of thumb, if you buy that in the refrigerated ar at the store, it"s likely thats how they will have to be save on computer at home (if no consumed immediately).
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