In thing 17 the missionaries come into the town Okonkwo and also his family members are life in. Nwoye is captivated by the missionaries and their religion. ~ being viewed by his father"s cousin Amikwu in the church, worshiping v the Christians, Nowye leaves his father and also his ideas to join the missionaries. What do you think added to his decision? I think that it to be an escape for him native his father"s strictly rules and also harsh punishments. Do you likewise think that it could be a an outcome of being mothered come much?
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I believe that component of Nwoye decision had actually to perform with leaving the strict manner that his father. A component of the publication where Okonkwo is telling a story with killing and harshness, Nwoye is viewed as a human being that walk not prefer those type of stories. The prefers stories such as the persons his mom tells. I believe that the other half of Nwoye"s decision had actually to perform that these new missionaries in reality caight his attention and also he to be interested in knowing much more about it.-Johanna

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I agree with both Johanna, Aurdrey, and Shirleka because I think Nwoye join the missionary because he was a gentler human than his father wanted him to it is in so he could no much longer stand what his father thought and wanted to perform his very own thing and join the missionary. Nwoye was also interested in the missionary since he had actually never checked out it before and it to be something brand-new unlike what that was use to.-Shirtondra Watt

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I agree with Shirtondra due to the fact that I likewise find that one factor he chosen the missionaries is due to the fact that it to be something he had actually never viewed before. Because Nwoye was just a kid he was interested in the numerous things that can be found in the world. I also think the he was affected by the actions that Okonkwo took, like exactly how Okonkwo"s life was affected by the actions that his father take it -Abigail

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I think Nowye"s father"s mindset towards life contributed to his decision. I don"t think his decision had to carry out with his mother.I agree v Johanna, in the publication he prefers stories like the ones his mother tells. He probably wanted come escape his father"s harsh rules and also saw the missionaries/the church as a for sure haven.Sannya Munir

May 29, 2008 at 8:35 PM

Nwoye"s decision to join the Christians to be swayed by his effort to to escape Okonkwo"s aggressive influence.Okonkwo"s vicarious life with Nwoye turned Nwoye into something the he go not desire to be. In an effort to take ago his life, the rebelled versus his father by authorized the church.-Nathaniel

May 29, 2008 at 10:49 PM

I think the reason Nwoye join in through the missionaries is due to the fact that he didn"t like just how his father maintained being too tough. I likewise think it"s due to the fact that his father gained kicked out of Umoufia.-Jay

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I agree that Nwoye join the missionaries in an initiative to escape his father"s strictly discipline, and because he wanted to experience brand-new things. I additionally think the Ikemefuna"s death added greatly to Nwoye"s decisioni to convert. Ns think he to be dissatisfied with the way his civilization had encountered Ikemefuna"s situation, and he believed he might have the ability to find answer to many of the questions troubling him v Christianity.-Abby F.