There room two varieties of pool skimmers. One is the network you connect to a telescopic pole provided to get leaves and also debris the end of your pool. The other is attached to the next of your pool and also acts as the entryway to her pump and also filter.

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In this article, we’re talking around the latter. How they work, exactly how to store them clean and running properly, and how come troubleshoot them as soon as things go wrong. Let’s dive in!

What are Pool Skimmers?

Pool skimmers space like small buckets constructed into the next of the pool. They hold skimmer baskets, which carry out a similar role to the handheld leaf skimmer, keeping leaves and debris native entering her pump and filter.

These space usually rectangular-shaped and also are placed approximately the pool, toward the tops of the walls. The water level generally covers around the bottom fifty percent of the skimmers.


The skimmer additionally helps save your pump and filter in tip-top shape by ensuring the water the passes with them is clear of points that can cause major problems for that expensive equipment.

Pool Skimmers save The Water surface ar Clean

The an ext people who swim, the much more sunscreen, makeup, shampoo, soap, and other non-living contaminants space left in the water. To help your filter out, you have the right to increase your skimmer basket’s effectiveness by extending it with pantyhose. The finely knit cloth will record some that the smaller debris the would normally tax her filter.

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Think placing pantyhose on her skimmer is kinda weird? We get it. Luckily for you, there’s miscellaneous made precisely for the purpose: swimming pool skimmer filter socks. They’ll execute the same thing, but look much more pool-like so girlfriend won’t need to answer any awkward questions from your friends.