Whether you own a huge African Grey, Macaw, or a tiny parakeet, every pet parrots have to consume food and also water ~ above a daily basis come ensure suitable health and also development.

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When her bird stops eating or drinking, their health will gradually decrease while their bodies come to be weaker and weaker.

But what determinants are well-known to reason this behavior? and how can concerned owners favor you encourage parrots come eat again?

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Common causes & Why girlfriend Shouldn"t disregard This Behavior

When a parrot unexpectedly stops eating their food, it"s normally a authorize of a much more serious basic problem...

Parrots are creatures that habit and also some space extra picky by nature and also will just eat a certain type of food. For this reason seeing her parrot no eating is not always a cause for concern.

However, when they prevent eating every one of their food, you must conveniently act to determine the problem.

Turning a remote eye to her parrot"s malnutrition will result in the deterioration of his or her health.

Whether your parrot is a baby, brand-new to your family, or a longterm residents of her flock—and even if it is they space small, medium or large—you have to ensure they are eating food on a day-to-day basis.

Stress indigenous a brand-new Environment

One of the most typical reasons why pets parrots don"t eat is because they"re experiencing from the stress and anxiety of being in a brand-new environment.

If friend recently carried them residence from the rescue center, pets store, or breeder, over there is a good chance this is the root cause of their behavior.

You need to remember that moving right into a brand-new home is a big change because that a parrot; they"ll have brand-new sights, sounds and smells—some the which can seem fairly threatening in ~ first.

The an excellent news is that many parrots will naturally ease right into their new home and also start eating and drinking generally within a couple of days.

Owners should pay close attention to your parrots during the an initial 24-48 hours, observing how much—if any—food they room eating.

If your parrot hasn"t started eating or drinking effectively by the third day, you"ll desire to take it them to an avian veterinarian come ensure there"s not a much more serious underlying trouble at hand.

Only then will certainly you be able to professionally diagnose your bird"s condition.

Depending on what various other symptoms your parrot is experiencing, an avian veterinarian may want to perform a fecal and/or blood test to ascendancy out typical parasites and infections.

It"s not uncommon for parrots to record an epidemic that reasons them to temporarily avoid eating.

Thankfully, a round of antibiotics will wipe out few of the most common forms of infections. Hear to your veterinarian and follow your advice action by step.

New form of Food that Doesn"t Agree with Them

Of course, an additional common reason why some parrots stop eating is that they are presented to a new form of food.

It is feasible that finicky birds will certainly do more playing with their brand-new food than consuming it like you had planned...

If a parrot has been eat the same food for several months or longer, they"ll most likely be hesitant when you try to switch your imbalanced diet to a new type of food.

This is why many avian veterinarians recommend owners to proceed feeding their parrots a comparable diet throughout your life.

Any major modifications to their diet need to be made gradually over a duration of work or main by slowly introducing the brand-new grub right into their routine.

Observe her Bird"s next site Closely

First and also foremost, carefully look over your parrot"s cage to see what they are doing with the food. Because that instance, her parrot can be eating the insides of their seed mix and also spitting the end the shells.

If this is the case, your bird is perfectly fine and also should reason no factor for concern. Various other picky parrots will play with and selectively choose certain pieces of food indigenous a particle or pellet mix.

Until you room able come take her parrot to the veterinarian, you can shot feeding them some soft foods items through a plastic syringe. Here"s a write-up explaining around your parrot"s diet- transitioning, pellets and foods to avoid.

Stick come The Favorites


If her parrot has actually a favorite fruit or vegetable, which most do, mash it up and place it inside a syringe. Gently push the syringe in her bird"s mouth to view if they room willing to swallow any kind of of it.

Even if lock swallow simply a solitary mouthful, it"s still a beneficial boost of energy and nutrition that will certainly likely help them recoup from their illness.

Likewise, every sip of water will rise their hydration levels.

How To manage Baby Birds" Needs

For baby birds you space handfeeding, make certain the formula is at the ideal temperature and also properly blended each time. Inconsistencies in the mixture can cause them come refuse it.

Also, keep track the a young bird"s age due to the fact that they can be all set to relocate on to solid food i m sorry they will certainly eat on their own rather of being handfed.

Making The Switch

Switching your parrot indigenous a seed-based diet come a pellet-based diet is yet another factor the may cause them to prevent eating.

Seeds room natural and easy to come by in the wild, if pellets space formulated through nutrients and protein prior to being shaped right into convenient, easy-to-eat balls.

Once you place a bowl of pellets in prior of a parrot who"s supplied to eating seeds (even if castle a premium brand), the parrot might not eat it at first.

The bottom line is that owner should proceed feeding their parrots the same type of food throughout your life uneven otherwise advised by one avian veterinarian.

Can Parrots Overeat?

Overeating is a serious difficulty that have the right to lead to excessive weight in any type of animal. The quick answer to this concern is yet, parrots -- prefer every other pet on planet -- can overeat.

Some owners may brush this behavior off as nothing more their feathered friend being exceptionally hungry, yet in truth it"s a serious problem that have the right to have some detrimental impacts on a parrot"s health and overall well-being.

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Why Parrots Overeat

Parrots may overeat because that a variety of different reasons, one of which is boredom. When a pet bird is boring and/or no receiving stimulation in its existing environment, it may eat because that the sole objective of pour it until it is full this void.