Review the signs of respiratory epidemic in hamsters, and also learn what therapy your vet can prescribe.

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Hamster breath Problems

Probably the most common illness in hamsters as well as wet tail is a respiratory tract infection. It's frequently seen in hamsters that come from pets stores, since the stressful atmosphere can undermine their immune system and make them much more susceptible come infections.

When to check out a Vet

If you notification that your hamster has breathing problems (they're breathing rapid or breathing heavy), and also their condition doesn't improve, check out a veterinarian the is knowledgeable about tiny animals so that you can either ascendancy out or diagnose the illness. Friend don't want to sit and also wait hoping that it will just goes away. A straightforward infection can potentially result in pneumonia, which have the right to be deadly if not treated.


Respiratory illnesses are relatively common in hamsters.

Causes of respiratory Illnesses

Respiratory illnesses are an extremely contagious and also can spread conveniently from hamster come hamster. If her hamster came from a pet store that had actually other noble hamsters—whether they verified symptoms if you to be there or not—more 보다 likely, her hamster will additionally be sick.

Hamsters can also catch some diseases from humans. If you're sick, you deserve to actually gain your hamster sick, so if you have a cold or various other respiratory condition, continue to be away from close call with her hamster.

Other common causes include:

The hamster being situated in a cold or drafty roomIf he it s okay wet and also isn't able come dry himself properlyIf over there is a leaking water bowl in the cage

Signs of respiratory tract Infection

The an easy signs room those that are respiratory related: sneezing, wheezing, and labored breathing. You may also see discharge indigenous the eyes and/or nose, ns of appetite, and also lethargy. Her hamster may additionally collapse in fatigue after just light or gentle exercise.

A sneeze here and there generally won't it is in that big of a deal, but when it's is accompanied by the other signs, you'll certainly want to seek veterinarian assistance.

A respiratory tract infection have the right to lead come pneumonia, i beg your pardon is why it is necessary that it is diagnosed and also treated as soon as friend think miscellaneous is wrong v your hamster.

Signs that a serious Problem

If you notice that her hamster is in a stretched-out position or gasping because that air, these are indications of a much more severe case of a respiratory infection, and you should see a veterinarian soon.

Treatment from the Vet

A veterinarian should diagnose the illness. In most cases, the vet will certainly prescribe an dental antibiotic. This will help treat the infection so that your hamster will certainly make an easier and also quicker recovery.

It is really important that you different the sick hamster from any kind of other hamsters, together the illness is an extremely contagious to other hamsters.

Natural Remedies

If you're in search of a organic treatment, consider HomeoPet sleep Relief. I've likewise used HomeoPet sleep Relief to ease congestion and also runny nose regularly caused by respiratory tract infections.

Taking care of your Pet ~ the Vet Visit

You may want to think about removing the exercise wheel and reducing the amount of exercise and also play that your hamster gets. Also, remove any kind of dusty bedding. You may want to use a document towel bedding till the hamster has overcome the illness.

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This write-up is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not supposed to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice native a veterinary clinical professional. Pets exhibiting signs and symptoms the distress have to be seen by a veterinarian immediately.