Naruto: 20 crazy Secrets around Sakura's Anatomy Sakura has plenty of top up her sleeve in the Naruto series. This 20 secrets around her anatomy enable her to excel in both medicine and combat.

Sakura Haruno is a divisive character in ~ the Naruto fandom and the broader anime community. ~ above the one hand, she’s a prominent and sympathetic woman protagonist in a genre nearly wholly overcame by male characters. ~ above the other hand, she’s sidelined pretty easily so the story deserve to focus an ext on its various other protagonists and she’s identified by her attraction come Sasuke for the bulk of the story. However, numerous fans that the series still love she for her heart-wrenching story arc, and all of her incredible and also bizarre abilities.

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Like a many of personalities in Naruto, Sakura is capable of inhuman feats and can perform both extremely destructive and also lifesaving action with family member ease. While her superhuman anatomy grants she several exceptional abilities at the begin of the series, these an abilities are more honed as the story goes on and she completes extensive medical training. By the end of Naruto and in she appearances in the sequel series, Boruto: Naruto following Generations, Sakura is able to perform techniques that space unknown to the vast majority of the various other characters.

Sakura’s anatomy is nice incredible and multifaceted also by Naruto standards, and she has actually plenty of tip up she sleeve once it comes to combat, medical work, or getting through her daily life. It’s tough to say how much much more of them we will see currently that the series is now focusing on the exploits that the next generation the ninjas, yet what fans did witness to be nothing quick of incredible. This 20 physics abilities and also traits assist Sakura stand the end in a civilization filled through a huge range of bizarre characters.

Here are 20 crazy Secrets about Sakura"s Anatomy.

While the a pretty generally known that ninjas in Naruto use chakra – a spirituality energy present in real-world martial arts and also mythologies – to perform superhuman acts and mystical attacks, couple of people in the Naruto universe are actually able to use these abilities.

Everyone in the human being of Naruto own a chakra network in their body and also it acts similarly to a concerned system, but few characters have actually one progressed enough to discover these incredible techniques. Sakura is one of the few people in the people who has a large enough chakra reserve and a developed enough chakra network to use the energy to enhance her physical strength, command the elements, and heal others and herself through ninjutsu.

proceeding the oddly common trend the heroes having an extremely high metabolic tolerance to intoxicants, Sakura is nearly totally immune to poisons and also alcohol. According to trivia notes from Boruto: Naruto next Generations, medicine have tiny effect ~ above the pink-haired kunoichi.

Similar to Marvel Comics’ Captain America and also Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, inebriating building material are very ineffective against her. This component of she anatomy is extremely valuable as countless assailants in Naruto dip their weapons in venom, or use poison smog come surprise and damage unsuspecting enemies in battle. Sure, it could make the a little harder to have actually a fun night out, but the immune to lethal building materials is completely worth it.

plenty of longtime fans of Naruto were shocked through the personality designs of Sakura’s parents when they finally appeared in the movie Road come Ninja: Naruto The Movie. Your designs aren’t specifically appealing or interesting, and they watch absolutely nothing like their daughter.

Neither of them have pink hair, turquoise fancy eyes, or she eye shape. Sure, it’s totally possible that as Sakura it s okay older she’ll start to look more like one or both of her parents, but that’s not likely as she’s right now in her beforehand to mid-thirties and still has actually her own unique look. Who knows, though, maybe looks skip a generation and also Sakura’s daughter Sandara will look an ext like she maternal grandparents together time go on.

17 She’s more Comfortable In A infant Heel

In the official animation notes for Naruto Shippuden, Studio Pierrot – the computer animation studio behind the totality of the collection – the animators define how Sakura is usually portrayed a centimeter taller than her actual, because of the heels she wears.

This means that throughout the whole second fifty percent of the Naruto anime, Sakura is beating increase ridiculously powerful enemies and performing superhuman plot while wearing infant heels. Granted, this little bit of information is a little trivial and might just be the animation team pandering to pan curious around Sakura’s design, yet it’s additionally a many fun to imagine Sakura kicking however while dressed she best and wearing the footwear she’s most comfortable in.

transparent Naruto, other personalities describe Sakura as having actually a level of physical strength that few others in this human being possess. That’s due to the fact that she own the fairly uncommon capability to directly enhance her physical attacks by improving her muscles with her chakra.

While most ninjas in Naruto have to transform their body create blasts of power to ruin something, Sakura deserve to do it with simply her fists. This capacity was immensely valuable in her fight versus Sasori at the start of Naruto Shippuden, together the puppet master was caught completely off guard by the young woman’s monstrous strength. She unique and also hidden capacity to rapidly rise her physics prowess is a cornerstone of her fighting style and also a intuitive treat once she participates in a battle.

15 she Tattoo Magnifies she Powers

The diamond shaped tattoo that shows up on Sakura’s forehead at the end of Naruto and also all throughout Boruto: Naruto next Generations is both a homage to her teacher, Tsunade, and also a hidden way to drastically enhance her abilities. This tattoo is actually a seal that consists of an immense amount of chakra, together she donated a tiny amount that the energy to the seal every day until she choose to release it every at once.

This enables her to cure her own wounds instantaneously, quickly treat various other people’s injuries, and also further enhance her strength and also ninjutsu. This capacity temporarily elevates Sakura to among the strongest characters in the series, and also this mystery feature of her anatomy can conveniently turn details defeat into likely victory.

Ninjas in Naruto are able come manipulate their chakra into different facets through rigorous training. When anyone deserve to use a technique that corresponds to any of the five straightforward elements, not everyone deserve to utilize an element to its fullest potential. Most personalities can only fully utilize a solitary element, however Sakura is qualified of using both earth and also water based techniques to your fullest potential.

It’s quite uncommon for a single character to have an affinity because that multiple elements in Naruto, and Sakura’s mastery of two elements is a wonderful boon to she combat abilities. Also if she can’t combine the facets like a couple of other characters in the franchise, this covert facet of she anatomy is tho pretty advantageous in battle.

13 she Forehead is Legendary

Sakura has actually an unusually huge forehead for a character drawn in Naruto’s fairly distinctive art style. Once she to be a kind she to be pretty self-conscious the this feature of her’s till her girlfriend Ino assisted her conquer this insecurity.

Although, when the two came to be rivals, Ino would certainly tease Sakura around her larger forehead and call she things prefer billboard brow. Even if her big forehead is discussed less and also less together the collection goes on, she quiet one of, if not the biggest, forehead in the entire series. This low-key hold of this standing is nice fun and a quite reminder of the series’ goofier origins as the story it s okay progressively an ext serious and grandiose.

towards the start of Naruto Shippuden, Sakura and also the elderly ninja Chiyo battle versus the angry puppet understand Sasori. Sakura is initially taken aback by the evil ninja’s horrific and also deadly puppets until Chiyo – a puppet grasp herself – attaches chakra threads to Sakura and also uses her together a human being puppet to combat their adversary.

Sakura is a an excellent puppet because of her significant strength, tremendous durability, and chakra sensitivity that enables her to react instantly to any kind of command. When she does at some point stand alone against the puppet master, her mix attacks with Chiyo are incredibly powerful. This early fight in Naruto Shippuden does a great job setup up the growing power range of the series and showcases among Sakura’s many hidden talents.

11 She can Turn she Hands right into Scalpels

No, Sakura cannot literally rotate her hands into surgical instruments, however she can make them fill a similar role as clinical scalpels. Sakura can essentially emit she chakra from her hands and also fingers while refining her energy into one impossibly sharp blade.

This chakra scalpel is both an exact enough run on who in the middle of a battlefield without various other tools and versatile sufficient to usage as a weapon during a confrontation through an opponent ninja. On peak of being outstanding practical, this ninjutsu is bald deadly and can easily capture a adversary by surprise. It could turn a narrowly avoided karate chop right into a massive blow and also Sakura’s possession that this capability makes her all the an ext dangerous.

despite this becomes less of a focus as the collection goes on, Sakura is a certifiable genius. She i graduated from the ninja academy with the highest possible test scores in her class by a large margin, and also she mastered medical ninjutsu in only a few short years. Moreover, she passed created exam in the Chunin Exams without having to resort to cheating.

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This is particularly noteworthy, together the check was in reality designed to pressure participants come cheat as the inquiries were almost impossible because that the typical young ninja come answer. She’s far and also away among the smartest personalities on the show, and while publication smarts aren’t whatever in Naruto, lock certainly help Sakura acquire ahead she competition and protect her friends.

9 she Endurance no the Best

Everyone has a weakness, and for Sakura, that’s she rather restricted stamina. Together the series goes on, many of below official stats improve by leaps and also bounds, however her stamina remains among her weakest attributes. This weak is partly alleviated by the chakra seal tattoo on her forehead, yet without it, she can’t fight for an extremely long there is no running the end of energy.

Sakura’s less sturdy constitution calls for her to finish off her fights quickly, which describes why many of her attacks are quick and an effective blows. Her limited amount that chakra is certainly a shortcoming the her’s, yet it did bring about one the the most unique and visually appeal fighting formats in every one of the Naruto series.

rather surprising considering her substantial medical and also health-related background, Sakura really likes super sweet, syrupy food. Her favourite foods incorporate syrup coated red p dumplings, umeboshi – a type of sweet pickled plum, and also anmitsu – a fruit, jelly dessert.

While every of these foods items are delicious in moderation, it’s tough to imagine someone eating this sort of sugary food very often without obtaining sick of it. People say that selection is the spice the life, return Sakura walk not care for spicy food whatsoever. If her natural preference for sweet food might seem a little trivial, it’s type of exciting that this battle-hardened, boy soldier tho prefers desserts to any type of other type of food.

7 She can Have a split Personality

end the food of Naruto, and also especially in the previously parts that the series, the present will cut to ‘inner Sakura’ whenever Sakura expresses an opinion the doesn’t entirely line up v her actual beliefs. Sakura lies a lot at the start of the collection about just how she’s feeling and what she think of something, so that she deserve to make a an excellent impression ~ above others and keep up her much more polite appearance.

However, her inner Sakura persona is for this reason well arisen that it as able to beat increase Ino as soon as the young woman possessed Sakura’s body during the Chunin Exams. While inner Sakura most likely won’t show up again in the anime at any time soon, the juxtaposition in between what she expresses and her actual views is always a fun treat.

as a hobby, Sakura enjoys playing trivia games and also memorizing medical details that’s advantageous to her position as a medical ninja – which is functionally the indistinguishable of an military medic in actual army organizations. These an ext unusual hobbies further develop Sakura’s natural capacity to learn and also retain information as well as patterns.

It additionally shows exactly how hardworking she is, as even in her complimentary time she is studying perhaps life-saving material that might make a human being of difference in one emergency situation. V these hobbies, Sakura is making the many of her organic talent for memorization and enhancing her basic knowledge and further prepare to treat any kind of harm that can befall her teammates.


towards the beginning of Naruto Shippuden, the puppet ninja Kankuro is poisoned through the evil puppet grasp Sasori. His passing is all yet assured, till Sakura provides an incision on his abdomen and then sucks a big amount the the poison the end of his body with the cut and also into she hand by manipulating she chakra.

Not only does this enable her to analyze the poison an ext easily, it likewise drastically rises a patient’s opportunity of survive by slowly the effects of the poison. This capability of Sakura’s is incredibly advantageous for her clinical practice, and a good way because that the anime to show how lot she’s grown during the time skip between Naruto and also Naruto Shippuden.

By release the chakra seal on she forehead, Sakura is able to more magnify her body’s herbal abilities in a similar way to exactly how she offers her chakra come temporarily an increase her physical strength. While utilizing this ability, Sakura is maybe to use chakra come manipulate every cabinet in her body and force them to division at a rapidly boosted speed. This permits her to cure from otherwise fatal wounds instantaneously and also continue to fight or assist her teammates.

However, similar to her teacher Tsunade, this technique shortens the life of her cells and will cause her to age rapidly if overused. This ability is almost certainly one of Sakura"s most an effective techniques, however the tradeoff for using it is also more severe than almost any jutsu in Naruto.


end the course of the Naruto series, Sakura improves in almost every facet used to measure up a ninja’s abilities. However, her capacity to form hand indications quickly and also accurately – i beg your pardon is important to perform a ninja method – remains at a ranking of four in every evaluation.

Considering nimble and precise hand activities are important to perform surgeries and other actions in the medical field, that odd that her ability in this ar doesn’t rise as time go on. However, considering her four out of 5 score is already greater than many other personalities in the series, the seems like she may have actually just reached her optimal proficiency in this ar at a young age.

Many characters in Naruto can summon a selection of different and bizarre pets to help them in battle or their everyday lives. After training through Tsunade, Sakura deserve to summon a massive slug to fight by her side or aid her through healing she allies.

The gigantic slug’s name is Katsuyu and also she is able to division herself into plenty of smaller versions of herself to form a hive mind of thousands of slugs. This slugs have the right to then connect themselves to wounded ninjas and Sakura deserve to send her healing energy through them to the hurt fighters. It could be a slimy and also gross way to recoup from injuries, yet Sakura offers this method towards the end of Naruto come save plenty of lives during the fourth Shinobi War.

1 she in good Shape even in boruto

Sakura and also Sasuke married – or at least began a permanent relationship – when the 2 of them were in their beforehand twenties. Your daughter is at this time twelve years old in Boruto, an interpretation that Sakura is at the very least in her early on to mid-thirties. However, she no look favor she’s lot older than her mid-twenties.

After enduring many injuries, having a child, and coping with the emotional tension of living with multiple near-passing situations; it’s significant that she doesn’t look the least bit haggard or worn down. The seems choose her significant genes permit her to take all of these occasions in stride and also retain she youthful appearance when entering this phase of her life.


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