LUCIFER has plenty of different facets to his life, and indeed his supernatural presence. This have the right to span almost everywhere from reading someone"s mind, gimpppa.orgme sprouting his wings and also flying. However, fans have actually now end up being interested in specifically how the devil"s wings work, and also specifically where they go after he is doing making use of them.

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Lucifer season 5: The Devil"s wings have actually now supposedly been explained (Image: NETFLIX)


Lucifer season 5: The wing supposedly walk off into one more dimension when they"re no being provided (Image: NETFLIX)

Reddit user QueerWorf recently posted a question about this detail, saying: “How perform the angels make their wings appear through clothes without tearing the clothing?”

Thankfully, the Lucifer fans were quick to respond, as they came earlier with a number of explanations behind this strange phenomenon.

One viewer replied: “Angels are inter-dimensional beings. They fold their wings ago into another dimension.”

They ongoing by adding: “Basically; they room actually there, you simply can"t check out them, since they"re no HERE.”


Lucifer season 5: has actually Chloe ever before noticed his wing disappear instantly? (Image: NETFLIX)

Lucifer engimpppa.orgunters new challenge as night returns in season four

Another viewer also chimed in to add that the wing probably function with the help of “magic”.

They said: “Magic probably, I average it"s no a an excellent explanation however Lucifer can also basically review minds and Amenadiel can freeze time, so this is more than likely the best answer we have.” (sic)

As Lucifer and also his gimpppa.orgmpanion Chloe Decker (Lauren German) have actually witnessed a great deal the magic in your time working together, magic gimpppa.orguld absolutely be the price behind Lucifer’s wings.

Meanwhile, pan of the present have freshly been teased with the final episode that the series.

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Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson freshly posted part information around the show’s finale.

He created on Twitter: “Today we started breaking the last episode of #Lucifer.

“Still plenty of work to do… but holy s**t, we are going to end this display in style.”

Fans that the display were soon excited about the prospects of the final season, and began replying with their thoughts on the show finishing.



One wrote: “It"s going to it is in awesome, I"m certain of it! i can"t wait to see it all! friend all room the very BESTEST that the BEST!”

Another added: “I"m crying to know it"ll be the last episode provides my heart ache. #Luciferseason5 #Lucifer.”

One sad pan wrote: “Just let it it is in happy please,” with a variety of sad emojis in ~ the helm."

Lucifer is available to stream on Netflix UK now.

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