Why walk Atticus urge that Jem check out to Mrs. Dubose? What walk Atticus desire the kids to learn from the experience?
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Atticus might have had actually a few lessons in mind once he asked Jem to review with Mrs. Dubose. Firstly, it"s crucial to keep in mind that Jem was asked to check out to Mrs. Dubose as soon as he visited apologize to she for intentionally damaging her beloved flowers (camellias). He was upset with...

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Atticus may have had actually a few lessons in mind when he request Jem to read with Mrs. Dubose. Firstly, it"s essential to note that Jem was asked to read to Mrs. Dubose once he saw apologize to her for intentionally damaging her beloved flower (camellias). He was upset through her for insulting Atticus a bit previously in the story. Mrs. Dubose had actually shouted to Jem and Scout, "Your father"s no better than the niggers and also trash he functions for!" (ch. 11).

Jem enabled his rage to thrive (instead of taking care of his frustration in a healthy manner.) the utterly destroyed Mrs. Dubose"s treasured flowers, together Lee states:

"He go not start to patience down until he had cut the tops of every camellia bush Mrs. Dubose owned, until the ground to be littered with eco-friendly buds and leaves" (ch. 11).

Jem later went to apologize come Mrs. Dubose, after ~ Atticus "strongly advise" him to go and also talk with her. That apologized and also cleaned increase his mess. He explained to Atticus, "I cleaned the up because that her and also said i was sorry, however I ain"t, and also that I"d work-related on "em ever Saturday and shot to do "em grow back out" (ch. 11).

She asked the to review to her, together well, once he to be talking with her. This time, rather than strong encouraging Jem, Atticus told that he would review with her:

""Atticus, carry out I have actually to?" "Certainly." "But she wants me to execute it for a month." "Then you"ll carry out it because that a month"" (ch. 11).

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I think that Atticus want Jem to gain to understand Mrs. Dubose an ext and to understand some the the battles that she endured. Possibly he want Jem come see an ext of she life so that he can understand why she could be for this reason angry. Despite Jem didn"t feel sorry as soon as he an initial apologized, ns think the Atticus knew the Jem would grow to feeling sorry as soon as he understood much more about her. Atticus wanted Jem to check out what a strong and brave mrs Mrs. Dubose really was. Together Atticus defined to Jem in ~ the end of the chapter,

"I want you to check out something around her -- I want you to watch what genuine courage is, rather of getting the idea that courage is a man with a total in his hand. . . . She to be the bravest human being I ever knew" (ch. 11).