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My hamster stinks , Why and what to carry out ?

It might be normal if her hamster stinks however these rodents only provide off a tiny odor when they room sick , noting their region or throughout the rutting period for females. Otherwise, the is regularly the hamster’s cage the stinks because of negative cage clean or inadequate maintenance and also this climate affects her pet, that by the method , likes cleanliness.

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When have the right to a hamster stink?

Hamsters themselves just stink in rarely situations since they room usually clean animals and never overlook their hygiene.So right here is what could justify a possible bad smell coming from her hamster:

1 – mrs Hamsters in heat may end up being stinky :

Your hamster is a female and also she is in rut, she releases sex-related pheromones into the air, every 4 days or so, to entice the most likely male hamsters that would be around.The female hamster will have actually her duration every 5th day until she mates and gets pregnant. If her hamster is a female, this may be the reason for her strong odor.

2- A male hamster the marks his territory might smell yes, really bad:

Male hamsters perform not give off poor odors except for around twice a year, they have actually two bigger scent glands 보다 females to mark their territory.Male hamsters rub these glands on every little thing in their enclosure, but we have actually noticed that double a year, they do a type of advanced marking the territory, lock secrete much more hormones and also the marking of territory is accentuated during these 2 periods.If her hamster stinks, it might be due to the fact that it is his period of intense marking of territory.

3 – The noble hamster might stink also :

If her hamster stinks it’s since he may be sick, his fur is most likely soaked through his stinking urine if he has a bladder trouble (infection that renders the urine odor bad) or his watery stools if he has diarrhea or even more serious wet tail.
If your hamster has a wet bottom, or you an alert almost fluid stools in his pen or bits that fecal issue attached to his fur in his anal area, know that the is regular that he stinks, he is sick and he need to see a veterinary quickly.

4-your hamster’s diet might be the reason if he no small great :

Hamsters deserve to fart, yes, release farts in the air and believe me, it will not smell like roses LOL.To stop your hamster indigenous smelling bad because of farts, provide him v a well well balanced diet , protect against dairy products, prefer cheese and also yogurt.Certain fruits that have a high lactose content choose apples, and also details cruciferous vegetables choose Broccoli, brussel sprouts, Cauliflower and Cabbage.

Remember that the essential food for hamsters is fresh seeds and also herbs, so prevent carbohydrates and also acidic foods.

5- Testosterone could be the reason of bad male hamsters smell:

If you have actually two hamsters in the exact same pen, whatever is fine till they become adult and sexually mature.Then the testosterone battle will start between your two hamsters and also they will more than likely secrete more odors and also start a territory marking war and each hamster will try to put its odor on the aspects of the cage already marked by the other hamster and also they will certainly both end up stinkingYou need to only placed one hamster every enclosure.

6- your hamster might neglects its restroom ! :

It can occur that her hamster walk not execute his organize sessions or does not take his sand baths anymore.
This can make the dirty and also he will certainly surely be a small bit smelly since his hair will become saturated with the human body oils that the hamster secretes and also it will remain stained with urine…There space two reasons why your hamster may disregard its cleanliness, one is anxiety or illness and the other, the most typical one is injury.If her hamster is no sick, but its fur is dirty, bad maintained and also it stinks, recognize that the is probably injured because of a fall and also it can probably not clean itself and especially take the sand baths, i m sorry are very important because that its day-to-day toilet.

So check if her hamster has a fracture or partial paralysis.Older hamsters are additionally known come urinate and also sleep almost everywhere the cage, and also if they have Alzheimer’s, the is really likely that they will sleep on your urine and also they will more than likely smell bad.

7- Long-haired hamsters need assist to remain clean:

If you have a long-haired Syrian hamster, girlfriend should understand that the needs assist during his day-to-day cleaning sessions. He has actually long hair, he have the right to lick his fur but sometimes he gets bored prior to he is completely clean.During his sandbath, he just tries to litter sand on his back but he can’t carry out it an extremely well, so you have to help him by placing sand top top his back and brushing him.

First conclusion:

Female hamsters only smell bad when they are in heat and also male hamsters only when they room sick.So that is rare the it is her hamster the stinks, look fairly at the next of the maintenance of the cage, if her hamster go on its very own urine, it will be soaked and will odor the urine!

What come do once my hamster smells negative ?

If you are sure that it is the hamster i beg your pardon smells bad and also it is no the cage or the enclosure :Check if he has actually a wet tail or diarrheaCheck if he has a fracture or anything rather that avoids him from acquisition his sand baths.
If her hamster only has actually urine ~ above its coat, do a spot cleaning and wet a cloth with heat water, wring the end the fabric so that only the moisture remains and also gently clean her hamster’s coat.

What never ever to do as soon as your hamster stinks ?

You should never blame your hamster and also yell at it!Never wet your hamster or give it a shower , I median with water !!.You need to never put deodorant in the room and especially in the enclosure or worse still put perfume to your hamster, you must never do this, they have a sensitive feeling of smell and also you will certainly stress and also cause may be the wet tail that have the right to kill that in less than 3 days!You must never all of sudden air the room where your hamster is to gain out the smell, this will make your hamster sick, probably a cold.If you have to air the room, carry out it in the middle of the day and also especially after girlfriend cover the hamster’s cage to stop exposing it to drafts.

Never use Cleaners and also Odor Neutralizers because that Cages, once cleaning the enclosure, use warmth water, just a tiny soap and disinfect through a mixture that equal components water and white vinegar.So let’s view how poor maintenance of the cage or enclosure can influence the hamster.It is not the hamster the stinks but its enclosure:Generally, it is no the hamster itself the smells bad, that is its cage since of a bad or inadequate maintenance or also a bad bedding.

Why does mine hamster’s enclosure stink?

Here room some reasons why her hamster’s cage stinks:
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1-Poor cage maintenance:

You don’t clean the cage frequently enough, you must spot clean every day to change the bedding in the places used as toilets by her hamster (the pee spots).You must likewise every 20 or 30 days, do a finish cleaning that the enclosure of her hamster and readjust between 50% and 70% of the bedding of your hamster (The top and bottom layer and also keep just the middle).

2- your hamster urinates everywhere in the cage:

There are some hamsters that execute not choose one or two locations as toilets, yet they urinate everywhere, even in their wheel and especially in the sandbath and the trouble is the they take a sand bath afterwards!In this case, you should shot to potty-train her hamster, by purchase one or two tiny plastic sandboxes, download one in his sandbox and the various other in a edge of the cage the he has currently used several times come urinate.Put in this plastic hamster potty’s some sand (kids playsand) blended with few of his bedding currently soaked v his urine to encourage him to usage these “urinals”.

Once her hamster is used to utilizing these “litter boxes”, it will be cleaner, the cage will certainly be cleaner and also the negative smells will disappear.You have the right to stay awake, and each time he uses the litter box, friend reward him with a tiny piece of candy. Hamsters room creatures the habit and also your hamster will easily learn come urinate just in the litter box.Old hamsters are additionally known come pee anywhere in the cage, they carry out not take the moment to walk to your toilet corners, that is because of this necessary to adapt the clean of the enclosure come this bad habit by removing at least every mainly the peak layer of its bedding and also renew that by a clean bedding.
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Also remember to change the sand in the sandbox.

3- her hamster is hiding new food:

The cage can smell bad when the hamster hides the rest of its fresh food, the will conveniently go moldy especially if girlfriend don’t find it during the spot cleaning and also if the is also hot in the room.

This food, a piece of vegetables or fruit or also worse, a item of meat or cheese, that will because of this mold and also bacteria will certainly grow and also release an smell that will certainly stink in the entirety room.

4- The cage smells poor because of bad bedding:

If girlfriend use lumber shavings or any kind of other bedding the is no paper-based, be mindful that her hamster’s enclosure will smell of urine due to the fact that these cheap beddings normally do no absorb her hamster’s urine and do not retain bad odors.Do no make the failure of making use of a fragrant bedding, because it will tension your hamster which has actually a very sensitive nose.To avoid the cage native smelling like urine, girlfriend need a an excellent thick great of bedding.Hamsters require at least 12 inch of bedding, they love come tunnel, yet this layer will avoid your hamster’s urine from getting to the floor of the cage and also drying out and also stinking permanently.


If it is no a bin cage, or one aquarium, and also if the cage of her hamster is made of a wood various other than the Melamine, this lumber is perhaps taking in the urine of her hamster and even if you clean the cage well, the odor of urine remains persistent.
I introduce a large cage or a huge enclosure of at least 1000 square inches, the Ikea Detolf are great solution to residence your hamster, you just need to remove the shelves and also lay it on a piece of furniture.To get rid of odors from her hamster’s cage, do daily spot cleanings and a complete cleaning every month, clean and disinfect all the elements and the wall surfaces of the cage with a mixture that water and also vinegar.Let it dried well or usage a hair dryer in winter yet do not placed your hamster earlier in if the enclosure is heated throughout drying, let it come ago to room temperature before putting your hamster ago in.This way, friend will constantly keep your hamster and its cage clean and the will constantly smell choose fresh, clean bedding.

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Final thoughts:

First that all, recognize that if your hamster stinks, it’s more than likely not his fault! and also if friend can’t stand the smell of pets, don’t expropriate it!After that, it could be that your hamster smells a bit strong for one of the reasons stated in this article, yet know that it is a momentary situation, you just have to detect the cause of the negative smell.First check the condition of the cage and also then is that the hamster itself that stinks and fix this problem.