Are you among the countless who has heard the words “vein valves” yet had no idea what that really meant? You space not alone, and also this post is for you.

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Today us are gaining into all you have to know around vein valves: what lock are, why veins even have valves, and also what their objective is.

To start things off, let’s deal with a renowned question we often get asked: execute veins have actually valves?

The prize is yes, veins do have actually valves. Yet let’s take it a step back.

What room vein valves?

Vein valves space a major part of her circulatory system. Arteries have the work of pass oxygenated blood from her heart and also sending it through the remainder of your body. And veins space what carry blood (sans the oxygen) back up to your heart.


Why execute veins have valves and also what is their function?

These valves room what for sure blood flows towards your heart. Vein valves work-related hard, versus gravity, to carry the blood the flowed down via arteries back up to your heart.

When your vein valves room open and healthy, they room able to do their task properly, as the blood is conveniently able to circulation up. Once vein valves are not completely open her muscles are at rest. As lengthy as your valves space healthy, this closing of the vein valves is not a problem. In fact, that is what keeps blood indigenous pooling in her legs.

How carry out I recognize if my vein valves are damaged?

If her vein valves space damaged, they will not have the ability to do their job of flow blood ago up to her heart. And also this is referred to as venous insufficiency. The symptom of venous insufficiency include:

Swelling in foot or anklesTight feeling in calvesItchy, painful legsPain as soon as walking the alleviates when you restVaricose veinsBrown-colored skin, near the anklesLeg ulcersRestless foot syndrome (urge to relocate your legs)Painful leg mouse or muscle spasms

These symptoms may start out small, however will likely obtain worse the longer your veins go without treatment.

Is venous insufficiency dangerous?

Venous insufficiency is no as life-threatening as various other vein concerns like blood clots. However, venous insufficiency can be extremely painful and also possibly even disabling. Thus, that is always best to schedule a consultation v a vein specialist in ~ the first sign you might be suffering from something the looks choose venous insufficiency (see symptoms above).

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What causes venous insufficiency?

There room a number of different components that could contribute to your breakthrough of this vein issue, however these room the primary causes of venous insufficiency follow to john Hopkins Medicine:

ObesityPregnancy (and other hormone changes)AgeFamily historyDamage (due to foot injury, surgery, etc.)High blood push in leg veins gradually (due come sedentary lifestyle)Lack the exerciseSmokingBlood gerean (DVT)Swelling and inflammation of a vein close come the skin (phlebitis)


How space venous insufficiency and also other vein valve troubles treated?

At Vein Clinics that America, dealing with venous insufficiency is other we perform every day. Girlfriend will desire to satisfy with a vein professional to get your certain diagnosis and also treatment plan, however for an ext patients, vein valve troubles are treated v Endovenous Laser therapy (also referred to as EVLT), Radiofrequency Ablation therapy (RFA), or Sclerotherapy Treatment.

Endovenous Laser treatment (EVLT)EVLT is supplied to treat huge vein condition and large varicose veins on your legs. These veins are usually below the surface and also not able come be watched without ultrasound. That is performed by your doctor inserting a tiny catheter right into the diseased vein and using laser lamp to create heat, i beg your pardon then reasons the vein to collapse.

Radiofrequency Ablation treatment (RFA)Radiofrequency ablation is provided to treat huge vein disease and big varicose veins on your legs. These veins space usually listed below the surface and not able to be seen without ultrasound. That is perform by your physician inserting a small catheter into the hurt vein. Through this catheter, warm is yielded to fallen the vein.

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SclerotherapySclerotherapy is used to treat tiny and medium leg vein issues, mostly typically spider and varicose veins. It is carry out by your physician injecting the damaged vein with a liquid the closes the vein.


Dr. Satish Vayuvegula Dr. Satish Vayuvegula is the National clinical Director in ~ Vein Clinics the America. Certified by the American plank of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine, Dr. Satish Vayuvegula is recognized as a medical professional who has met rigorous criter of knowledge and also extensive cultivate in phlebology, the diagnosis and treatment the varicose vein disease and associated disorders. Dr. Satish likewise shares his passion and also expertise by serving as a board member the the American Vein and also Lymphatic Society, the predominant nationwide organization for venous and also lymphatic disease.