I recognize that vampires have the right to turn right into bats, yet why execute they perform such things? sure it provides them a smaller sized target, yet it reduce their power by a lot, and makes them more vulnerable come being eliminated by a stake. Wouldn’t it be more viable to more commonly end up being smoke instead?


Most vampires don't transform into bats together an attack measure, most instances I have the right to remember execute so in order come gain reasonably hassle-free way of flight and also stealthy movement.

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Besides, few vampires are exactly the very same - numerous of them just can't turn right into mist altogether, and in general mist form, once available, is presented as being an ext advanced 보다 bat or wolf forms. Most vampires who can do both are an extremely powerful, and in basic can do everything they please.

As an example, Kain from tradition of Kain, has actually a lot of supernatural powers and uses his mist kind as way of dodging blows indigenous his enemies and also transforms into swarm that bats once he demands to take trip long distances faster than he can run top top foot.

Because if you're Dracula and you want to suck some hot virgin blood, you don't want the human being of London come look up and also see a man flying around. Climate they'll actually begin trying to hunt you.

Mobility both vertical and also horizontal. Remember that the most well known ones are from like the mountain regions.

Bats have the right to fly, many notably.

They're likewise easy to overlook, are pretty stealthy, and can get into places reasonably easily.

If someone's coming at you v a stake, sure, don't become a 10cm mammal, however if you want to travel roughly its a pretty kind form.

If someone's coming at you through a stake, sure, don't end up being a 10cm mammal

or infact, do! its much harder come hit a bat 보다 a human

First, flying certain beats walking. Lock would need to move approximately a lot more often for absence of food if castle couldn't soup it end a few villages.

Second, that is a biblical unclean animal; do this kind easy because that them.

As far as durability, vampires a supernatural creatures, and also supernaturally tough. A Bat is definitely harder to capture than a man you van simply tackle. I've never seen a vampire be yes, really hit when in bat form, yet I think their superordinary durability would certainly be in to fill force.

Well one, ending up being smoke is harder than coming to be a bat, and also two, the is oftentimes valuable to paris the heck away from whatever is do the efforts to kill you.

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Bats are nocturnal and also don't draw any kind of suspicion because that being in dark shadowy places, the areas where many vampires bide their time. It's practical sufficient for them the they have it together a general tradition.


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