Students will brain storm principles on what makes stars appear brighter, climate test those principles using flashlights.

Represent data in graphical display screens to expose patterns that daily transforms in length and direction the shadows, day and also night, and the seasonal appearance of some stars in the night sky.

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The Why Behind to teach This

Unit 6 teaches students about Earth"s ar in the Universe. Standard 5-ESS1-1: assistance an discussion that distinctions in the apparent brightness of the sun contrasted to other stars is due to their family member distance from Earth, is one typical covered. Typical 5-ESS1-2: stand for data in graphical screens to reveal patterns the daily changes in length and also direction of shadows, day and night, and the seasonal figure of part stars in the night sky, is the other standard covered.

Throughout this unit, students will certainly learn around classifying stars, trends of stars, and also the impacts of rotation and revolution. We will certainly be producing models, graphing data, tracing our shadows, and much more.

This particular lesson covers typical 5-ESS1-1 due to the fact that it gives students with information about characteristics that affect the brightness that stars. Distance from earth is one significant factor that determines brightness however other components such together size, temperature, age, etc. Also influence the brightness. In this lesson students will relate stars come flashlights to assist them think around each of these characteristics. They will certainly then said their ideas to information about real stars.

Lesson Goal:

The score of this lesson is for students to recognize various qualities of stars the could cause one to show up brighter 보다 another.

Success Criteria:

Students will show success of this score by appropriately comparing 2 stars on the exit ticket offered at the finish of the lesson.

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Preparing for The Lesson:

Warm Up:

Computer and overhead for showing the Youtube video

Guided Practice:

Groups require whiteboards and markers for creating a perform of points that impact brightness.


A small flashlight and also a huge flashlight to use throughout the discussionA long area such as a hallway for shining the flashlights at different distances

Wrap Up: