Why execute only energetic margins have trenches apex?

Why perform only active margins have actually trenches? Trenches are resulted in by subduction. Trenches are resulted in by key movement. What is forced for an ocean trench come form?

Do only energetic margins have trenches?

There space no trenches along passive margins, but energetic margins may be linked with trenches, can you recognize which margins space passive types and which space active species on other continents? you can conveniently predict the type of continental margin if you know the topography (land shape) of the adjacent land mass.

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Why execute passive margins have no trenches Brainly?

Explanation: Passive margins have actually no trenches since they do not have any tectonic plate activity.

What is the relationship between energetic margins and trenches?

The West shore of north America and South America are active margins. Energetic continental spare part are typically narrow from shore to shelf break, through steep descents right into trenches. Convergent energetic margins happen where oceanic plates satisfy continental plates.

What is the difference in between an energetic margin and also a passive margin?

An energetic continental margin is discovered on the top edge the the continent wherein subduction occurs. A passive margin is the transition between oceanic and continental lithosphere the is not an energetic plate margin. A passive margin forms by sedimentation above an ancient rift, now significant by transitional lithosphere.

What is the difference between a passive margin and an energetic margin?

An active continental margin is found on the leading edge of the continent where it is crashing into an oceanic plate. Passive continent margins are uncovered along the staying coastlines.

Is the Mariana trench a divergent boundary?

It is separated indigenous the Philippine Sea Plate come the west through a divergent border with numerous transform fault offsets. The boundary in between the Mariana and the Pacific Plate to the east is a subduction zone v the Pacific plate subducting in ~ the Mariana.

How do you tell if a continental margin is energetic or passive?


Continental margins deserve to be energetic or passive depending upon whether they are near a bowl boundary.Volcanoes and also earthquakes are common at energetic margins. Active margins are near plate boundaries.Passive margins room passive. Lock have little or no geological activity.

What is the difference in between an energetic and passive seaside margin?

The West coastline of the United states is an active margin that is identified by rugged coastlines with small beaches and also steep sea cliffs. Passive continental margins happen where the shift between oceanic and continental crust i m sorry is not an active plate boundary.

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Which 2 plates collide at the Mariana Trench?

At the Mariana Trench, the downgoing key is referred to as the Pacific Plate, and also the overriding bowl is the Philippine Sea Plate. The depth the the Mariana trench varies follow me its length. Where large, old seamounts are current on the Pacific Plate in ~ the subduction zone, the trench is shallower.


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