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Potatoes space a clip food in countless cultures.

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They come in various forms and also flavors, which provides them appealing to world from all walks of life.

I remember travel in Peru and also hearing from civilization that in Peru there were end 2,800 ranges of potato!

In America, us don’t have as numerous varieties the potatoes. However we carry out tend to see potatoes as comfort food and eat a lot of them.

There are countless reasons world get food cravings because that potatoes, potato chips, and other lull foods.

This short article will comment on why people crave potatoes. You can be craving, because that example, the lull or the nutritional attributes of potatoes.

Why carry out I Crave Potatoes?

1 – Dehydration

Potatoes are frequently salty – think fries or potato chips.

We crave salt when our body has actually lost too lot water, for example by sweating or urinating. Sweat and urine save on computer electrolytes such together potassium, salt (aka, salt) and also chloride.

Since water consists of these electrolytes and salt, as soon as you lose water you additionally lose salt.

This is why countless cravings are for braided food items (like French fries or chips), since the braided taste create a mouth-watering effect. This mouth water makes world feel much more hydrated after eating these foods.

Of course, the mouth-watering impact of salty foodstuffs doesn’t in reality hydrate you! In truth you room left much more dehydrated!

Have you ever consumed some French Fries and also then felt favor you want some more even though you weren’t hungry?


It’s feasible that girlfriend were originally dehydrated. Because of your dehydration girlfriend craved a salty food prefer French Fries.

Then when you gained the French Fries her mouth watered. This mouth watering temporary tricked her body right into thinking it was drinking something!

But you are still dehydrated! and now your body wants much more French Fries because it thinks French Fries will certainly quench that is thirst! but the salty fries room actually make the dehydration worse!

I hope you see just how dehydration can make friend crave braided foods.

And numerous potato foodstuffs are often salty, favor fries or chips.

Tips come Drink much more Water

Drink a glass the water before you go to bed in ~ night.Drink water transparent the day, and don’t wait till you room thirsty come drink it.Keep a bottle of cold or hot water v you so that if you feel favor your mouth is dry, you have actually something nearby to drink.Add lemon or cucumber slices right into your water when feasible for healthy and balanced benefits too!

2 – Energy


Potatoes are regularly rich in carbohydrates, protein and also fiber, i m sorry is one factor they make such a great meal!

I recognize you can think, “Potatoes don’t make a great meal. They do me fat!”

But please save in mental …

Potatoes are actually a complicated carbohydrate and wonderful source of energy.

Potatoes source in the Andes mountains region of Peru about 4,000 years ago. The Inca human being relied ~ above them for sustenance!

Importantly, potatoes are affordable and also easy to grow. Even in harsh climates or rugged terrain!

This renders them invaluable to occurring countries with populaces struggling to feeding themselves.

What space The services of Potatoes?

There are many benefits to eat potatoes.

Potatoes are complete of facility carbohydrates that fuel her body with energy.

They’re likewise a great source the fiber. Fiber aids digestion and prevents miscellaneous kinds of cancers. Cholesterol difficulties too!

Furthermore, potatoes room a good source of potassium. This help for maintaining cardiovascular health. Much more on potassium below!

Finally, potatoes have numerous other vitamins and minerals in them choose folic acid, magnesium to protect against magnesium deficiency, vitamin C and iron (for steel deficiency).

What Is your Body doing not have When friend Crave Potatoes?

To summary so far … a craving because that potatoes is usually a authorize that your body lacks water or energy from carbohydrates.

(You can additionally have a mineral deficiency, but I would certainly say that’s an ext of a tertiary reason and also not a primary reason. We’ll talk more about these tertiary deficiencies below.)

When girlfriend are brief on energy and crave potatoes, you need to get some healthy and balanced carbs and include them right into your everyday food intake so that the cravings stop.

A usual suggestion would certainly be adding whole grains through nutritional value to her diet. Examples encompass oatmeal, quinoa or brown rice.

This will provide you the carbs required by your body while likewise providing fiber.

Or, if you are craving potatoes since of dehydration climate drink an ext water throughout the day!

3 – Potassium

Potatoes contain loads of potassium!

Potassium is a mineral that regulates your body’s liquid balance and nervous system.

The average adult demands 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day to keep health. If you might not think about eating potatoes together a method to get an ext potassium, it can be among the easiest ways!

If you room not eating sufficient potassium then this could explain her potato cravings.

Of course, to meet your potassium cravings girlfriend could additionally eat other foods high in potassium such as:


For an ext info on foods items that space high in potassium check out this WebMD article.

4 – processed Potatoes prefer Potato Chips cause Habitual Food Cravings


Potatoes are a great food to eat for her health and because they’re so functional they have the right to be prepared in many ways.

But periodically you might be yearn potatoes even if you don’t recognize why! Or worse yet, have no idea what it is around the potato that renders them for this reason appealing!

That’s as soon as it’s time to look in ~ how healthy and balanced potatoes yes, really are, particularly if they room processed.

I know we just got done talking about the wellness benefits that potatoes, however let’s be clear here:

Unprocessed potatoes are an excellent for your health, but the salty, fried, processed potatoes room not!

Here is a perform of salty, fried, handle potato foods:

FriesPotato chipsHashed brownsTater totsFried onion rings

How French Fries develop Emotional Eating

Think about how her body acquired tricked right into thinking it to be hydrated after girlfriend ate those fries.

Well, turns out it’s an ext than her body that gets tricked!

See … salty, fried processed foods items have numerous carbs and salt. Native an evolutionary perspective, we space prone come crave foods items with lots of carbs and also salt.

Because once we live without modern conveniences, carbs and also salt were much harder come come by. So we really craved them!

This way when you eat those fries that your body gets tricked into thinking it’s happy! the tricked into thinking the mouth watering is hydrating you!

Here’s what actually happens when you eat fries:

Your body has actually been conditioned through development to crave salty, fat foods.When you obtain salty fries (or another comparable food potato item) your body is very happy!Your brain and body releases dopamine into your mind (aka, happy chemical)You obtain a explode of happiness, excitement, etc …Temporarily you acquire distracted indigenous work, stress, bad feelings, etc …Now the next time you room sad your body has learned the it can feel much better by eat fries!This deserve to mean your body will certainly literally crave fries when it’s sad (or dehydrated)!

Basically if friend don’t feel well, whether because of dehydration or uncomfortable emotions, her body have the right to learn the dorn lesson!

Instead of drink water or regulating those emotions, her body can instead just crave potatoes!

What walk Craving Mashed potatoes Mean?

There are countless reasons why human being get food cravings because that mashed potatoes.

One common reason is that they room comfort food.

When you have a poor day, or just want to feel much better about yourself, the best method to perform this is by eat something comforting and also warm prefer mashed potatoes.

However, there deserve to be various other reasons because that craving mashed potatoes together well. If someone has actually low blood street levels climate they can crave this foods due to the fact that of how quickly the caarbs get into your bloodstreams and help bring their power levels ago up again.

(Mashed potatoes digest a bit quicker than non-mashed potatoes).

Another reason is texture.

If a person has actually been eating a lot of of foods items with an extremely hard texture, then they can get food cravings for mashed potatoes due to the fact that they are much easier to chew and digest.

Craving Potatoes last Thoughts

There room two sides to why human being crave potatoes. One the craves comfort, and one that craves nutritional qualities.

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Potatoes have the right to be an excellent for girlfriend if eaten in moderation v other healthy and balanced foods!

For more information top top why civilization crave carbs read my other short article here!


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