Undoubtedly the fastest manufacturing quad made during its time, the Yamaha banshee 350 to be the only twin-cylinder, two-stroke an equipment ever designed and made easily accessible to the public. The powerplant concept was for this reason revolutionary the the four-wheeler instantly created and also dominated its very own niche while catching all various other manufacturers off-guard and silencing any kind of attempts of a counterpart model indigenous the competition.

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The Yamaha half an hour 350 made history as among the best two-stroke quads in the industry. This legendary ATV, developed from 1987 come 2012, had actually a high-performance, RD350-based twin-cylinder engine, making that a Baja-winning machine.

Its staying power in the market, all-out performance, and also build adaptability marks the half an hour as the most interesting production quad by a manufacturer. But an ext than that speed and race-worthy features, its capacity to touch bases with riders top top so plenty of levels is what renders it truly special. Pole around and also discover what provides the Yamaha half an hour 350 the ultimate ATV ride.

The Banshee’s engine is bulletproof, but many the its components do no share the same quality. Since its very first production year, problems with the waiting filter, chain tensioner, and also overflowing coolant were already manifest. And also yet, Yamaha left the banshee unchanged v the course of its continue to be in the market. As such, enthusiasts considered it best to resolve these performance-impacting worries themselves via the complying with enhancements:

TORS (Throttle Override System) removal and also the enhancement of a twist throttleStock airbox removal, climate the opening of wait filters and also outerwearsUpgrade of share pipes come high-performance onesTrue and welded crankAxle carrier modificationPorted and polished cylinder headsNew billet pump and custom inline cooler

Some of this upgrades, such together the airbox removal, positively affect the banshee 350 top speed of nearly 65 mph by a couple more mph gains. Most, if no all banshee enthusiasts, advise brand-new owners to have actually this replacement together their an initial order of organization with the quad. The share ones are well-known to hoard dust and dirt, restricting the airflow into the engine. The remove of TORS renders for easier maintenance because it it s okay in the means of accessing the carbs when the rider demands to. Polishing/porting the heads and changing to performance pipes assist in reducing instances of engine bogging down.

Improvements to this device are limitless and also dependent ~ above the needs (and whims) the the owner. For secondhand units, the upgrades’ components are the all at once condition and also frequency of maintain done top top the quad. Anything beyond what is listed here is done commonly on Banshees offered for gyeongju or those in negative condition needing a complete rebuild or restoration.

These recommendations have to not deter girlfriend from acquiring this vintage speed monster. Nor have to it offer the impression that this two-stroke is taxing to maintain and would require a experienced mechanic to type troubles out. If only to relief you, recognize that there has never been a lemon half an hour reported by any type of of the vehicle’s former or current owners. I cannot speak the same, even for four-stroke quads produced today.

Frequently inquiry Questions

How lot does a Yamaha half an hour 350 cost? The 2006 basic model had a perform price the $6,199, when its median retail price varieties from $2,115 to $8,049. Depending upon if the quad is in mint problem or is heavily modded, the selling price might be higher. Perform thorough research study if you have a recent-year machine and space thinking of switching end to this vintage, as there room riders who space willing to profession their Banshees because that a four-stroke.What is the Yamaha Banshee height speed? The marketed number for the Yamaha banshee 350 is 65 mph. Through aftermarket support, one can get to as high together 118 mph on the top finish – based upon a 1994 Dirt wheel Magazine article. Naturally, it will no much longer be a bone-stock half an hour doing this. Acquiring taller gearing, Kendra rate Racers, strength mods, and altering former fairings are just some the the points you have the right to do to boost top speed dramatically.Why to be the Yamaha banshee 350 discontinued? Yamaha banshee 350 sales to be discontinued in phibìc America in 2006 because of the strictly implementation of EPA regulations. Control boundaries for emissions to be defined, v off-road machines and also ATVs/UTVs acquiring the much shorter end the the stick. Gift a two-stroke and also not classified as a closed-course vehicle, the half an hour went above the emissions limits set in the stated regulation.

About Yamaha

Yamaha Motor firm Limited, the maker of the Yamaha half an hour 350, has actually come a long method since its starting in 1887 in Shizouka, Japan. Tiny did the Japanese firm recognize that native post-WWII motorcycle production, it would pioneer the ATV industry four decades after. Today, Yamaha continues to create top-of-the-line personal watercraft, speed boats, outboard motors, and also off-road vehicles.

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Conclusion – Yamaha half an hour 350

It might not it is in the most modern-day four-wheeler out there, however there is simply something about this standard two-stroke that modern-day four-stroke brutes will never be able to replicate. What provides this legend quad a cut over the remainder is the summation of every its contents – its vivid transmission, succinct high-rev engine, long-travel suspension, fantastic sliding ability, and foreseeable handling manners. Everything works with each other to make the Yamaha banshee 350 the undisputed king that off-road performance vehicles.