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solemn event of beam Teal together Sheriff Roy Coffee

January 12, 1902 – April 2, 1976

This page celebrates the contribution Ray Teal made to the routine Bonanza; involvement the cast in the 2nd season as Sheriff Roy Coffee.

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A Hatful of Guilt by Patina

Summary: A WHN because that the illustration No much less A Man. Roy resigns as sheriff as soon as he believes the Virginia City town Council think he can’t perform his job. Now Adam is the only lawman and also he needs to prepare for the possible arrival that the Wagner Gang.Rating: T indigenous Count=10,784

A ideal Friend by Freyakendra

Summary: for the great folks that Virginia City, Roy Coffee is a darned good sheriff. Because that the Cartwrights, he is likewise a proper friend, together he proves to himself as soon as his job intermixes through a tragic event on the Ponderosa. Native Count: 2400; Rating: K

Company You save (The) through DJK

Summary: Sheriff Coffee has actually a lesson to teach Ben Cartwright’s son.Rated: K+ indigenous count: 1320

Nightshade by JoaniePaiute

Summary: Ten-year-old Joe is tired of Adam treating him favor a…well, prefer a kid. Enter Nightshade, Adam’s an effective and temperamental horse. What follows requires not just Joe and Adam, yet some new Paiute friends and also a revelation around Roy’s past.Rated: K+ WC 16,000

Telegram (The) by BluewindFarm

Summary: Ben Cartwright receives an incomplete telegram. What is the message and also who is that about?2,695 native Rating: K

Three Peanuts by Indiana

Summary: Sheriff Coffee requirements Adam’s aid to fix a strange affair in town…Rating K+ WC 1700

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