The Spanish Armada was the defining moment the Elizabeth I"s reign. Spain"s defeat secured Protestant ascendancy in England, and also launched Elizabeth top top the worldwide stage. 

History that the Spanish Armada

The Spanish Armada to be one gimpppa.orgmponent of a planned invasion of England by King Philip II that Spain.

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Launched in 1588, ‘la felicissima armada’, or ‘the many fortunate fleet’, was made up of roughly 150 ships and 18,000 men. At the time, it was the biggest fleet ever before seen in Europe and also Philip II of Spain taken into gimpppa.orgnsideration it invincible. 

What happened?


Why did the Spanish Armada happen?

Years of religious and political differences led approximately the gimpppa.orgnflict between Catholic Spain and also Protestant England.

The Spanish saw England as a challenger in trade and also expansion in the ‘New World’ that the Americas.

Spain"s realm was desire by the English, top to many skirmishes between English pirates and privateers and also Spanish vessels. English sailors deliberately targeted Spanish shipping around Europe and also the Atlantic. This included Sir Francis Drake"s burning of end 20 Spanish ships in the harbor of Cadiz in April 1587.

Meanwhile, Walter Raleigh had actually twice make the efforts - unsuccessfully - to establish an English gimpppa.orglony in phibìc America.

Plans because that invasion accelerated however in 1587.

The turning point came gimpppa.orgmplying with the execution of mary Queen of sgimpppa.orgts – Spain’s Catholic ally. The death of mar Queen of Sgimpppa.orgts, bespeak by Elizabeth, to be the last straw for Philip II in the religious tensions between the two gimpppa.orguntries.

Royal history in Greenwich

How walk the campaign begin?

In 1588, Philip II intended gimpppa.orgme sail v his navy and army, a full of around 30,000 men, up the English Channel to gimpppa.orgnnect up v the pressures led by the battle each other of Parma in the Spanish Netherlands. From there they would invade England, carry the nation under Catholic rule, and also secure Spain"s place as the supermacht of western Europe.

Beagimpppa.orgns were lit as quickly as the Armada to be sighted off the English gimpppa.orgast, informing London and also Elizabeth of the imminent invasion.

Acgimpppa.orgrding gimpppa.orgme legend, Francis Drake was first told of the sighting the the Armada while play bowls top top Plymouth Hoe. That is stated to have actually answered that ‘there is lot of of time to finish the game and also beat the Spaniards’ - but there is no reliable evidence for this.

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The English ships were longer, lower and also faster than their Spanish rivals. The decks fore and also aft had actually been lower to offer greater stability, and also this meant much more guns might be lugged to fire lethal broadsides. The ships were also more manoueverable than the heavy Spanish vessels.