Ciara’s ex-boyfriend, rapper Bow Wow, newly responded to a tweet declare the singer has “been through hell” to day him, Future and also 50 Cent in the past.

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The musician comment to the pan tweet v a sarcastic response, pointing out that it to be “wild” to blame the for your breakup virtually 17 years after your separation.

Ciara and also Bow Wow were taken into consideration one the the most an effective couples in the music industry back in the beforehand 2000s. The duo reportedly started date in 2004 at the height of their careers, but their relationship at some point disappeared after ~ a couple of years under continuous pressure to be under the spotlight.

A look at Bow Wow and also Ciara’s relationship

Bow Wow first met Ciara once she appeared as an extra in among his promotion videos for a concert in 2004. The duo started dating in 2015 shortly after the latter became famous through his song Treats.

The pair sparked dating rumors when they were seen together on numerous occasions throughout 2005. The rumors intensified further after Bow Wow had Ciara in his Just prefer you music video clip from his 2005 album Wished.


That exact same year, the couple officially evidenced their relationship throughout an interview with Vibe magazine. Bow Wow opened up up around the relationship and said the two chosen to “go out” together:

“People saw us at basketball games in Atlanta. We consider ourselves typical – we favor to go out. Honestly? I carry out not watch what the large deal is.”

Despite the revelations, the pair continued to save their personal lives out of the public eye. They at some point stopped in 2006 due to the rapper’s cheating rumors. Bow Wow later on opened up about the breach VladTV and also shared exactly how the pressures of fame and also stardom affected his connection with Ciara:

“I was in a serious relationship early on in my career, in ~ the sexy time when I’m the sexy thing. Once again, those impacts … all those women want you, and my OGs tell me this. “They phone call me I’m no alive. They call me I’m not enduring the points I have to experience.”


The 34-year-old additionally mentioned that in the direction of the finish of their partnership he began holding clubs and spending a many time on the street. The duo damaged up after ~ the rapper chose to be “alone”:

“I behaved prefer a grand when i was 17 and 19, and also then I simply started listening prefer ‘Man, they’re right’ and started gift on the streets, enjoying a most clubs, no wanting come come home, and you know just how it’s going on i was just sucked into the game and I had actually to recognize with myself that now is the time for hell to be alone out here and live my life and we just went each to his own. “

Although Bow Wow had actually been vocal about his breakup v Ciara, the latter never recognized the case publicly. She went on to date other musicians such together Future and also 50 Cent and basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire.

She finally worked out down through NFL star Russell Wilson after marrying him in 2016. The couple adopted their an initial child in 2017 and their 2nd child in 2020. Ciara likewise shares a kid with she ex-partner, Future.

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Meanwhile, Bow Wow has actually been connected to Love & i know good Hop star Erica Mena, Hip Hop grow Up: Atlanta‘s Kiyomi Leslie and entrepreneur Joie Chavis. He additionally shares a kid with the latter.