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This compact, rethermalizing soup station conveniently heats and also keeps every 4.7 together soup inset at the perfect offer temperature native the an initial serving to the last. Built for durability, the basic is stainless steel with stainless steel water vessels, insets and also hinged lids.

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Ideal For:Serving variety; (2) 4.7 L capacity insetsDelicate cream-based soups come hearty stews and chiliExtended offer periods





Twin fine food warmers use individual thermostatic controls to achieve accurate heating for every soup flavor. Units include stainless steel water bath, insets and hinged lids the return humidity to the food to maintain flavor.

Key Benefits:(2) stainless steel water vessels, 4.7 l insets and also hinged lidsNSF-listed rethermalizing station – conveniently heats to for sure serving temperatureDedicated temperature-sensing thermostats and wrap-around heater elementsfor each inset eliminate hot spotsCounters continue to be clean and sanitary - hinged lids remain upright throughout ladlingLid in salt retains and also returns humidity to your food
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Dimensional Weight27 lb | 12.2 lb
International Dim Wt33 lb | 15 kg

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My unit stopped heating, turning on or is tripping the breaker. What can be wrong?


Quickly double-check, is the outlet gaining power? carry out you have actually too many things plugged right into the very same outlet or circuit? inspect operation in one more outlet.

Did the unit accidentally get wet or submerged? conserve yourself the freight fees and also let it completely dry out prior to sending it in for repair. We have had units returned for repair and also with a few days of dry time/transit they began working again.

Has any kind of food waste come in call with the thermostat? This can reason the unit to prevent heating.

Do you use the unit as a water-bath? making use of treated or softened water and air drying during non-use is a good way to prolong the life the the water vessel; prevents water native leaking through a corroded pinhole ~ above the electrics within.

Is descaling component of your scheduled maintenance? over time, lime scale can construct up on the unit and also cause the to protect against working.

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