ANSWER: The truth is the the sun is always shining and also will shine repetitively until that dies.

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The question to answer here is “Why execute we not watch the sunlight at night, and also why carry out we only see it during the day?” Technically, we say “day” to median when we can see the sun shining, and “night” as soon as we have actually no sunlight. Stop understand exactly how the cycle of day and night functions in our solar system.

Our solar system is composed of the sun, planets, moons the planets, asteroids, meteors, comets and other interplanetary media. The sunlight is the main resource of energy, and it rotates ~ above its very own axis. The planets rotate on their very own axis and they revolve approximately the sun as result of gravitation pull.

The moons to different planets likewise rotate ~ above their own axis, revolving about their planets and also revolving around the sun.

Earth is a medium-size earth that rotates v a tilted axis in ~ an angle of 23.44 degrees. The completes one rotation in 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds, which is roughly one day on Earth.

The component of earth which deals with the sun throughout rotation gets sunlight, and also almost fifty percent of the planet does not get sunlight at the instant. The component of planet getting sunshine feels the the sunlight is shining, and also it is daytime because that them. The other part of earth having no sunshine feels the the sun is no shining, and it is night because that them.

So, one finish rotation of planet gives us a complete cycle the day and also night. It takes roughly 24 hrs to complete the earth’s rotation, out of which we feel 12 hrs as night and 12 hours of day. This bicycle of day and night on earth will proceed to take place until the sunlight dies fully and stop shining.

Meet the student

Name: Leila Lewis

Grade: Fifth.

School: St. John the Evangelist, Broome county Catholic Schools.

Teacher: Anu Rai.

Career interests: Police officer.

Meet the scientist

Answered by: Gautam Ranjan.

Title: Graduate student, department of mechanically Engineering, Binghamton University.

Research area: Composites, 3-D printing, finite aspect method, design and also optimization, Mars mission, entrepreneurships.

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Interests/hobbies: Running, martial arts, cooking, networking.

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