I see during the gourmet food present today the Rick Domeir and Rachael Boesing are both drink on the collection out the glasses. Walk that typical that gimpppa.org is allowing the hosts to eat and/or drink throughout the food mirrors now?

No eating because of food being handled by multiple civilization during the pandemic.I don"t watch a difficulty with drinking out a clean glass as the contents were not most likely touched by anyone"s hands.

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Are you just talking about the drinks that many of the hosts have to help them store their throats lubricated between presentations? Or go they in reality drink a beverage the was being sold?

They drank Christie B"s sparkling wine and also a brand-new to me brand the fruit juice.AND in the morning show Carolyn ate the scallops!


I saw him drinking Christie"s wine yet not eating anything. Ns personally to be glad they quit the eating and also I dread once they will start up again. Come me the doesn"t add anything to the very nice one of the item and most the them make ridiculous noises and look ridiculous when eating, not to mention, ns don"t think it"s super sanitary regardless of weather we room in a pandemic or not.Just my thoughts. Ns traditionally don"t clock the "Gourmet" shows for that an extremely reason.
I"m talking around the beverages/spirits they were selling, choose one or 2 of the other commenters declared They would have it in glasses in front of lock on the table and also drink indigenous them.During other shows that day and also others, various hosts would certainly not drink it, even if they themselves poured it the end of the bottle/container. Ns was surprised Rick and Rachael go on the exact same day rather refused. However, i did check out Rick eat food a couple of weeks back during a show so....I didn"t recognize Carolyn ate the scallops, the really surpises me since they all state they"re not allowed to/ hat"s why I"m wonder if that has finished now...
lmtepwrote:I don"t find it worrying at all.I agree, what"s the trouble if a hold does take it a bite or a drink of something? i really don"t see just how it"s an issue, and don"t understand why some world posting below are so horrified through it!
I don"t check out it together a problem, either. It"s no as if there to be an edict from over barring purchase channel master from eat samples. Suspending that was somethinggimpppa.org/HSN determined to do, and now they"re gradually reintroducing the (soon, along with DV"s Happy Dance, i hope).It"s no various from employee at "essential" workplaces bringing in cookie or brownies for the rest room. For the matter, it"s no different from what some civilization have been doing because that months: eat takeout all set by who else.

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