Tattoo parlor shops in mountain Diego ar are enabled to reopen under California"s new reopening guidance

The owner the a Chula Vista tattoo parlor is celebrating making it come this day, there is no forgetting the obstacles along the way."data-ellipsis="false">

Monday"s re-opening that the traditional Tattoo Parlor Shop has a various feeling.

The coronavirus has hurt Sergio Perez"s community, infecting some of his family members, and also now he"s getting phone calls from those who space grieving.

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Perez, affectionately known as big Checho, is the owner that the conventional Tattoo Parlor Shop in Chula Vista.

"I"ve to be tattooing because that 24 years, and also I specialize in black and gray realism," Perez called NBC 7.


For the last 5 months, Perez"s tattoo shop has been closed down; in the meantime, he"s been obtaining phone phone call requesting his specialty.

"Because the this pandemic and also so many civilization losing loved ones, we"ve been obtaining a most calls to view if we"re scheduling for memorial tattoos," explained Perez.

Perez, that works v his wife, Gema, plan on blocking the end appointments for those in mourning.

"Sometimes tattooing go help, helps through the grieving process," Perez said. "You feel favor the person is through you at all times."

Photos: Chula Vista Tattoo Shop Reopens With an individual Message because that Community around COVID-19

The seriousness of the coronavirus is not shed on the south Bay tattoo artist.

"I have actually pre-exisiting conditions, and also my family as well, and also bringing it home would devastate me, for this reason it"s easier to simply close down," Perez said.

Perez has additionally dealt through the are afraid of having household members hospitalized v COVID-19.

"Our family has been impacted by it, and they"re still struggling," Perez said. "They"ve had actually it, got it a couple of months ago, and also still have actually respiratory issues and also heart issues."

Inside the typical Tattoo Parlor there are currently red barriers in location with Plexiglas ~ above entering the shop. Castle have likewise removed the indoor waiting room and separated the artists" job-related stations and are giving masks because that both artists and clients to wear.

"We"re tho in the middle of the pandemic," Perez said. "We have to make sure we do every little thing right to make certain nobody it s okay sick."

As Perez"s household members recuperate from the virus, he"s thankful their outcome was no worse.

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"Everybody at the hospital took treatment of them very well, and also I evaluate that since then the would"ve been a memorial tattoo I"m getting on myself," Perez said.

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