There are plenty of recipes the end there that speak to for chicken legs, thighs or drumsticks, yet not everyone knows what the difference is between these components of the chicken.

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So what is the difference between chicken legs, thighs and drumsticks? Chicken leg refers to the whole leg portion of a chicken i m sorry is both the thigh and also drumstick linked as one piece. Once the entirety leg is separated into 2 parts, it create the thigh and drumstick portions. The chicken thigh is the top portion of the leg, and the drumstick is the lower calf section of the leg.

Whole Chicken leg Portion

The whole leg of a chicken, or the chicken leg quarter as that is occasionally known, is the thigh and drumstick associated as one piece.

It is likewise known as a chicken quarter, due to the fact that when a chicken is separated into the different breast and also leg portions, it creates 4 pieces / soldier – 2 whole legs and 2 breasts.

A whole Chicken Leg portion Is The Thigh & Drumstick Combined

It have the right to sometimes obtain confusing when some recipes mistakenly ask for chicken ‘legs’ as soon as they in reality mean just the ‘drumstick’ portion.

Chicken Drumstick & Thighs

When the totality leg is separated through the joint between the thigh and the drumstick, it i do not care two smaller portions.

Cutting The whole Leg with The share Creates The Thigh & Drumstick

Chicken Drumstick Portions

The Chicken drumstick is the calf, or lower leg section of the whole leg the attaches come the chicken foot.

The chicken drumstick is most often sold v the skin on and bone-in, and is called a ‘drumstick’ as result of its similarity in shape to a drumstick offered by a musician.

Drumsticks have tendency to it is in cheaper than thighs because of the high bone come meat content, return they space a well-known item on a buffet table together they make terrific finger food.

Chicken Thigh Portions

The chicken thigh, as the name suggests, originates from the upper section of the entirety leg in the direction of the body of the chicken.

Chicken thighs have actually a greater meat contents to the drumsticks having actually just a little thigh bone running with the meat that can easily be removed.

Although friend will often see the bone-in thighs available in your regional grocery store, that is an ext common to see the boneless and also skinless chicken thighs because that sale.

Boneless & Skinless Is A Common way Of offering Chicken Thighs

The legs are the least renowned selling part of the chicken because of the misconception that the ‘darker’ meat is poor for you. To assist with sales, being boneless and also skinless helps appeal to the much more health conscious shoppers.

Why Are whole Chicken legs Cheaper than Drumsticks & Thighs?

As we have just mentioned, chicken legs gain a many of an unfavorable press, as being unhealthy, which subsequently makes lock an unpopular selection for shoppers.

Due to the truth that most chicken suppliers will have made your profit on selling the famous chicken breasts, they have the right to afford to market the foot at a much cheaper price to tempt sales of this lesser favored portions.

It is often much easier for a packing home to market the entirety legs cheap, than it is to pay a butcher to different the leg & thigh and then walk to the problem of boning and also skinning the thighs.

Shopping Tip

You can very often find whole chicken legs on sell in the grocery store stores in ~ a portion of the price of to buy the currently separated drumstick and thigh portions. Be sure to grab these bargains as it is very easy to separate the two yourself in ~ home. You just need a spicy knife and also can do a great saving on her food budget!

When managing raw chicken in the kitchen, the is vitally vital that girlfriend take care not to reason cross contamination. Take it a look at our article around Cross contamination in the Kitchen to help you understand around the risks, and also how to protect against it indigenous happening.

Cooking Time because that Chicken Legs, Thighs & Drumsticks

When cooking these chicken portions, i personally feel it is much better to leaving the skin on the meat throughout the food preparation process. This will enable the natural fat from the skin to save the meat moist and also prevent that from drying out.

If you are following a healthy diet, or great to save your fat input down, then you can easily remove the skin ~ cooking.

Legs portions typically take a bit longer to cook than breasts, and sometimes benefit from much longer slower cooking if you desire the meat to fall off the bone.

For general roasting, eliminate the chicken from the refrigerator about 30 mins before cooking to allow the meat to reach room temperature. This will assist the meat cook an ext evenly.

Preheat your stove to 350oF/180oC

Season the chicken and place in the center of the stove for approx 35 – 45 minutes. The interior temeperature need to be at least 165oF/75oC as soon as probed through a digital meat probe ( approx $10 indigenous Amazon), and also the juices need to run clear.

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Whole legs might require slightly much longer than the thighs/drumstick portions.

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