Peak Month: July 19572 weeks on Vancouver’s CKWX’s chartPeak position #2Peak place on Billboard warm 100 ~ did no link: “Have i Told You recently That ns Love You?”“Have i Told You lately That ns Love You?” lyrics

Elvis Aaron Presley was born ~ above in a two-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi, top top January 8, 1935. His pair brother, Jessie Garon Presley, was stillborn. Once he was eleven year old his parental bought him a etc at the Tupelo Hardware Store. Together a result Elvis thrived up together an just child. He and his parents, Vernon and Gladys, moved to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948. The young Presley graduated from high institution in 1953. That year he stopped by the Memphis Recording organization to record two songs, consisting of “That’s once Your Heartaches Begin”, track #1196 on this Countdown. Elvis’ musical influences were the pop and country music the the time, the gospel music that heard in church and at the all-night gospel sings he typically attended, and the black R&B he soaked up on historic Beale Street together a Memphis teenager. In 1954, Elvis started his singing career record “That’s every Right” and “Blue Moon the Kentucky” at Sun documents in Memphis.

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In so late 1955, his recording contract was offered to RCA Victor. In 1956 he had his very first #1 record titled “Heartbreak Hotel.” He had actually a sound and style the uniquely combined his diverse musical influences and blurred and challenged the social and also racial obstacles of the time. Bill Haley & His Comets ushered in the rock ‘n roll right into mainstream culture in 1955 when “Rock about The Clock,” appeared in the film around juvenile delinquents and also anti-social behavior in one inter-racial school. The song became an anthem because that teenage rebellion. However, it to be Elvis in 1956 that ensured absent ‘n role was right here to continue to be with his swiveling hips and R&B infused songs through sexually suggestive lyrics. He had his first number one hit with “Heartbreak Hotel” in February 1956. The starred in 33 effective films, made history with his television appearances and also specials, and also knew good acclaim through his many, regularly record-breaking, live concert performances top top tour and in las Vegas. Globally, he has actually sold end one billion records, much more than any other recording artist.

Between 1956 and also 1959, Elvis Presley continued his chart-topping means with “I want You, I need You, i Love You”, “Hound Dog”, “Don’t it is in Cruel”, “Love Me Tender”, “Too Much”, “All Shook Up”, and “(Let Me be Your) Teddy Bear” peaking at #1. He likewise starred in numerous films. His 2nd film, Loving You,was released in 1957. Though it was not featured the film, the tune “Have ns Told You lately That i Love You?” made the onto the Loving YouSoundtrack album.


“Have ns Told You lately That i Love You?” was written by Scotty Wiseman because that the 1944 music film, Sing, Neighbor, Sing, and also performed through Wiseman and also his spouse Lulu Belle, billed as Lulu Belle and also Scotty. The tune wasone of the first country music songs to attract major attention in the popular music music field. Return it was featured in the movie, it wasn’t exit by them until 1947. The first version that the song to be released was by Gene Autry in 1945. Bing Crosby and also the andrew Sisters had a peak 30 hit through the track in January 1950. And also in 1957 Ricky Nelson’s version, return the B-side the “Be Bop Baby”, still climbed come #29 on the Billboard pop singles chart.

Scott Greene Wiseman to be born in north Carolina in 1909. In his childhood helearned to play guitar, banjo and also harmonica. He also developed a love because that Appalachian people songs. His professional singing debut was on WRVA in Richmond, Virginia, in 1927. After relocating to Chicago,he join the nationwide Barn Dancein 1933, i beg your pardon aired top top WLS. That met comedianLulu Belle (Myrtle Eleanor Cooper) in the spring of 1934. They dropped in love and married the December. They to be billed together “The Sweethearts of nation Music,” and also had a huge following for the next 25 years. Castle popularized a song referred to as “Mountain Dew”. In 1945 ScottyWiseman went into hospital because that a boy surgery. ~ above one hospital visit Lulu Belle stated to the softly, “Have ns told you lately that i love you?” The question influenced Scotty Wiseman to do a track out of she question.

Over the years “Have ns Told You recently That i Love You?” has been videotaped by over sixty record artists. These incorporate the Beau Marks, Anita Bryant, Michael Bublé, Eddie Cochran, Floyd Cramer, Skeeter Davis, Billy Fury, Stonewall Jackson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Al Martino, Willie Nelson, Patti Page, Jim Reeves, Cliff Richard, Marty Robbins, Kenny Rogers, Ringo Starr, Bobby Vinton, i get it Whittaker, Hank Williams and also Faron Young.

“Have ns Told You lately That i Love You?” is sung through a suitor who looks for to cement a commitment native the one lock love. They are letting their sweetheart know that lock adore them v all their heart and also soul. And also when lock sleep alone, they miss the other human dreadfully and dream of them constantly. The thought of losing them would certainly break their heart in two.

Elvis Presley’s variation was the first of any type of rock ‘n role artist, and also placed that in the absent ‘n roll canon. “Have i Told You recently That i Love You?” by Elvis climbed come #2 in Vancouver (BC), #7 in Worcester (MA) and also #13 in Toronto.

Elvis kept on topping the charts in the fall and winter that 1957 and into 1958 through “Jailhouse Rock”, “Don’t” and “Hard top Woman”.But throughout his chart-topping ways, he obtained a letter from Uncle Sam.Sergeant Elvis Presley offered with the U.S. Military from in march 24, 1958, to March 2, 1960. Meanwhile, Presley controlled to climb to the height of the charts once in 1959 v “Big Hunk o’ Love”.

His return to civilian life witnessed a return to a string of effective single, album and also film releases. From April 1960 come March 1961, Elvis topped the Billboard hot 100 v “Stuck ~ above You, “It’s currently Or Never,” “Are friend Lonesome Tonight?” and “Surrender” because that a total of 17 the 52 mainly in the timeframe. The album from his first film top top return from serving in Germany, G.I. Blues, to be a best-seller at package office (#2 on Variety Magazine because that the year 1960) and a number one album in October 1960. He released His Hand In Mine, a arsenal of spiritual gospel music and in November, 1960, began to document his 6th studio album, Something because that Everybody.

Presley continued to have significant hits in 1961-62. In Vancouver the topped the charts with “Marie’s The name (His latest Flame)”, “Little Sister”, “Good lucky Charm” and “Return to Sender”. Other Top Ten hits contained “Can’t aid Falling In Love” and “She’s not You”. In 1962 Presley released his saturday studio album,Potluck. From the album the track “Kiss Me Quick” would peak at #34 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 in 1964. However his song, “Suspicion”, climbed ~ above the CFUN chart in the summer that 1962.

Elvis continued to enjoy more Top Ten hits in between 1963 and 1965. His many notable hits were “One damaged Heart for Sale”, “(You’re The) adversary In Disguise”, “Ain’t that Loving friend Baby”, “Such A Night” and “Crying In The Chapel”. Much less successful in the USA was “Witchcraft” which stalled in ~ #32 on the Billboard warm 100. However in Vancouver, the tune peaked at #4.

After 1965, Elvis found it increasingly complicated to enter the peak 30. In between the end of 1965 and also the winter that 1968 Presley exit 22 singles and only four of this made the Billboard warm 100’s peak 30. But in 1969, Presley had actually his ideal year due to the fact that 1962 charting 3 singles into the height Ten v “In The Ghetto”, “Suspicious Minds” and “Don’t Cry Daddy”. Between 1970 and 1983 Elvis released 36 singles, consisting of eight posthumous singles. The these, “Burning Love” and also “The Wonder the You” to be his many successful and six others made the top 20 top top the Billboard charts.

Over his recording career Elvis Presley earned 14 Grammy award nominations including for document of the Year with “A stupid Such as I” (1959) and “Are girlfriend Lonesome Tonight” (1960) and won 6 Hall of reputation Awards. After his comeback tour in 1968 Presley had ongoing to tourism extensively, v 168 concert in 1973, a speed he retained through the mid-70’s. By 1976 that was suffering from lot of ailments: glaucoma, high blood pressure, liver damage, and also an enlarged colon, all believed to be pertained to prescription drug abuse. He died on august 16, 1977, and also a funeral to be attended by over 80,000 mourners. His legacy proceeds to live on. There were additionally numerous sightings that Elvis including about the 40th anniversary the his fatality in 2017.

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