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About the Song

A novelty song written by Bob Merrill in 1952, “(How lot Is) the Doggie in the Window?” was initially recorded through Clara Ann Fowler, popularly well-known as Patti Page. The song was at first recorded ~ above December 8, 1952, and also was released the following year, January 1953 by Mercury Records.

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(How lot Is) the Doggie in the Window?” roots earlier to the people tune, Carnival the Venice. In addition, the track was based upon the tune “Oh, Where, Oh, Where has actually My tiny Dog Gone?

Chart Performance

The song was a chart-topper. It has penetrated graph after chart not simply in the United states but also in various other parts that the world. Come note, it to be the very first song with a inquiry in the location to place no. 1 top top the charts.

United States

Selling over two million copies, the tune was a nationwide hit. It stormed the charts once it peaked in ~ no. 1 on both the Billboard and also Cash Box charts in 1953. ~ above April 4, 1953, Page’s rendition the the song placed no. 1 in the us Billboard newspaper chart. It remained on the charts because that 8 weeks.

United Kingdom

Mercury Records, the recording firm that exit the song, failed to extensively distribute the track in the UK. However, one more recording of “(How much Is) that Doggie in the Window?” to be released through English singer Lita Roza. Interestingly, Roza’s version went ~ above to come to be no. 1 on the UK Singles chart in 1953.

Lita Roza (Photo Credits: eurocovers.blogspot.com)Other Countries

The tune did not only top the US and also the UK charts. Additionally, “(How much Is) the Doggie in the Window?” was a chart-topper in Australia and Luxembourg. It put no. 1 on the Australian Singles chart, and also, no. 1 on the Radio Luxembourg sheet Music chart.

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Song Background

(How lot Is) that Doggie in the Window?” is an instance of a novelty song that walk on to come to be a huge hit in the 1950s. A novelty song refers to a comical or nonsensical song, perform principally because that its comical effect (Wikipedia). This type of music has actually been popularized and successful during that time. Some famous novelty songs that rose to fame due to the fact that the 1930s to be Bing Crosby’s “Pistol-Packin’ Mama“, Merv Griffin’s “I’ve gained a lover Bunch the Coconuts“, and also Bob Merrill’s “If ns Knew You to be Comin’ I’d’ve baked a Cake.”

In Patti Page‘s initial recording of “(How lot Is) that Doggie in the Window?“, it consisted of the sound of dogs barking as credited on the label as “Barks by Joe and Mac.”

Watch the initial rendition the Patti Page’s “(How much Is) that Doggie in the Window?” below:

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