about Would you Go v Me

"Would you Go v Me" is a song written through Shawn Camp and John Scott Sherrill, and also recorded by American country music artist mock Turner. It to be released in April 2006 as the second single from his album your Man. The is the very first track on her Man.

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Would you go with me if we rolled down streets of fire?Would you hold on to me tighter together the summer sun obtained higher?If we roll from city to town and never shut it downWould you go v me if we were shed in areas of clover?Would we walk even closer till the trip was over?And would certainly it be it s okay if i didn"t understand the way?If I provided you mine hand would you take itAnd do me the happiest man in the world?If i told you my love couldn"t win one an ext minute without you, girlWould you accompany me to the edge of the seaLet me know if you"re really a dreamI love girlfriend so, so would you go with me?Would friend go through me if we rode the clouds together?Could you no look under forever?If you were lighter 보다 a featherOh, and if I collection you free, would certainly you go v me?If I provided you mine hand would you take it itAnd do me the happiest male in the world?If ns told you my heart couldn"t to win one an ext minute without you, girlWould you companion me come the leaf of the seaHelp me tie increase the end of a dream?I gotta know, would you go through me?I love girlfriend so, so would certainly you go through me?

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mockery Turner Joshua Otis "Josh" Turner (born November 20, 1977) is a nation music singer and actor that signed come MCA Nashville records in 2003. His latest solitary is "Time Is Love" turn off his brand-new album, "Punching Bag". In 2003, lengthy Black Train, his location track, to be his breakthrough single release. 2005"s Your guy accounted because that his very first two Number One hits: "Your Man" and "Would friend Go v Me," while 2007"s whatever Is Fine had a No. 2 in "Firecracker." Haywire, exit in 2010, produced his best hit, the No. 1 "Why Don"t We just Dance." Josh additionally released a Cracker Barrel album referred to as "Live in ~ the Ryman" in 2007. Overall, Turner has charted ten times on the Billboard nation singles charts, v all however one that his singles reaching height 40 or higher. Much more »

Written by: Shawn Camp, man Scott Sherrill