The Nanny aired its very first episode in November 1993. The series was virtually instantly adored by fans, who were trying to find something light and also airy. If viewers were interested in seeing Fran good and Maxwell Sheffield finally gain together, they were initially attracted in through the show’s layout song. Its upbeat tempo and storytelling made it unique among TV themes. Did you know, pan of The Nanny almost had actually to hear to an entirely different song? A Broadway track was included in the show’s initial pilot.

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The pilot ofThe Nannyused a Broadway track as its design template song

Before CBS greenlighted The Nanny, the cast filmed the pilot. A theme track wasn’t a large concern at that point. In fact, they determined to usage a pre-existing track to welcome the audience into the show. The music the accompanied the initial pilot to be the song, “If my Friends might See Me Now” from the Broadway musical Sweet Charity.

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The Nannydecided to usage the original performance by Gwen Verdon as their theme. The song certainly seemed fitting. After ~ all, Fran was obsessed with her friends reasoning well of her, and also Max to be a Broadway producer. The song and also the musical had actually a wealthy Hollywood history, too. The premiered top top Broadway in 1966 and also was quickly nominated for nine Tony Awards.Sweet Charitywas adjusted for film three years later, withShirley MacLaineplaying the command character, Charity. Still, it wasn’t rather right forThe Nanny.

“The Nanny called Fran” was written and also performed through Ann Hampton Callaway

After the initial pilot, a new theme to be needed. While “If my Friends can See Me Now” was definitely a fitting choice, The Nanny needed other catchier to carry fans right into the show. Ann Hampton Callaway had actually met Fran Drescher years before CBS choose up The Nanny. Callaway told Today that she had actually written numerous theme songs because that pilots that went nowhere but knew The Nanny was various when Drescher called her.


The cast of ‘The Nanny’ | CBS via Getty Images

Callaway recalled exactly how Drescher admitted she to be bringing numerous songwriters right into the process. Callaway said she knew the was real this time and also penned two various themes, hope to gain it right. She did gain it right. Initially, Callaway plan to pass “The Nanny called Fran” turn off to one more artist come sing, however Drescher was having none that it. Callaway finished up performing the theme, too.

Fran Drescher is partly responsible for among the layout songs most famous lines

The design template song’s lyricsare ingrained into the collective consciousness the most people who watched tv in the 1990s. Drescher, herself, influenced one the its most well-known lines. Follow to Callaway, Drescher sat down v her to comment on the character, hoping to get the perfect theme. Callaway explained to this particular day that she was having actually a tough time envisioning the character, for this reason she inquiry Drescher to sum up Fran well one much more time.

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Callaway said Drescher defined that Fran to be “the lady in red when everyone else is wearing tan.” She recalled that she thought it was a perfect way to define the character, for this reason she had the line in the song. It is the 2nd to last line in the 42-second jingle.

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The Nannyran for 6 seasons and also was nominated for12 Emmy awards. The show won once.