I have been known, ~ above occasion, to project my own gay feelings onto ostensibly not-gay world / locations / things, and so I thought that’s what i was doing in that DirectTV commercial where Serena Williams turns right into Wonder Woman. You know which one I’m talking about? It’s prefer Serena, then Wonder Woman, then Serena, climate Wonder Woman, then Serena, climate Wonder woman — and then Serena IS Wonder Woman? My first and eternal crush was Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Among top five contemporary crushes is Serena Williams, which i talk about any time someone provides me one opening. So as soon as the mrs in the DIRECTV commercial watch Serena Wonder Woman and also lustily gasps, flirtily tugging top top her very own ear, and also literally swoons in a means that would have actually a victorian woman getting swooped away to a fainting couch, i thought, “No I’m simply being me; the truth that she can’t breath looking at Serena Wonder woman is surely a heterosexual reaction.”

But the an ext I watch that commercial — which is multiple time every night ns watch the WNBA i beg your pardon is every night — the an ext I’m convinced it’s a gay reaction. But more than that, it’s a an initial time gay reaction.

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It’s the reaction that a shocked adult human who has actually just establish there’s more than one gender option for smooching. Serena Williams is do this woman gay in real time! She quirks her eyebrow! She inhales a second time! Her challenge is literally this emoji