Peterborough"s Linda Kash welcomes Humberly Gonzalez together the brand-new Philly Cream Cheese Angel. (Photo: Kraft Heinz Canada)

Peterborough gibbs Linda Kash’s regime as the iconic philly Cream Cheese angel is currently officially end — type of.

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Kash has actually passed her wings to Humberly Gonzalez, the newest philly Cream Cheese Angel.

Gonzalez is a Venezuelan-born Toronto-based actor who credits include Orphan Black, Saving Hope, Workin’ Moms, and Utopia Falls.

“Canadians have a strong emotional link to Linda Kash together the iconic ’90s philadelph Angel, yet a brand-new decade calls for a new angel and also the chance for philly to modernize and be reflective that Canada today,” claimed Nina Patel, head that marketing and also innovation in ~ Kraft Heinz Canada, in a September 28th announcement.

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Philadelphia Cream Cheese began the hunt for a brand-new Philly angel in February, encouraging Canadians — with Kash’s aid — to submit your audition videos on social media. Over there were an ext than 300 auditions, and also the firm has since decided come have an ext than one philadelph Angel in the future.

“Throughout the search, it was humbling to see so plenty of talented Canadians audition, each bringing your own distinct perspective come the role,” Patel said. “We were inspired by what us saw and we look front to welcoming numerous Philly Angels in the years to come.”

According come a media release, “Before hanging up she halo for good, Linda will train Humberly top top what it takes to it is in a philadelph Angel, sharing inside tips on wing maintenance, the perfect Philly-to-bagel proportion and, the course, a little heavenly gossip as well.”

VIDEO: Linda Kash welcomes Humberly Gonzalez as a brand-new Philly Angel

Canada, get ready to accomplish your next Philly Angel.

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Linda, our original Philly Angel, has actually officially happen on her wings. Canada, get ready to accomplish your following Philly Angel.

Posted by Philadelphia Cream Cheese Canada on Monday, September 28, 2020

Kash hasn’t hung up her wings quite yet, though. She has been continuing to appear alongside Gonzalez — that was born in 1995, when the initial Philly angel ads certification Kash were running — in television and social media spots.

“I flourished up eating philly Cream Cheese and am currently honoured to it is in teaming up with this iconic brand to aid spread joy and positivity throughout Canada, as among many new Philly Angels,” Gonzalez said. “Linda has had such an exceptional career and also her occupational as the philadelph Angel was so inspiring. I can’t wait to fulfill other future philly Angels and hope to carry out Linda’s wings the justice they deserve.”

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