Hassan’s son, a boy who is sent out to an orphanage once Hassan and Farzana room killed. The is then taken from the orphanage and sexually abused by Assef, until Amir comes because that him and brings him earlier to America. Sohrab is a prize of all the damaging things that have actually happened to both the characters and also the country of Afghanistan, yet he also offers a possibility for hope and also redemption.

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The The dragon Runner quotes below are every either talked by Sohrab or describe Sohrab. Because that each quote, friend can additionally see the other characters and themes related to it (each design template is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:

).Note: all web page numbers and citation info for the quotes listed below refer to the Riverhead publications edition of The kite Runner published in 2013.

“Sohrab, ns can’t give you your old life back, ns wish come God ns could. But I can take you with me. That was what ns was comes in the bathroom to tell you. You have actually a visa to go to America, to live through me and also my wife. The true. I promise.”





If someone to be to asking me today whether the story of Hassan, Sohrab, and me ends with happiness, i wouldn’t know what to say.

Does anybody’s?

“Do you want me to run that dragon for you?” His Adam’s apple rose and also fell as he swallowed… I thought I saw him nod. “For you, a thousand time over,” ns heard myself say. Then i turned and also ran. It was just a smile, naught more… A small thing… yet I’ll take it. With open arms. Due to the fact that when spring comes, the melts the eye one flake in ~ a time, and maybe I just witnessed the very first flake melting.

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The timeline below shows whereby the character Sohrab shows up in The dragon Runner. The colored dots and also icons indicate which themes are linked with that appearance.
...health, and also the two came to be close. Sanaubar ceded Farzana’s baby, a young that they named Sohrab ~ the personality from “Rostam and also Sohrab,” the story Hassan and also Amir loved together children....(full context)
...and Kabul was ruled by competitor Afghan groups that to be constantly at war. Hassan taught Sohrab to read and also write, so the he would certainly not prosper up illiterate like his father....(full context)
...a letter and also a snapshot of Hassan together a get an impressive man, standing with his boy Sohrab. They space both smiling as if the people were a kinder location than it is.(full context)
Hassan defines his boy Sohrab, and how lot he loves him. They still walk up to the cemetery ~ above the...(full context)
...with grief. Rahim Khan continues – the Taliban moved into Baba’s house, and they sent Sohrab come an orphanage. Rahim khan then says that this to be the other reason he wanted...(full context)
...thinks that the expression “a means to be good again,” and also hopes that perhaps with Sohrab over there is a method to finish the bicycle of betrayals and also lies.(full context)
...should not have actually assumed Amir’s reason for returning. He claims he will help Amir uncover Sohrab.(full context)
Amir and Farid discover the brand-new orphanage (which changed Baba’s, which to be destroyed) whereby Sohrab is supposed to be. The director, Zaman, is an extremely wary of their questions and at...(full context)
Zaman take away Amir and also Farid come his office and also says the has negative news – Sohrab is no much longer there, and also it may be as well late for him. That is hesitant...(full context)
Zaman gets up, choking, and says that the main took Sohrab a month ago. Zaman describes that he has no power versus the Taliban, and the...(full context)
The main asks Amir about America, however Amir just says that he is looking for Sohrab. The official says that numerous think that abandoning Afghanistan because that America is as an excellent as...(full context)
The guards revolve on music and also make Sohrab dance, and then the main takes Sohrab in his arms and orders the guards to...(full context)
...is referred to as ethnic cleansing, and also Assef appears to gain the term. Amir again asks for Sohrab, but he i will not ~ tell Assef what he plans to execute with him. Ultimately Assef shoves...(full context)
...that if Amir leaves the room alive they space to let the pass. He desires Sohrab to stay and also watch, however. Climate Assef puts on his old brass knuckles. After that...(full context)
...of swallowing teeth and also blood, Assef throwing him versus a wall and highlight him, and Sohrab screaming. Then Amir start laughing, as he all of sudden feels at tranquility for the first time...(full context)
Farid and also Sohrab visit Amir the next day, and also Amir many thanks them and properly introduces self to Sohrab,...(full context)
...at himself in the mirror, and sees every the damages to his face. Farid and also Sohrab arrive, and also Farid claims they need to leave Peshawar soon, as the Taliban have actually friends there....(full context)
Amir safety the remainder of the day playing a map game, panjpar, with Sohrab, who still seldom speaks. Amir asks what Hassan had actually said around him, and Sohrab says...(full context)
For the following two days, Sohrab and also Amir play panjpar in silence. The next day Amir decides the he must leave,...(full context)
Amir, Farid, and also Sohrab arrive in Islamabad, and also Amir is impressed v its size and cleanliness – to him...(full context)
Amir takes a pain pill and also falls asleep, and also when that wakes up Sohrab is gone. The hotel manager is unhelpful, and also implies that Amir is a negative father....(full context)
For a mainly afterward, no Amir no one Sohrab mentions America, yet one day they room playing cards and also Sohrab asks about San Francisco....(full context)
Later that day Sohrab asks about San Francisco again, and Amir defines the fog. Sohrab problems that Amir or...(full context)
The following day Amir goes with Sohrab come the American embassy. They fulfill with a man named Raymond Andrews, who listens to...(full context)
...asks if andrew has any type of children, and Andrews states no. Amir then leaves angrily through Sohrab, and on the way out that comments about Andrews’ rudeness to his secretary. She explains...(full context)
They return to the hotel and Sohrab takes a lengthy bath. Amir wonders when he will start to feel cleaned the the...(full context)
That night, Amir tells Sohrab the he thinks he will be able to come come America, but first he might...(full context)
When Amir wakes up, Sohrab is in the bath, and also Soraya calls. She claims that her family contact can get...(full context)
...neglect and also betrayal, and also he assures to pray every work if just God will conserve Sohrab’s life.(full context)
After a if Amir drops asleep top top the floor, and also he dreams of Sohrab in the bloody tub and the razor he offered to reduced himself, the same razor...(full context)
Several job pass through Amir resting on a hospital couch and Sohrab sleeping with a ventilator. Ultimately Amir return to his hotel to acquire some rest, but...(full context)
Amir reads from the story that “Rostam and also Sohrab,” yet Sohrab shakes his head when Amir asks if he should continue. Lastly Sohrab speaks,...(full context)
Eventually Amir bring away Sohrab’s silence together an acceptance, and a week later on they come in America. Amir remembers a...(full context)
Amir return to the narrative, together he and also Sohrab arrive in mountain Francisco in respectable of 2001. Soraya choose them up at the airport,...(full context)
That night Amir finds the photo of Hassan under Sohrab’s pillow. Looking in ~ Hassan’s face, Amir realizes how Baba was torn between his 2 sons,...(full context)
...Amir tells the General about Kabul and the Taliban. General Taheri skirts the subject of Sohrab in ~ first, yet then asks Amir why there is a Hazara boy living through him...(full context)
Amir describes the nature of Sohrab’s silence – the is not simply quietness, but as if he had shut self down...(full context)
Feeling helpless in the confront of Sohrab’s silence and the new war in Afghanistan, Amir and also Soraya obtain jobs through a hospital...(full context)
...“small miracle” that takes place on a rainy day in in march of 2002. The takes Sohrab, Soraya, and also Jamila to a park where a team of Afghans room celebrating the Afghan...(full context)
...finds an Afghan dragon seller and also buys a kite, and he bring away it end to Sohrab. Amir checks the string and talks to Sohrab around Hassan, and also his skill at kite-flying...(full context)
Amir offers again, and Sohrab hesitantly takes the dragon string. Amir desire time would stand still. Then a green kite...

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(full context)
Behind them civilization cheer for their victory, and also the tiniest smile appears on Sohrab’s face. Amir knows it is just a little thing, but it is maybe a sign...(full context)
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