Stanley, the protagonist that Holes, is a dynamic character. He alters during the course of the novel due to the influence and effect the his experiences and also actions. Together the novel begins, Stanley has actually low self-esteem. That is overweight and is accustomed come having poor luck. He features this bad luck to his "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grand-father," who caused Madame Zeroni to placed a curse ~ above the Yelnats family. Stanley has no friends. That is a misfit in his class at school. Because he is larger in size than his classmates, teachers erroneously assume he have the right to take treatment of himself when he is gift mistreated, so they don"t intervene and Stanley is left come fend because that himself. Yet Stanley is naive, innocent, and kindhearted, and also he doesn"t know exactly how to be mean. He loves and respects his parents; in fact, he to be trying to aid his dad by acquisition the smelly sneakers that had actually "fallen native the sky" house to the (his father to be trying to create a use for old sneakers).

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Stanley is perceptive. When he come at Camp environment-friendly Lake, he easily understands what he requirements to execute to survive. He follows the rule without question and he needs X-Ray, the unofficial leader of the boys, to think that is a good guy. Stanley wins X-Ray"s approval by coming to be enmeshed in the program that is already established in ~ Camp environment-friendly Lake. Stanley provides the gold lipstick tube to X-Ray to insurance claim as his "find," and also he bring away the blame for stealing Mr. Sir"s sunflower seeds, also though that didn"t do it. Stanley is smart. He tells X-Ray just how to get much more time off and begins to teach Zero just how to read. He perseveres. Hopeful and optimistic, Stanley keeps going regardless of the obstacles that he faces.

While that is at Camp environment-friendly Lake, Stanley changes. His body starts to adjust as a an outcome of the shoveling, and also he is no longer fat. Stanley"s human body is firm because his muscles have strengthened, and also he realizes the he is the greatest boy in his tent. Because that the an initial time, Stanley is no ashamed to it is in the biggest. He is proud the himself and also has obtained self-confidence. Stanley provides friends and, as soon as he is ~ above the mountain with Zero, in spite of the ordeal the is walk through, that likes himself and is happy. Stanley is a hero. He conserves Zero"s life, discovers the hidden "treasure," and, since his plight draws fist to Camp eco-friendly Lake, the camp is closed down and also no other boys will ever before have to destruction holes again. Stanley provides the money the he receives native the stocks the were in the suitcase come buy his parents a house and also to build a laboratory in the basement for his father.

Zero (Hector Zeroni)

Zero is the novel"s deuteragonist, the character 2nd in importance. Zero"s great-great-grandmother was mam Zeroni, who put a curse top top generations of the Yelnats family. Zero is dark-skinned and little in stature. The is quiet (in fact, he seldom speaks), and he doesn"t readily reveal his thoughts, feelings, or emotions. A rare laugh spreads across his entire face. Because he constantly hides what he"s thinking and feeling, and because the keeps come himself, human being assume Zero is stupid, but he isn"t. That is fairly intelligent and also is particularly great in math. Zero the town hall Stanley write letters to his mother, and, finally, once he thinks he can trust Stanley, Zero admits the he can"t review or write. That asks Stanley come teach him. Zero becomes frustrated as soon as the Warden forbids Stanley come teach him, and Zero operation away. As soon as Stanley find Zero in the desert, they come to be loyal friends. Zero reveals the his surname is Hector Zeroni, the he has actually been homeless for most of his life, and also that he has no family. That is a "ward the the state." he told Stanley the his mom used to song him a lullaby comparable to the one Stanley knows, and he admits that he to be the one that stole Clyde Livingston"s sneakers. The was sent to Camp eco-friendly Lake since he"d steal a pair that sneakers native a keep the work after he"d take away Clyde Livingston"s sneakers.

After finding the suitcase belonging to Stanley"s great-grandfather, Zero offered some the his money (which price to virtually a million dollars) to hire private investigators to discover his mother. The investigators succeed, and Zero and also his mother are reunited.

Madame Zeroni

Madame Zeroni is an old Egyptian gypsy storyteller. She is dark-skinned and also has a large mouth. Since she has no left foot, she uses a wheelchair. She is a compassionate woman, and yet she is likewise realistic. Madame Zeroni desires to help Elya Yelnats once he speak her about wanting come marry Myra Menke; however, madame Zeroni is direct with Elya. She tells him that the girl"s head is empty, the she is foolish and spoiled. And then she spits ~ above the dust (the same means Zero spits in every hole after he finishes digging). She provides Elya a piglet and details instructions about what he demands to perform in order to ensure the the pig will be large enough to victory Myra"s hand in marriage. Due to the fact that Elya does not follow she instructions, madame Zeroni puts a curse on him and on future generations the Yelnats.

Elya Yelnats

Elya Yelnats is Stanley"s "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather" that is blamed for everything negative that wake up to future generations of his family. Return he never actually steals a pig, his actions cause Madame Zeroni to placed a curse top top him and also all his descendants.

When Elya is 15 years old, life in Latvia, he falls in love v Myra Menke and also wants to marry her. Igor, a pig farmer, likewise wants come marry Myra and also offers a pig for she hand in marriage. Not learning what to do, Elya walk to watch Madame Zeroni. Madame Zeroni offers Elya a piglet along with certain instructions. The is to take it the pig increase the hill each day and sing a lullaby come the pig together it drink from the stream. On the last day, he is to take it the pig up the mountain before taking it come Myra"s father and also then lug Madame Zeroni increase the mountain, too, to sing the lullaby come her together she drink from the stream.

Because the is vain and doesn"t desire to smell prefer a pig as soon as he goes to Myra"s residence to shot to success her hand in marriage, Elya doesn"t take the pig increase the mountain the last day, no one does he take madame Zeroni increase the mountain. Once he realizes the Myra doesn"t love him, Elya offers her father the pig anyway and also leaves ~ above a ship because that the united States, where he meets and marries buy it Miller. Elya and Sarah have a an excellent marriage, in spite of the fact that they endure from much negative luck. Elya never gives up searching for Madame Zeroni"s son, who was likewise in the joined States, since he feel guilty about not fulfilling his promise come her.

Stanley Yelnats II

Stanley Yelnats II is Stanley"s great-grandfather, who made a the majority of money in the share market. Unfortunately, his stagecoach is plunder by Kissin" Kate Barlow as soon as he is en path from brand-new York come California. That is left stranded in the desert for 3 weeks. As soon as asked just how he survived, he constantly replies, "I uncovered refuge top top God"s thumb" (the same hill that Stanley and Zero climb). He later marries the nurse who takes care of that in the hospital and constantly blames his "no-good-pig-stealing-father" because that his ordeal.

Katherine "Kissin" Kate" Barlow

Katherine Barlow is environment-friendly Lake"s only schoolteacher. She is a an extremely pretty and kind person. Everyone in the city loves her jarred peaches (the exact same jarred peaches the Zero and Stanley discovered under the boat named "Mary Lou"). Due to the fact that the town"s one-room schoolhouse needs repairs, Katherine trades she jarred peaches for the handiwork of Sam the Onion Man. Throughout the time Sam renders the repair to the schoolhouse, Katherine and also Sam loss in love. At the time, a relationship between a black man and a white woman was illegal and unacceptable in green Lake; the ar members space intolerant. They ruin the schoolhouse and, together Sam and Katherine shot to to escape in his rowboat named after his donkey, mary Lou, they kill Sam and rescue Katherine, versus her wishes.

Three days later, Katherine shoot the town sheriff, that would not assist her conserve Sam native the townspeople, and also she becomes Kissin" Kate Barlow, a ruthless outlaw the the Wild West. Kissin" Kate Barlow kisses each male that she kills. She is vengeful and also becomes one outlaw since of her grief and anger end the ns of Sam and also the way the ar members cure him. Kissin" Kate robs Stanley"s great-grandfather together he rides a stagecoach to California. She doesn"t death him, however she leaves him stranded in the middle of the desert (near green Lake).

Twenty year later, Kissin" Kate is living in the exact same cabin the Warden is living in today. Trout Walker and also his wife break in to Kissin" Kate"s cabin and intend come torture her until she tells them whereby she has actually stashed her loot. Rather of giving them an answer, Kissin" Kate is bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard and dies.

Sam the Onion Man

Sam is a black man in his early on twenties who has an onion ar on environment-friendly Lake. He has actually a lovely donkey called Mary Lou the pulls his cart full of onions with the highways of the community. Sam cases that his onions can cure anything and can even repel yellow-spotted lizards. Sam is fairly skillful and also soon begins making repair on the schoolhouse because that Katherine Barlow in exchange for she jarred peaches. They gain each other"s firm and soon autumn in love. Since a relationship in between a black color man and a white woman was illegal at that time, the community takes the law into their very own hands. Sam and also his cheat are killed and, immediately thereafter, rain stops falling on green Lake and the community does not survive.

Charles "Trout" Walker

Charles Walkers earns the nickname "Trout" since his feet smell choose dead fish. (He has actually an incurable foot fungus that causes his feet to smell; that is the very same foot odor problem that Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston has years later.) Trout is the son of a very wealthy man whose family members owns many of the soil on the east side of green Lake when environment-friendly Lake is taken into consideration to it is in the largest lake in Texas. Trout is loud, stupid, arrogant, and also disrespectful. The attends Katherine Barlow"s evening class for adult in the one-room schoolhouse and consistently disrupts the lessons. Everyone is sure that Katherine will marry him since his family members is wealthy, however she refuses also to journey on his motorized boat.

After Katherine is watched kissing Sam the Onion Man, Trout leader a lot of community members into the schoolhouse, which castle destroy. Once Katherine and also Sam try to get away in Sam"s rowboat, Trout"s motorized watercraft runs into the rowboat and Sam is shot and also killed.

Twenty years later, Katherine Barlow, then recognized as Kissin" Kate Barlow, is living in an exit cabin. Trout Walker and also his wife, Linda müller (whom the Warden resembles), break right into Kissin" Kate"s cabin and demand to know where she has hidden all the money the she has stolen. Kate suggests that she has buried the money in the dried-up lakebed. Trout"s family, and also future generations the Walkers, continue to dig, in search of Kissin" Kate"s buried treasure because that years.

Ms. Pedestrian (The Warden)

The Warden is a high woman with freckles and red hair. She wears black color turquoise-studded boots (similar come the ones worn by Kissin" Kate Barlow year earlier). She is a descendant of Trout Walker and his wife Linda Miller. The Warden is a secret woman. She resides alone in a little cabin. She only seems to it is in interested in even if it is the boys have uncovered something that has actually been buried in the dried-up lakebed. The buried treasure is the total focus of her life. The Warden will perform anything to discover it.

After Zero operation away, she has all of his files destroyed. She doesn"t care about Zero. Her only issue is finding the buried treasure. She doesn"t want her search halted for any kind of reason. The Warden is a villainous and also menacing person. She enforces the rule by threaten to scrape offenders with her nails, i beg your pardon are sleek with rattlesnake venom. The Warden never gets the buried treasure. She is forced to nearby Camp green Lake and sell her land, which at some point becomes a Girl scout Camp.

Mr. Sir

Mr. Sir acts as the guard at Camp green Lake. That wears a huge cowboy hat and sunglasses and also has a rattlesnake tattoo top top his arm. The habitually eats sunflower seeds, which have actually replaced his habit of smoking cigarettes cigarettes. Mr. Sir shows up to be really unhappy person. The is sarcastic and also verbally abusive come the boys, constantly reminding them the they aren"t attending a Girl scout Camp. (Ironically, the camp does come to be a Girl reconnaissance Camp in ~ the novel"s end.) Mr. Sir"s plot are completely controlled through the Warden. Mr. Teacher is humiliated as soon as Stanley look at the Warden slap him (after she has painted she nails with rattlesnake venom) and hears the Warden phone call him that she liked him much better when that was smoking cigarettes than eating sunflower seeds (which he claims Stanley stole native his truck). Afterward, to present Stanley the he is in charge, he consistently neglects to fill Stanley"s canteen v water. One day, Stanley is certain Mr. Sir put "some vile substance" in his canteen of water. By the moment Stanley and also Zero go back to Camp environment-friendly Lake to destruction up the suitcase, Mr. Sir is smoking cigarettes cigarettes once again — one indication that a character weakness. Even though Mr. Sir appears intimidating come the boys at Camp eco-friendly Lake, his tough, typical demeanor is a façade. In fact, Mr. Sir is intimidated by the Warden and, therefore, does everything she says.

Mr. Pendanski

Mr. Pendanski is the counselor for the guys in team D. He has a shaved head and also a "thick, curly black beard." The boys contact him "Mom," and he phone call each boy by his provided name quite than by a nickname. He talks to the boys around their goals and dreams and about the importance of taking duty for your behaviors and actions. He wants the guys to end up being "useful and hardworking members of society." Mr. Pendanski, however, is morally ambiguous. That attempts to instill values and also morality in the boys and also then turns around and also does the opposite. Every little thing the Warden tells him come do, even if it means committing one illegal action (destroying Zero"s file), the does it without question. Mr. Pendanski is a follower and not a leader.


X-Ray"s surname is pig latin because that his provided name, Rex. X-Ray wears glasses due to the fact that he can"t see an extremely well, and he always uses the same shovel since he claims it is the shortest one (the holes dug by the boys space measured through their shovels). X-Ray is the unofficially leader of the guys in team D. That is always very first in line for lunch or to have actually his canteen refilled with water. X-Ray gives Stanley the nickname "Caveman." Stanley intimidates X-Ray because Stanley is bigger than he is and because Stanley is smart. For example, as soon as Stanley provides X-Ray the gold tube he has actually found, he suggests that X-Ray wait till the next morning to present it come Mr. Pendanski, so the he deserve to get an ext time off. To reward Stanley because that his "loyalty," X-Ray tells Stanley to relocate up in heat at the water truck.

After Zero starts digging fifty percent of Stanley"s hole each day, X-Ray tells Stanley to be an initial in line because he is "better than all of us." also though X-Ray appears to be sarcastic, over there is a ring of truth to his words. Stanley bring away the blame because that the steal sunflower seeds so the other boys will not obtain in trouble; he is likewise teaching Zero to read. In the end, once Stanley and Zero are earlier at Camp eco-friendly Lake, X-Ray acts together though the is jealousy of Stanley — he is the only among the team of boys that does not come over to talk to Stanley and also Zero. Instead, that goes ago to the destructive Room alone.

Ms. Morengo

Ms. Morengo is a patent lawyer that is helping Stanley"s father v a new product he has actually invented. After hearing about Stanley"s case from his father, she investigates and also finds proof the he has not steal Clyde Livingston"s sneakers. She has actually a court order native the judge who originally sentenced Stanley, releasing the from Camp environment-friendly Lake. She arrives at Camp environment-friendly Lake just as Stanley manages to climb the end of the hole whereby he has found the hidden suitcase.

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Ms. Morengo is Hispanic. She has straight black color hair and dark eyes. She speaks v a slight mexico accent and also she trills her r"s. She is a quick woman however she gives the impression the she is taller. She is self-confident and assertive, intimidated by neither the Attorney general nor the Warden. In fact, she endangers to sue lock if anything happens to Stanley. Ms. Morengo has actually no yongin for injustice, incompetence, or dishonesty.