Lonnie Quinn Biography

Lonnie Quinn is the chief weathercaster for CBS 2 brand-new York in ~ 5, 6, and 11 weekdays. Quinn additionally serves together the national weather anchor because that “CBS This Morning” Saturday. He join the station in 2007.

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Quinn to visit Boston College whereby he graduated through a B.A. In speech communications. If in college he swam because that the Boston college swim team.

Lonnie Quinn Career

Quinn previously functioned for 5 years at WTVJ, in Miami, Florida. His tv career actually began as an gibbs on ABC’s all My Children. The experience allowed Quinn to construct comfort in former of the camera which aided him to perform exceptionally in local and national broadcasting.

After an altering careers from exhilaration to broadcasting, his an initial newsroom task was in ~ WVIR in Charlottesville, VA. Quinn to be hired as a cameraman however three months into the job, a possibility to report in prior of the camera solidified his new career path. Shortly Quinn’s duties had full-time reporting and also anchoring the weekend weathercasts.

While in Charlottesville, he covered stories related to the thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemings controversy and also the famous baby move at the college of Virginia hospital. Quinn likewise reported generally on the rising political job of Emily Couric before her unfortunate death in October 2001.


Lonnie Quinn Photo

Miami, Florida was the next stop and it to be a transforming point in his career. Not just was Quinn advocated to permanent weather anchor, but also enabled to develop his own, unique style. That has constantly been a pan of the weather and he hates the idea the a boring weathercast.

By 2005, he was one of Miami’s most famous on-air personalities and guided the area through the most energetic hurricane season in history. For 5 years, the worked very closely with Max Mayfield in ~ the nationwide Hurricane Center. Additionally, Quinn join the “Hurricane Hunters” collecting data on a category 5 hurricane together they flew v the eye that “Isabel” turn off the coastline of north Carolina. He is a personal pilot himself and holds a meteorology certification indigenous the FAA.

In his quick acting career, Quinn is finest known for developing the function of will Cooney on ABC’s all My kids (1988–1990). He likewise played a function as well-off Landers ~ above the former NBC soap opera Santa Barbara (1992–1993).

Lonnie Quinn CBS 2 brand-new York

Quinn is right now working at CBS 2 brand-new York wherein she functions alongside other famed CBS 2 new York anchors and reporters including;

Otis LivingstonLisa RoznerKristine JohnsonChris WraggeHazel SanchezDick BrennanAli BaumanTony AielloMary CalviDana Tyler

Lonnie Quinn Age

Quinn is 56 years old as of 2019. He to be born together Lonnie william Quinn on august 9, 1963, in Cheshire, CT, united States. He celebrate his birthday on nine August every year.

Lonnie Quinn Height

Quinn stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.80m) tall.

Lonnie Quinn Family

Quinn was born in Cheshire, CT, and also raised in addition to his 6 brothers and also sisters. He has however not disclosed any type of information about his parental or name of his siblings.

Lonnie Quinn Wife

Quinn is married come Sharon Quinn because 2007. Castle live in Manhattan v their son, Nate, indigenous a previous relationship, and daughters Lily and Savannah. His son is researching at Cornell University and also previously to visit The Bronx High school of Science.

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Lonnie Quinn net Worth

Quinn has actually an estimated net worth of in between $1 Million-$5 Million i m sorry he has earned through his career together a weathercaster.