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Born October 23, 1956 inPikeville, Kentucky, USA
Birth NameDwight David Yoakam
Height 6"(1.83m)
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due to the fact that the begin of his music career, Dwight Yoakam has proven he"s much more than just another guy with a guitar and also a hat. He has risen from hot nation star to gift one of nation music"s greatest influences. While doing that, the has additionally become a critically acclaimed actor.Dwight David Yoakam to be born ~ above October 23, 1956 in the charcoal mining neighborhood of Pikeville, Kentucky, to Ruth Ann (Tibbs), a key-punch operator, and also David Yoakam, a gas-station owner. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he to be raised. As component of the Drama society in his days at Northland High school in Columbus, that acted in institution plays. He play Helen Keller"s brother in his sophomore year in the school"s production of "The wonder Worker." He followed that his small year playing the lead together Charlie in "Flowers because that Algernon." the capped off his high institution acting career as Richard Bravo in The "Demon Seed." In 1977, Dwight moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. In ~ the time, Nashville was moving away indigenous the timeless country sound the he to be playing. ~ a quick time there, he moved to California, i beg your pardon was much more receptive to the music he was doing. That hooked up with producer/guitar virtuoso Pete Anderson in 1982. That started a musical connection that ended up being country music"s equivalent to rock"s Glimmer twins (Mick Jagger and also Keith Richards).Financial backing to make a high-quality recording came from Dwight"s sister and also brother-in-law, an insurance check that was supposed to fix Dwight"s El Camino and money raised from a benefit classical music concert staged by UCLA music professor Dr. Robert Winter. V the EP (extended play) that recorded the "Dwight Yoakam sound." In1984, Dwight released the six-song EP "Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc." ~ above the independent Oak label, and also then fight the roadway with such artists together Los Lobos and Violent Femmes. Playing classic country music, Dwight acquired a following amongst not only country fans but punk rockers and rockabilly fans together well. This eclectic pan base lugged him to the attention of numerous record labels. Warner brothers signed him come its newly revived Reprise document label in 1985. The EP"s title and tracks were kept undamaged and much more songs added to do a full album. At the time, country music remained in the waning job of its city Cowboy (1980) phase, and fans of country were hungry because that something "new." This new sound to be a return to a an ext traditional style that had been abandoned as soon as John Travolta put on a cowboy hat. After developing himself in the music industry, Dwight collection his sights ~ above his second love, acting. In 1991 he appeared as a stuntman/country singer in an illustration of P.S.I. Luv U (1991). This ended up being the beginning of his experienced acting career. In 1992, he appeared on the large screen because that the very first time in the Nicolas Cage/Dennis Hopper movie Red rock West (1993). In 1993, Dwight exit what is considered his masterpiece, the album "This Time." He supported the album v a tourism that lasted end a year and also covered the world. In 1994, he obtained his very first Grammy for the album"s single, "Ain"t the Lonely Yet." In 1996, that co-starred in Billy Bob Thornton"s movie Sling tongue (1996). His work-related as the angry Doyle Hargraves left audience speechless and also critics hailing his performance.Dwight was contained with the cast who were amongst the nominees for "Best Cast" by the display Actors Guild awards. As the 1990s attracted to a close, Dwight verified that his music didn"t have to suffer as he pursued an ext ventures right into movies. If filming The Newton boys (1998), he created what many consider his most personal album, "A Long way Home." all the tracks to be written specifically by Dwight. He began 1999 v a Grammy win for his contribution to the monitor "Same Old Train" from the miscellaneous artists" album "Tribute to Tradition." the then included two brand-new items to his resume: director and screenwriter. In southern of Heaven, West of Hell (2000), the not only starred, that made his directorial debut through a screenplay that authored. Dwight Yoakam continues to prove that he is may be to properly have careers in both film and also music, without either profession suffering.

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household (2)
Spouse Emily Joyce(March 2020 - present) (1 child)
parental Yoakam, Ruth Ann Yoakam, David
Trivia (44)
Attended and also graduated from Northland High institution in Columbus, Ohio (1974), the alma mater the Happy Chichester (Royal Crescent Mob) and Samuel Bayer who directed the music video clip of Nirvana"s Smells favor Teen Spirit. .
if on place in Texas shoot the movie The Newton boys (1998), he created the song he offered for the album "A Long means Home" (1998).
Sang a cover of "Crazy small Thing called Love" through Queen. This was supposed to be provided only together a jingle in a television commercial because that the Gap"s blue jeans, but there to be such a huge demand because that the song, he finished up releasing this as a single.

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Dwight was injured while filming panic Room (2002). He burst a bursa sac ~ above his elbow, hyper-extended both his thumbs, and had a few cracked ribs.