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The Caliper evaluate is a daunting employment test through 98 cognitive and also behavioral questions, assessing your personality traits and also abilities.

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Although it might seem like just a formality, the Caliper test offers employers with an actual check score supplied to decide if you’re a good fit for the job.

To assist you fully prepare for it, we created a comprehensive guide the includes:

Caliper profile check overview, exercise questions, and also answers (personality & cognitive).Caliper check scoring overview & tips to raise your score

Let"s get started.


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What Is a Caliper Assessment?

The Caliper assessment, or Caliper Profile, is a daunting pre-employment check measuring your personality traits and thinking skills. The test"s outcomes are offered by employers to screen candidates and also hire those who display personality and cognitive characteristics that best fit the job requirements.

The Caliper test consists of 98 multiple choice questions of two kinds: cognitive, and mostly behavioral. While the test is no timed, it generally takes around one hour to complete. You deserve to expect to take the Caliper assessment check online, in the form of 4 segments:

3 sections of the Caliper personality test2 part of a total of 58 most and least questions. 1 ar of 30 scale "Strongly agree/disagree” questions.1 Cognitive test section 11 math and also shape questions that assess her abstract thinking ability.

Watch this short video clip to gain a rapid overview the the Caliper assessment questions and preparation tips:


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The Caliper Personality Test

The purpose of Caliper’s personality check is to evaluate her personality traits and competencies come predict if friend fit the appropriate position. The contains behavioral questions the measure 21 personality traits in 4 main areas:

LeadershipInterpersonal communicationDecision make & problem-solvingTime administration & personal organization

These are the question varieties you’ll watch on the Caliper personality test:

Most and also Least QuestionsEach question in this section will save on computer a block of four statements representing personal viewpoints. You’ll be request to select two the end of the four statements - one showing your approach the most (or best describes you), and also one reflecting your viewpoint the least.For example:

Likert scale QuestionsQuestions ~ above this section will each contain one statement. You will do it be asked to identify your commitment level with each explain on a seven-point scale.Try this example:Rank your covenant level through the complying with statement, on a range of 7-“strongly agree” come 1-“strongly disagree”:

how to answer this question:
The “right” answers for personality inquiries depend ~ above the place you’re applying for. Every question procedures a particular trait, the is either essential for the duty or not. Once you answer these questions, your goal is to display you room the finest fit because that the job. 

For example, if the position requires dominance, answer 6-7 would display that, but if the position requires you come be much more of a team player- answers 2-3 would certainly be a much better fit.

If her answers align v the job’s required traits, you’ll be found more compatible, and have higher chances to gain hired.

To success on the Caliper Personality test, you require to learn which answers strengthen the characteristics required for your role, and practice answering questions accordingly. 

On our Caliper test prep pack, you will do it get complete explanations on the personality traits forced for your function and learn just how to identify and also answer inquiries that evaluate them.

Now, stop look at some sample Caliper test questions and answers because that the cognitive section:


The Caliper Cognitive test Questions

The goal of cognitive inquiries on the Caliper Profile test is to assess her abstract thinking ability. High analytical capacity tells the employee you have the right to identify problems and also inconsistencies, attract accurate conclusions, and solve difficulties efficiently.

On all inquiries under this ar of the Caliper exam, you"ll have to identify a sample in a sequence of forms or numbers, and complete one missing item the end of the sequence. You deserve to expect to watch four types of cognitive test questions:

Visual Analogy Questions

Caliper intuitive analogy inquiries assess your capacity to identify relationships in between figures. In every question, you’ll need to determine the relationship between two shapes, and then select a new shape regarded a third single shape in the exact same way.

For example:

Choose the prize that finest completes the visual analogy:

check your answer:
The correct answer is 2.The relationship between figure X and figure Y is as follows:The bottom shape (triangle) in figure X appears twice within the upper form (rectangle). One time it appears rotated 90° clockwise and one time 90° counterclockwise.The exactly answer must have the same relationship with number Z.

Matrices Questions

These questions also assess your capacity to determine a pattern, just a more facility one. Here you’ll it is in asked to fill in the lacking item in a procession (size 3X3).

For example:

Which brick is missing?

inspect your answer:
The correct answer is 5.

Across the rows- the shape rotates 90° (¼ circle) clockwise.Throughout the matrix, the center square (in every frame) is yellow. 

Across the bottom row, we have one blue square and also three white squares. In the left frame, the blue square is to the left. In the center frame, the form rotates 90° (turns ¼ circle), and also the blue square is currently at the top. In the lacking frame, the shape must again rotate 90° putting the blue square to the right. The only answer through a blue square to the right and also a yellow square in the middle is prize number 5.

Visual series Questions

In each question, you will do it be offered several numbers that kind a sequence based upon a specific rule. To answer the question, you’ll have to complete one absent shape out of the series.

For example:

Choose the number that is absent from the collection of numbers in the top row

Number series Questions

Here you’ll obtain math questions, in i beg your pardon you’ll have to identify number patterns and determine i m sorry is the following number in the collection according come the pattern.Try this number collection sample question:  

3, -6, 12, 4, 20, ? 1314616

check your answer:
There room two alternate sequences in this series, each complying with a various rule:

In the first sequence (pairs 1+2, 3+4, 5+6), the difference between each pair boosts by +1 (-9,-8,-7…)In the second sequence (pairs 2+3, 4+5), the difference in between each pair decreases by -2. (+18, +16)

How to prepare for the Caliper cognitive questions?

To aid you practice, ours Caliper check Prep Pack includes 195 Caliper-style concerns covering all cognitive question species on the Caliper test.

These incorporate thorough answers and explanations because that each question, written by skilled psychologists to provide you with straightforward strategies and also tips.

Solving this number of Caliper-tailored test questions will help you come solve any type of patterned question on the yes, really test.

Caliper check Scores

The Caliper assessment outcomes are given to employers with scores ranging between 1-99, each score indicating her trait/ability level contrasted to Caliper task models (that is, expected scores). Based on that, employers get an as whole fit score, v the highest one indicating you a perfect match for the role.

You have the right to read the meanings of every trait ~ above the main Caliper Personality check PDF

How Is the Caliper test Scored?

Your Caliper personality profile will certainly be compared to a Job version for the role you’re applying for. The is, an “ideal” profile v 5-9 an essential competencies needed to succeed on the job, based on the personality profile of high-performing employee of the very same role.

Every place requires various personality traits that candidates need to possess come be found fit for the job.

for example:

Some the the vital abilities required in management roles room high abstract thinking ability, high assertiveness, and high urgency (i.e., a tendency to act conveniently to attain results). This way you’ll want to score high ~ above the cognitive questions and get high assertiveness and urgency scores on items the assess those traits.

What do Caliper Test outcomes Look Like?

The caliper check scores look favor a detailed list of your strengths, motivations, limitations, and also potential for the position you’re using for, according to the key competencies required for it. As a result, employers gain an as whole fit score that indicates how well you fit the preferred position.

View a full caliper test outcomes sample (for sales) on the Caliper Corp official page.

What is a an excellent Caliper Score? 

The closer your Caliper check answers are to Caliper’s job model, the greater score you’ll obtain on your Caliper profile. If scoring between 60-79 means you space a good match, it additionally predicts feasible challenges to a successful performance. Aim because that a score the 80 or greater to ensure you obtain the job.

To get a high caliper test score, you’ll need to take into consideration the essential qualities for the role you’re applying for, and also answer in a means that highlights the relevant traits.

With our Caliper Assessment prep Pack, you’ll acquire practice materials and also thorough explanations on exactly how to prize in a method that fits your position, so the you can attain a high right score and rise your possibilities to gain hired.

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Excellent and Quick reference ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

“My new employer called me that my Caliper Assessment was outstanding! ns purchased the project PrepPack™ 24 hours prior to I had to take it the assessment. The methodology behind how to strategy each kind of question, as well as the practice questions certainly improved mine performance. Fine worth the invest in stimulate to assist land that following job."


Insightful behavior analysis & great practice ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

"I obtained the job! The prep gives some insightful explanations as to behavior inquiries that i was not conscious of. Additionally has enough practice for cognitive tests (abstract and also numerical reasoning). All these practices deserve to be catered because that individual professionals."

4 basic Tips to rise your Caliper profile Score

Know Which inquiries to Expect The caliper assessment test is regularly overlooked, together it may feel choose this check is simply a formality the won’t ache your possibilities of gaining the job. However, even when administered on one of the last stages of the hiring process, many huge organizations greatly rely on the caliper profile outcomes to identify whether she a great fit because that the job.Our very first tip is- don’t get caught by surprise. Acquire to know exactly the Caliper test concerns that will appear on the yes, really test- cognitive and personality, and also practice each type. This way, you’ll gain confidence, mitigate stress-induced mistakes, and also improve your personality profile fit score. 

Answer concerns as If You’re currently Working in Your preferred Job After finding out the most critical personality traits intended for her role, imagine yourself already working in the role, law a an excellent job, and also answer accordingly.

To perform that, first, memorize the 6-9 most essential competencies for this job. Then, imagine you yourself as an excellent employee and truly think that you space a perfect candidate.

Take your Time

Since personality tests deserve to be exceptionally exhausting, you could be tempted to answer the Caliper assessment quickly and hope because that the finest result. We recommend the you use the endless amount the time you have actually on the Caliper test to actively consider her answers.

Answer Personality concerns Honestly

It is crucial that your answers come across as authentic and also consistent as possible, for several reasons:

Personality exam are based upon multiple concerns for each trait scale; some are of the contrary values, so that is very hard come fabricate answer consistently.If you discover yourself having to answer inquiries extremely different than your herbal tendencies, you can want to reconsider even if it is this is a task that you will do it enjoy.

To price genuinely while mirroring the qualities that make you a good candidate, try to imagine yourself in instances in which you react an in similar way to what’s supposed of you and then price the question.

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For example, stop say you are a an imaginative person that is easily distracted. In a place where you will do it be forced to show a high capacity to be thorough and pay attention to detail, shot imagining situations in which friend are much more easily focused, and also use those come answer any type of questions that assess this ability.