66) i beg your pardon slender, conical speleothem grow from water dripping from the ceiling that a cavern?



67) A terrain exhibiting numerous distinctive functions related to subsurface systems of limestone is recognized as ________.

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68) A currently flowing right into a sinkhole is dubbed a(n) ________.


69) A hydrothermal vent that periodically or occasionally erupts a obelisk of heavy steam and hot water is dubbed a(n) ________.



70) A(n) ________ is a circular come elliptical, close up door depressions in karst areas.



71) i m sorry speleothem grows increase from the floor that a cavern?



72) What hydrogeological condition describes a neighborhood zone the saturated soil or rock above the elevation of the local water table?



73) Dripstone and travertine room composed that ________.

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77) top top the blanks provided beside each cross ar below, explain what type of present is represented. Arrows suggest direction of groundwater flow.


(a) ______________________________



(b) ______________________________



78) What is the surname of the localized lowering of the water table displayed in the diagram below?