location the following items in bespeak from biggest to smallest: cell, chromosome, gene, DNA, organism, nucleus.
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The ranking of the provided items from largest to the smallest is as follows:

Organism > cabinet > cell nucleus > Chromosome > Gene > DNA

DNA is a molecule that can be believed of together the blueprint the life. In other words, it acts as a theme which is replicated before...

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The ranking that the offered items from biggest to smallest is as follows:

Organism > cabinet > nucleus > Chromosome > Gene > DNA

DNA is a molecule that can be thought of together the blueprint of life. In other words, that acts together a template which is replicated prior to cell division. It offers the information for structure all the proteins in ~ every living thing.

Gene is the straightforward functional and also physical unit that heredity and also is consisted of of DNA. Genes recognize the traits and functions the a cell and also are transferred from parent to daughter cells.

Chromosomes contain nucleic acids and proteins and also they lug the genetic information in the form of genes.

The nucleus consists of chromosomes. That is a membrane-bound structure and contains the hereditary information.

A cabinet is the smallest sensible unit of life and contains nucleus and also cytoplasm in a membrane-bound structure.

An biology is made up of a variety of cells.

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