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A US military soldier put on a hand-lettered "War Is Hell" slogan ~ above his helmet. Horst Faas/AP

Jehovah"s Witnesses, Mennonites, the Amish, and also Quakers space all taken into consideration Peace churches who are opposed to any kind of kind of armed forces service. Lock were allowed to offer in various other ways, however, however in a civilian capacity. Corrupt conscientious objection would certainly be illegal.

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You can still it is in awesome as a CO, by the way. Clergymen and missionaries were also exempt indigenous the draft, i m sorry is how Mitt Romney deferred if spending 2 years in France together a Mormon missionary.

The army is surprisingly strict about the medical conditions of those that enlists, also if lock really require the manpower. Gastritis, ulcers, hepatitis and anemia space all common, treatable conditions the armed forces will flat-out disapprove you because that having. Diabetics are out, too.

If you don"t have one of this or you"re in perfect health, just comprise a wellness problem!

During the Vietnam draft, human being would remain awake for days front of their medical screening, do a lot of illegal drugs, or otherwise do themselves appear generally unhealthy to stop being draft. Questioning Ted Nugent around doing meth and also crapping his pants to avoid the draft.


Vietnam battle protestors around a fire in Washington, DC. Wikimedia Commons

Men v children and families who count on those guys for their livelihood space in a lower draft priority than single men or childless husbands.

And if you"re no a homosexual, pretend to be! In the 1960s and 1970s, it was perfectly fine come both ask and also tell. If guys out to dodge the breeze were fear they wouldn"t it is in asked, they would certainly wear women"s underwear to the medical exams.


Canadian students and also US draft dodgers in ~ a demonstration in Toronto to protest the sale of eight to the US, might 16, 1968. AP picture

Upwards the 40,000 draft dodgers fled to Canada in between 1965 and also 1975. Plenty of stayed in Canada after the war"s end, and also some even stayed after chairman Carter pardoned them all on his first day in office. Those that stayed ended up being Canadian citizens.

Student deferments were really common means of beating the draft, though many students were yes, really in institution to be in school and also not just to avoid Vietnam.

Notable examples of those receiving college student deferments encompass Bill Clinton (1 deferment), Joe Biden (5 deferments), and Dick Cheney (5 deferments).

While a university deferment was really common, the is quiet a significant point the contention for political leaders seeking office today.


A stick-swinging Madison riot police officer beats back an upset throng of university of Wisconsin protesters, October 19, 1967. AP

366 plastic capsules, each through one day of the year, were dumped in a big glass container, climate drawn, opened, and assigned sequentially increasing numbers.

The an initial capsule was September 14. For this reason all males born on that date, indigenous 1944 v 1950, obtained the very first priority for contact to duty.

The remaining capsules to be drawn and also assigned a number. A second lottery was additionally conducted for the 26 letter of the alphabet, to determine the bespeak of priority (by last name) for each date. The highest possible draft number drawn was 195.

These are additionally known as "reserved occupations" and also are so important to a country"s war effort, drafting lock is illegal. The jobs cannot be done by others and cannot be completely abandoned, however those males were forced to continue working that job.


In 1965, President lindon B. Johnson changed the draft legislation to allow married males to be drafted, if lock didn"t have actually children. Prior to August 26, 1965, however, gaining hitched was a gain Out that Vietnam free card.

Johnson quietly readjusted the rule to store up with the requirements of the war. Thousands of couples top top the West shore ended increase in shotgun marriages to stop serving.

Some men in north states created groups which made fraudulent nationwide Guard or reserve papers, identifying men who boring them together having currently enlisted.

For upward of $5,000, men could acquire this papers and take them come the local draft board to it is in relieved of their obligation.

AP Photo/Horst Faas

Even during Vietnam, males received credit for serving.

If you completed a military business obligation, you couldn"t be compelled to re-enter the military. If you called up to be drafted, you can avoid it by enlisting and also choosing her service.

If friend couldn't remember any kind of of these tips, you could just learn the words come Phil Ochs' "Draft Dodger Rag."

Failing to it is registered for the draft can mean ineligibility to host a government job, the i can not qualify to use for student loans with the room of Education, and it is a condition of citizenship because that immigrants who arrived prior to their 26th birthday. The is also punishable by a $250,000 fine and also up to 5 years imprisonment, among other consequences.

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So it"s a good idea to register. The united state is unlikely to have actually a battle which requires national conscription whenever soon, and there hasn"t been a real draft due to the fact that the last days of the Vietnam War.