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oxygen group element, additionally called chalcogen, any of the 6 chemical facets making up team 16 (VIa) of the regular classification—namely, oxygen (O), sulfur (S), selenium (Se), tellurium (Te), polonium (Po), and livermorium (Lv). A relationship in between the first three members of the group was recognized as early on as 1829; tellurium was assigned its location by 1865, and also polonium was discovered in 1898. In 2000, Russian and also American physicists produced livermorium, the 6th member of team 16, in a particle accelerator.

Natural occurrence and uses

Estimates of the proportions the the assorted kinds of atom in the universe put oxygen fourth in abundance, after ~ hydrogen, helium, and also neon, yet the importance of such a ranking is slight, because hydrogen atoms account for nearly 94 percent of the total and also helium for many of the rest. About three atoms out of 10,000 room oxygen, but due to the fact that the massive of one oxygen atom is around 16 times that of a hydrogen atom, oxygen constitutes a larger fraction of the fixed of the universe, despite still only around 0.5 percent. In the regions ordinarily easily accessible to man, however—i.e., in ~ a few kilometres of the surface ar of the Earth—oxygen is the many abundant element: in mass, it provides up about 20 percent the the air, about 46 percent the the solid tardy of the Earth, and around 89 percent that the water.


Test her bond through the regular table of elements in this quiz on every 118 chemical elements and also their symbols. You might be acquainted with the chemical icons for hydrogen and oxygen, however can you enhance such lower-profile facets as gadolinium and also erbium with their matching symbols?

Oxygen is represented by the chemistry symbol O. In the air, oxygen exists mostly as molecule each comprised of 2 atoms (O2), although tiny amounts of ozone (O3), in which 3 atoms that oxygen make up each molecule, are current in the atmosphere. Oxygen is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas important to life organisms, gift taken up by animals, which transform it come carbon dioxide; plants, in turn, use carbon dioxide as a source of carbon and also return the oxygen come the atmosphere. Oxygen develops compounds through reaction with nearly any other element, and also by reactions that displace facets from your combinations v each other; in many cases, these processes are accompanied by the development of heat and light and also in such instances are referred to as combustions.

In cosmic abundance, sulfur ranking ninth among the elements, accounting for only one atom of every 20,000–30,000. Sulfur occurs in the uncombined state and in combination with other aspects in rocks and also minerals that are widely distributed, although it is classified among the minor ingredient of the earth’s crust, in i m sorry its ratio is approximated to be in between 0.03 and also 0.06 percent. Top top the communication of the detect that certain meteorites contain about 12 percent sulfur, it has actually been said that deeper great of the planet contain a much larger proportion. Seawater contains about 0.09 percent sulfur in the kind of sulfate. The many important resource is underground deposits of an extremely pure sulfur current in domelike geologic structures where the sulfur is believed to have actually been developed by the action of bacteria ~ above the mineral anhydrite, in which sulfur is an unified with oxygen and calcium. Store of sulfur in volcanic regions more than likely originated from gas hydrogen sulfide generated listed below the surface of the Earth and transformed into sulfur by reaction through the oxygen in the air.

Sulfur exist under ordinary problems as a pale yellow, crystalline, nonmetallic solid; that is odourless and also tasteless, combustible, and also insoluble in water. Its chemistry symbol is S. The reacts with all metals except gold and also platinum, forming sulfides; it additionally forms compound with several of the nonmetallic elements. Numerous million tons of sulfur are developed each year, mainly for the to produce of sulfuric acid, i m sorry is widely used in industry.

The element selenium (symbol Se) is lot rarer than oxygen or sulfur, comprising around 90 components per billion of the late of the Earth. It is occasionally uncovered uncombined, accompanying indigenous sulfur, but is an ext often uncovered in combination with hefty metals (as copper, mercury, lead, or silver) in a couple of minerals. The major commercial resource of selenium is as a by-product that copper refining; its major uses space in the to produce of digital equipment, in pigments, and also in making glass. The gray, metallic type of the facet is the many stable under ordinary conditions; this type has the unusual building of significantly increasing in electric conductivity as soon as exposed to light. Selenium compounds space toxic to animals; plants grown in seleniferous soils might concentrate the element and also become poisonous.

Tellurium is a silvery-white aspect (symbol Te) with properties intermediate in between those of metals and nonmetals; it renders up approximately one part per exchange rate of the earth’s crust. Favor selenium, it is less often uncovered uncombined than as compounds of steels such as copper, lead, silver, or gold, and also is acquired chiefly as a by-product the the refining that copper or lead. No large use because that tellurium has been found.

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Polonium (symbol Po) is an extremely rare, radioactive element found in minerals containing uranium. It has actually some clinical applications together a source of alpha radiation.