1. I beg your pardon is the ideal evidence the erosion has actually occurred? a. A huge number the fossils embedded in limestone b. A soil well-off in lime on optimal of a limestone radical c. Sediments uncovered in a sandbar of a flow d. A great of basalt discovered on the floor that the s 2. Because that which activity of planet materials is gravity, not the key force? a. Snow tumbling in an avalanche b. Moisture evaporating indigenous an ocean c. Boulders brought by a glacier d. Sediments flow in a flow 3. Which sediment is the largest that might be carried by a stream flow at a velocity that 100 cm/sec? a. Sand b. Cobbles c. Silt d. Pebbles 4. What have the right to a stream flow at a velocity the 100 cm/sec have the right to transport? a. Silt, sand, and pebbles, but not cobbles b. Silt, however not sand, pebbles, or cobbles C. Silt, sand, pebbles, and cobbles d. Silt and sand, however not pebbles or cobbles 5. A glass sphere and also a lead sphere have the same volume. Each sphere is dropped into a container that water. Which statement finest explains why the lead sphere settles faster? a. The lead sphere has a greater density. B. The lead ball takes up less space. C. The glass sphere has much more surface area. D. The glass sphere has actually a smoother surface. 6. Which rock particles will remain suspended in water because that the longest time? a. Pebbles b. Silt C. Clay d. Sand 7. Contrasted to a low-density spherical particle, a high-density spherical bit of the exact same size will certainly sink v the water a. An ext rapidly b. An ext slowly c. In ~ the same rate Base your answers to questions 8 and 10 top top the diagram and also data table below. The diagram mirrors the devices used to identify the components affecting the rate of erosion in a stream. The data table mirrors the time it took a 10-gram sample the quartz sand to move 100 centimeters down the rain gutter under miscellaneous conditions. Water faucet Rain gutter Bucket Sink Textbooks functional hose Rain Gutter steep 5 Data Table Water Erosion Time (s) Velocity fine Sand rough circuit Sand slow-moving 20 60 fast 15 40 slow-moving 15 40 10 30 sluggish 10 30 rapid 5 15 10″ 20° 8. In this experiment, the water velocity could be raised by a. To decrease the steep of the rain gutter b. Increasing the quantity of water indigenous the faucet c. Lowering the flexible hose d. Widening the rain gutter 9. What is the relationship in between water velocity and the price of erosion? a. If the water velocity decreases, the rate of erosion increases. B. If the water velocity increases, the price of erosion increases. C. If the water velocity continues to be constant, the rate of erosion decreases. D. If the water velocity remains constant, the rate of erosion increases. 10. By adding an ext textbooks underneath the rain gutter, what happens to velocity? a. Boosts b. To reduce C. Stays the same

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