Economist Rebecca Ryan launched following Generation Consulting just over 2 decades earlier and has grown the organization to help clients projection their future through data-driven financial trends.

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man HART, STATE newspaper

Rebecca Ryan quickly cemented herself as a voice for new and arising generations when she relocated to the area in 2004.

Dane County and the city of are proposing a $32 million “sustainability campus” on component of the city’s Yahara Hills golf food as component of a planned expansion of the county landfill.

That’s since the futurist and also economist was just as much a nomadic educator earlier then together she is currently — authoring literature, moving keynote speeches, top workshops and also advising clients around how the civilization should adopt the ideas and also values that young people.

The West bending native likewise owns a company management firm that she launched simply over two decades ago. following Generation Consulting has actually grown to assist its clients projection their future through data-driven economic trends, Ryan said.

Ryan formerly attended university at Drake college in Des Moines, Iowa, wherein she learned economics and international relationships until graduating in 1994.

She walk on to earn her certificate in “strategic foresight” in ~ the Texas-based university of Houston in 2013.

The consultant has additionally served ~ above the plank of directors because that both the higher chamber of Commerce and ecological advocacy nonprofit Sustain Dane, amongst other involvements.

We’ve unable to do through 3 evolutions. Version one was keynotes and training on how 4 generations can work together.

Then, I read an article around demographic changes that showed exactly how young civilization were relocating to cool cities to look because that work. This to be the the contrary of their parents, who often adhered to jobs to brand-new communities. I wrote my very first book, “Live First, occupational Second: acquiring Inside the Head that the following Generation.”


Version two connected indexing and also consulting. We occurred the “Cool Communities” index the measured a community on seven indexes the mattered come young professionals. We occurred a comparable index because that companies and ran Magazine’s “Best locations to Work” inspection for numerous years.

The existing version entails strategic foresight. During the an excellent Recession in 2009, I revolutionized the business. My partner and I both earned certificates in strategy foresight in ~ the university of Houston, and we reimagined the company as a foresight certain to aid clients anticipate and also shape the future.

Based on the frame you occurred to aid companies embrace the principles of new generations, what space the 6 things that currently matter many to’s younger crowds?

I don’t have actually a scientific answer, but three points that space true in time for younger generations is the they want opportunities to learn and grow, they desire autonomy — which often includes flexibility — and also they want to feel that their job-related matters.

Additional research study done by Washington, D.C.-based analytics and also advisory agency Gallup because the pandemic began has proved that having a feeling of objective is now more important than compensation.

You wrote your most recent book, “ReGeneration,” prior to there was a pandemic. Just how do the concepts of that book use in 2021, also though it was released in 2014?


The major premise of the publication is the America is seasonal and also we’re in winter, from 2009 ~ 2030. During winter, things feel stuck or broken.

But spring will come again. We’ve to be through 3 previous winters, consisting of the American Revolution, civil War and Reconstruction, and also the great Depression.

“The Next huge Things: The Future of local Government” and my TED talk are probably my best known publications besides my books.

This is the year the the Ox. Oxen don’t “pivot.” They save their heads down and also make stable progress.

Another great is the the economic climate is basic to “shut off” but challenging to turn ago on. Our an international supply chain interconnects us, and we can’t just “turn it on” and be ago to normal. Our economic climate is interconnected.

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What do you desire gimpppa.orgians come consider about the region’s company community and also economy at this point in time?

If workers have the right to work remotely for any company around the world, why should they pick to live in

Second, our kids and also grandkids space counting on united state — specifically when it concerns climate change and financial mobility, as well as current generations have actually some course corrections to make to ensure us pass along a world worth inheriting.

And finally, people get excited around building something ambitious because that the future. What tradition do you want to leave?